For our prompt of “Sloth” today, I sketched a sloth chilling on a tree branch with some flowers. I was watching a zoo documentary recently that featured sloths and they’re truly fascinating creatures. While I normally find myself rushing through my day in a desperate attempt to complete as much as possible, they’re moving at a pace that’s impossibly slow. It’s enviable, really. I often think I’m taking things easy one day, but in comparison, I’m still always in quite a bit of a rush. It’s not that everything I’m doing is terribly necessary or even important, it’s just a habit of always needing to be doing something. When I take a little break from working on a project, then I start to worry that it will never be completed. But, working on something nonstop always comes with a period of diminishing returns. If I manage to pull myself away and actually take a moment’s breath to reflect on anything else at all, then, when I return, I’m always more inspired to finish.

These days, it’s definitely tougher to take a break since Philippe and I adopted a new puppy several weeks ago. Our little dog Elliott is growing up quickly, but seems to have constant energy as though he’s perpetually plugged in to an electrical outlet. At the very moment that we think we’ve managed to tire him from a long walk, he bursts back to life and starts pouncing around the living room like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. It’s definitely very cute, but there are some days where even I fail to match his level of energy. Some days, I just want to curl up in a chair and read a book. This is silly talk, of course, since playing fetch the stuffed elephant is apparently much more fun and endlessly fascinating. Well, not endlessly, as Elliott seems to have miraculously inherited my attention span. So anything that repeats for longer than 15 minutes is deemed horribly boring and no longer an option. And so, a new activity of some kind is immediately required.

Later in the evening, however, there is a bit of time when little Elliott finally decides the day can be officially over. He stretches out on the floor by our feet and starts to dream. In this moment, he’s quite possibly the cutest, or I’m just so incredibly thankful for the little breather I get myself. Either way, I tell him goodnight and whisper that there will be new adventures to enjoy tomorrow. While I love the quiet time before I go to bed, I’m quite thankful for getting to join Elliott on his adventures. Everything he sees is wonderful and exciting. Though a toy may lose its thrill, the sticks that litter the ground outside are never a bore. The pink magnolia that was blown too early from its tree is worthy of further inspection. Those people passing by us on the sidewalk are not simply strangers, but people we’ve yet to meet properly. And it’s through his eyes that I too can enjoy the endless sense of wonder that, even while bouncing around, provides the most incredible moment of peace.

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Cute Sloth Lying On Branch With Pink Flowers Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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15 thoughts on “Moment Of Peace

  1. The fact I came up with for my sloth painting is that on average they fall out of the trees once a week throughout their lifetime. That may have something to do with their mellow outlook. I think we need some way to metaphorically fall out of our comfort tree at least once a week – we’d all be happier for it, I’m sure! I’m glad that Elliott is doing so well. I’m sure he’s keeping you well exercised!

  2. Hola, Charlie! Geez, where is everybody? It’s just me and Sandra. 😂😂 Your sloth painting is cute. I know a lot of people really like sloths and think they’re so cute (I don’t see it), but they gross me out. I watched a nature show and they focused on the sloth and the bug infestation in their fur. They’re bugs or lice or some insect thing, but it was disgusting how you could see the bugs crawling on them. They provide some health benefit for them, but eeeewwww! I just can’t get over that! Thankfully, your painting excluded said bugs. 😂😂😂
    How fun to have an energetic and playful puppy! You forgot to mention the piranha teeth! Those puppy teeth hurt! Monster and I could play catch for hours and he never got bored. I did. It was always cute when I wore him out. I would watch him sleep. I still think about that. Funny thing… I drink a lot of water and I was telling my mom tonight that I felt weird. Like I had indigestion. She said,”Or maybe you’re like Monster, who burped after drinking water.” He would even burp up a little water. I did feel better after burping, though. 😂😂😂
    Sending you hugs!

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, sloths are a very unusual version of cute indeed. And ugh! Yes… those puppy piranha teeth are not super fun. Thankfully he’s a little less bitey, but I still get pierced by them every so often. I’ve only heard Elliott burp once, but when he was younger (a few weeks ago), he’d get the hiccups. hehe Sending hugs!!

  3. Hello Charlie,

    I love the sloth’s blissful expression and I love the flowers more! Looking at the flowers made me feel so fresh. And what a beautiful post. Elliott reminds me of Trixie from Hi and Lois. The way she loves her friend the sunbeam is so endearing. Elliott probably finds a friend like that in everything 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this! And yes… Elliott finds a friend in everything. It’s rather inspirational since I’m rather shy and not nearly as social as he is. hehe He got to play with an Australian Shepherd that was exactly his age yesterday and so it was the best day ever! Sending love, my friend!

  4. Oh Charlie he is so delightful and as always I love how you keep us up sharing little details of your life. Elliott is keeping you young, healthy and active for sure 😉 That is a puppies job! lol Lots of hugs to you all.

  5. Oh Charlie! A boy needs his dog! You sound terribly happy and I am so happy for you! Just spent a sloth day on the return end of a road trip! (Death Valley to Big Sur to Santa Barbara 😎) The laundry can wait! But if I had a puppy, I’d be playing fetch too! Enjoy happy boys!

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