For our prompt of “Birds” today, I was inspired to sketch a couple of lovebirds. As many of you know, you’ll often find a bird prompt of some kind on the eighth day of each month as my fellow artist blogging friends extended April’s Draw A Bird Day all year long. What I adore is that this tradition means that I’ve practiced drawing birds more than any other thing. Today, I was able to simply look at several photos of lovebirds and create my own little tableau on the fly. That’s a skill I’ve always wanted to acquire, and though I only feel confident doing it with birds, and quite possibly giraffes, at the moment, it’s wonderful to know that practice does indeed pay off. And, it’s even more wonderful to know that it’s all because of inspiration from friends. When lovebirds get together, they stay together for life. And in my childlike heart, I hope to stay friends with my fellow artists for life as well! Sure, we’ve not met, but we’ve proven that meeting in person is only an added luxury that’s not required to form a perfectly wonderful connection. That realization often overwhelms me and demonstrates the more positive aspects of social media. So, a huge hug and much love to each of you, and please take a moment to say hello in the comments!

As for lovebirds, they’re truly fascinating because they exhibit loving behaviors that, to us, feel a bit romantic. Not only can they often be found sitting closely together, they’ll also feed each other. In reality, it’s just an instinctual way to reconnect and strengthen a very necessary bond for survival. But, what a beautiful instinct to have, now that I think about it. One of the most memorable examples of food and romance comes from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. In one of the most iconic scenes, two dogs share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs only to end up choosing the same piece of spaghetti that brings them into a sudden kiss. It’s a horribly romantic moment in an animated film, but when I was a kid imagining that happening with two humans, it just seemed really gross. Yet, it’s simply a magical experience to think about love while watching an entirely different species enjoy it. It removes all of the pretense and negative thoughts and reveals only the most primal and beautiful bits of the experience. Perhaps, that’s how I grew up to become both an animal lover and such a romantic. And though I’m a bit of an introvert and not found mingling in large crowds often, I’m still like a lovebird to this day. I don’t like being separated from my loved ones for very much time at all.

It’s a crazy busy world that we live in and it seems like it’s changing every day. There are so many new things that things we once relied on take a back seat in lieu of all the latest gadgets and possibilities. I’m certainly subject to this as I am constantly excited about each new little thing that comes my way. The little kid inside squeals with glee and off we run in pursuit of the next crazy idea. This is where age comes in to balance things out. My adult mind can often be persnickety and irritating, but there’s one thing it’s gotten right. Friends, family and human connection are indeed the lifeblood of our existence. There’s really nothing else on this little planet that matters more. It’s the very reason I built this very site to help connect artists and provide a stage for all of the many diverse voices in the world. So, I hope with all of my heart that we’ll continue to keep our art community connected. It’s been my passion from the moment I started Doodlewash. Perhaps, I’m just a crazy little lovebird, but I can’t help but think that as we set out on this winding artistic journey, the fact still remains that we’re more inspiring together.

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32 thoughts on “More Inspiring Together

  1. Back in my 20’s, I traveled through Europe and one of the things that impressed was the way that anyone you met from the U.S. became an instant friend, even if they were someone that you would not normally connect with. I thought it was a wonderful thing, but once back home, it wasn’t so easy to make that kind of connection.Enter the internet, and all at once it is possible again. Age, background, sex, race, birthplace, family, financial status – none of it matters. If you have common interest, you can be the best of friends.

    1. So true, Sandra! 😃💕On the Internet we are all just travelers and it’s only what we have in common that brings us together! That’s why I’ve loved Doodlewash… it’s not about location, but passion that creates the connection. And that’s a really cool and wonderful connection indeed!

  2. Your love birds are wonderful Charlie! Connecting with artists all over the world has become an important part of my journey into retirement and my path as a relatively new artist. I never would have dreamed of this 10 years ago and maybe not even 5 years ago. The art community is the best of social media. I can get so inspired which helps me make better art. The friendships here, in Angela Fehr’s group and a few other groups I occasionally join into are very important to me. Thanks Charlie for making this such a great place to gather and DO!

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕I’m so thrilled to hear you’re enjoying the connections in our art community! That’s my entire goal. I just think it’s a better journey when we have friends to help us along the way!

    1. Thanks, Kerfe! 😃💕I will always have the warmest feelings for our bird celebration! hehe… it’s been the only way to keep me sketching something more than just once. hehe… and so, yeah, now I can paint a lot of birds confidently! yay!

  3. Today I received the paints I won here last month. Nice! Yesterday I received the pouch I bought as a gift to.myself for making 31 paintings. And I painted a waterfall today. Art has been good to me😣

  4. Charlie says, “It’s a horribly romantic moment in an animated film, but when I was a kid imagining that happening with two humans, it just seemed really gross. Yet, it’s simply a magical experience to think about love while watching an entirely different species enjoy it.”

    Wisdom and humor is an awesome combination, and you always seem to find the perfect mingling of the two. That takes talent!

    I love those Love Birds!

    1. Okay, I seriously just need to hug you tight my friend! You always say things that make me feel like I’m a good writer. ❤️Like I could actually BE a writer. I started college wanting to be one, but never felt like I had what it took, so I got an art degree instead. I was told back then that I could draw well, but I never had any sort of confirmation when it came to my words. So thank you SO much for your inspiring comments! 😊

  5. I love your Lovebirds! (Nice pun too…on the fly. ) I always have a soft spot for animals who have mates for life. I think it is sweet. I agree with the positive side of the internet…..having friends. It isn’t always easy to find friends who have the same passion in person, since most of us tend to be happy alone painting. Have a nice day friend! 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕Yeah, that’s where the Internet excels… it’s tough to find people who share your passions in person. While perfectly delightful people, it’s a fun luxury to find the ones who really know you.

  6. Good morning! I came to your site to thank you, Charlie. My Windsor Newton paints arrived the other day and I finally had a chance to play with them. It was a joy to mix the three primaries together and see what I could get, and what image I could paint too. Imagine how full my heart became to arrive here and be reminded of all the special people in my life who I have met through art. What a wonderful start to the day.

    All my best to you and yours,

    1. Aww that’s SO awesome to hear, Laura! 😃💕YAY! Thrilled you enjoyed your Winsor & Newton paints! And so happy I could make that happen… I really adore giving things away… it’s just super fun! hehe I hope you’ll drop by Doodlewash all of the time! 😉

    1. Big hugs right back at you Sandra! 😃💕So thrilled we “met”… hehe… and so happy to connect. It’s a crazy world, but when we find the people who share our interests, it just becomes way more interesting.

  7. They are adorable! And I’ll say what I said just yesterday – look what you’ve done! 😉 Social media and its trappings can be a drag, but when it’s done right, it’s brilliant. This place is the best!

      1. It was that windmill you painted which did it 😉 Aw, well I don’t know about inspiring, I mostly just talk nonsense. It has been a fun journey, and I’m sure there’s still quite a way to go yet!

  8. Sweet lovebirds! And the message of connection is not lost on them, as it holds true for all of us. Even if we asre alone, we need not to be lonely since your daily Wash provides that daily “Howdy!” we all need. Thanks, Charlie, for doing this blog and for being in all our lives.

    1. Thanks so much, Bob! 😃💕That’s simply the sweetest comment ever and I’ve no words really. Which is a quite a thing for me. I’ve touched and honored that you enjoy my daily offerings. I always hope they provide something beautiful and positive in the world. And it’s wonderful and confirming to know when someone enjoys them!

    1. Thanks so much, Myriam! 😃💕 Glad you liked this… and trust me, you’re way closer than you think when it comes to creating out of a collection of images. I’m doing it all month this month for the first time and it gets easier and easier. So, like all things… my advice is DO it! hehe

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