For Day Two of World Watercolor Month, I thought about our optional prompt of “Momentum” and ended up with a quick little sketch of a bunny on a bike racing down a hill. My neighborhood is still flooded with bunnies and so they were on my mind. I’ve yet to see one actually riding a bike, but this is roughly what I’d imagine, replete with a little wicker basket for easy carrot storage. I’ve truly no idea why the bunny is wearing a scarf, but I wanted a pop of color so there you go. I think it would be rather awesome if all the bunnies in the neighborhood had little bikes to ride. When we talk for our dog Phineas, we pretend that he knows all of the animals, not just other dogs. When it comes to rabbits, he thinks they’re all named Peter. Or, more accurately, that it’s just one rabbit with an uncanny ability to appear in different places within seconds. In the end, like most things, he seems perfectly unfazed by his friend’s actions. Classic Peter.

In truth, we have to watch rabbits from our window to see them playing and jumping around joyfully. When we pass them on the street, they freeze and become like stone statues until we’ve moved on. As an introvert, I’ve always thought about doing that when it comes to groups of people passing me by. But, I imagine they would think I was having some sort of an attack which would defeat the purpose when they came to my aid. Unless they were all jerks, then it might still work. And, as you can see, I’m back to my daily ramble, which means I have no clue what’s coming out as I type and we’re just going to go with whatever appears here. I almost sketched a flying rabbit in a cape for this one, but I got distracted by a bike I saw pass me by today. This one has been altered to fit bunny proportions, but it’s rather similar to that one.

I’m in a totally joyful mood as today has been sunny and beautiful and Philippe and I were able to get outdoors for quite a long walk. Also, it’s finally pizza night once more so my inner child is doing full backflips in anticipation. We actually got bored with our usual pizza place, though not with pizza itself, of course, because that’s just crazy talk. I found a new place that had opened within the last year and it’s amazing! We just have a couple slices and a Caesar salad. It’s a very traditional version of the salad, which I love, but I always give Philippe my whole anchovies that appear on top. I’m not a fan of those. Phineas loses his mind on pizza night as he’s miffed the entire time that he’s being excluded from something important that involves food. Which pretty much covers everything that’s important to him. Our life remains blissfully dull in that familiar way that only we can appreciate at times. Yet, even without some grand experience to report, I’m thrilled to know that life keeps happily moving right along.

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22 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. ‘blissfully dull’. That’s one of the things I believe so many people miss out on. They’re so convinced that every moment must be productive in a physical way and have something concrete happen to prove something was done. I think they miss the quiet things and don’t know how to be still. It’s much more interesting than many people think it is!

  2. Hello Charlie,

    Yaayyyy for the bunnies being back. 🙂 🙂 I always get so jealous of anyone who has bunnies in their neighborhood (though am sure folks with vegetable patches don’t always think they’re cute). And double yaaayyyyyy for pizza night! I loved the ‘blissfully dull’ you spoke of so am gonna wish you a blissfully dull weekend ahead.


    P. S. I tried freezing into a statue during an unusually large family reunion as a kid and got harassed by everyone who thought I was being attention seeking. So yes Charlie, either way you’ll run into jerks.

  3. haha haha I laughed out loud when you said that you thought about freezing in place with strangers around! I could totally see that happening. Cute painting.

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