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My Favorite Article of Clothing

Though I do have some favorite shirts and coats, I have to say that shoes are probably my favorite thing to buy. Not sure if they’re considered clothing, but the ones shown here are my current favorite and they’re made of cloth so that’s what I chose for today. Also, I’ve received more compliments on this pair of shoes than any other pair I wear. I guess that means they’re apparently a favorite of others as well. It’s probably because they still look rather new. I usually ding or scuff the toe of my shoes within a couple weeks after purchasing them, but these have somehow managed to survive me. They fit like a tennis shoe but are suitable for work, even with the bright green laces, which were pretty much the reason they caught my eye in the first place.

I’ve always loved buying a new pair of shoes. My main problem is getting rid of the previous ones I no longer wear, so I end up collecting them. For some reason, wearing a fresh new pair of shoes feels like more of a transformation than simply putting on a new shirt. Sometimes, though, in my enthusiasm to buy a particular pair, I get them home to realize they don’t suit me as well as I originally thought. There’s about five pairs of these pairs of shoes still sitting in the back of my closet, wondering why such a great initial connection ended as a one night stand. Someday, I’ll take them to a second hand store and see if they might find a better relationship with someone else.

It’s actually been a really long time since I’ve purchased a new pair of shoes. After a certain point in life, I stopped feeling the need to impress anyone with what I wear. Today, I just grab whatever is cheap and comfortable and hope that the outfit I’ve assembled is at least somewhat presentable. Like so many things in life, clothes were more of a priority when I was younger. I was going out more and dressing to impress seemed like the right thing to do at the time. These days, I’m just happy to relax at home wearing whatever I feel like wearing. The nice thing about getting older is learning that what you wear doesn’t really matter at all. It’s just a costume. And the older I get, the more I simply want to look like me.

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36 thoughts on “My Favorite Article of Clothing

  1. Ah, I love your shoes too Charlie. Something about shoes makes me happy especially the ones that keep on going. It’s funny how clothes as a priority change. I was just noticing a woman today that was dressed just perfectly but looked kind of like everyone else. This is the part where age works in our favor, we know who we are and feel fine in our own skin and choice of clothing. But back to your shoes, they make me smile, fun details and colors.

  2. Love your fun and comfy shoes, Charlie!! 💚 I think shoes are fun to paint but I like to create them more from my imagination. 👠 It’s probably because I can’t wear any old shoe – so to speak – my feet are rather picky as I get older. But I do like buying books and art supplies! Too bad I can’t wear them! Lol! 😉🎨💕

  3. Very fun shoes and they have character! You painted them beautifully, I loved to read your post there is a lots that we learn with the time ;-). Like you I loved shoes and had lots of them especially because I worked with fashion brands and I had to dress up every day and be very inspiring! I still love shoes and clothes and I still have almost all of them (A lot!), but right now I look for comfort, natural simplicity and to shine my uniqueness as person more than what I wear 😉 <3

  4. It’s about who we are that really counts – but didn’t we all have fun dressing up to fit our image of ourselves?
    I’ve always had a thing for red shoes though I don’t currently own a pair. My feet are wide and tall, so finding shoes that fit usually means they are black or brown. Actually, the shoe boxes would suit me better.
    Your shoes do look comfy and stylish, with just a few crinkles to give them personality. Great Doodlewash, Charlie.

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