While there was a time where I might have said pancakes, these days, waffles are hands down my favorite breakfast food. Philippe and I enjoy waffles each weekend as part of our morning ritual, and although I’d love to have them with whipped cream, they’re always served more simply than that. Just a little butter on top, a touch of maple syrup and some blueberries and strawberries. This is combined with watching a cartoon of some kind, currently a perfectly silly show called Bob’s Burgers. I love this ritual as it makes me feel like a kid again. Back when I used to get up on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons. In those days, it was either cereal or on special occasions, French toast, but the effect is the same. Pure bliss.

Part of me must admit that while I’m not particularly worried about getting old, I’m terribly afraid of growing up. I’ve watched how grown up people behave and it seems a bit sad and lacking the sheer joy that comes from letting your inner child loose. It’s not that I want to be irresponsible, I just don’t want to do things that only seem sensible. I want to try silly things that come to mind in the moment. I want to dream about flying and still think that, given the right technique, I might still be able to do it. I don’t want to think that I’ve learned everything I need to know, and want to enjoy being naïve about things still hidden in the world. Sure, I’ve learned a lot in my many years on this earth, but I’m far more interested in the things I still don’t know about yet.

So, each Saturday morning, I still eat fun food and watch cartoons. Though admittedly, it all now comes with a large pot of coffee, something I was simply denied as a child. And for that magical moment, I get to be a kid again, no matter how stressful the adult work week became. It’s something I cherish because it’s also a reminder that no matter how old I get, I can still enjoy the wonders and joys of my youth. I’m not trying to actually be young, I’ll let nature do whatever it wants to me physically and not intervene. I just want to feel young and maintain a curious and energetic spirit. Then, when I’m truly fully wrinkled and spending my final days, I’ll still have a little spark in my eyes. That look of mischief that comes from knowing it’s Saturday morning again, and you’re about to watch a silly little cartoon and eat a waffle.

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My Favorite Breakfast Food Waffle with Strawberries and Blueberries

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48 thoughts on “My Favorite Breakfast Food

  1. I love opening your blog every day, for the art, and even more, for the uplifting experience of seeing the world through your eyes.
    And your waffle looks scrumptious though for me it will always be French toast, preferably on mornings when our grandchildren have spent the night and are eagerly awaiting the only breakfast they’ll let me make. Childhood relived and memories in the making.

  2. Keep that inner child alive, we all have one, just some are never let out….gosh yes early morning cartoons. I have been known to watch a few of these on weekends, not as good as our childhood ones, but each child will alwYs prefer their era? I have only had waffles on a few occasions, but I remember having pop tarts….then they were banned for a while in supermarkets, due to children burning their mouths, I did see that they are available these days, so they must have changed, because health and safety has definitely got worse! But I used to really love finding a toy somewhere in the cereal packet.,,..why did that have to end?

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! 😃💕 Oh yeah… Pop Tarts were definitley part of my upbringing… horrible things that I wouldn’t dare eat now, of course! Lol Didn’t know that about the ban, but I doubt they’re any safer on that front. Those things got HOT! And yeah… I actually just bought a box of Cheerios recently because it actually had a toy inside!! Just wanted to relive that feeling! 😊Hehe

  3. Lovely post and yummy looking waffle! I remember those Saturday morning cartoons, too! All morning, with fruit loops 🙂 hehe.
    As long as we’re in a constant attitude of an open mind, a constant state of curiosity about what makes the world go round and willingness to learn, don’t think we’ll ever age. Besides, my motto is: “Me?! I don’t grow older, I grow wiser!” 😉

  4. A tastefull looking waffle and a good story Charlie. Sure looking at child cartoons, there is always a filosofy and something to learn in it while being fun at the same time. Never too old to watch and what’s in an age?

    I like breakfast, a cup of tea, water and one little crispery Bread, butter and orange marmelade plus two or three fresh walnuts and some raw almonds, that’s all!

    Thank you!

  5. This is amazing! Oh, there’s nothing to beat that sunny Saturday morning feeling as a kid, is there – the weekend is just beginning and sure to last forever! Sigh. My breakfasts were never as scrummy as this looks, and indeed they still aren’t! I run with the oh-so-British tea and crumpets without much thought, though there were special occasions as a kid where things like croissants or that infamous Pop Tart would come out to play (note to self: get croissants)

    I used to love the Saturday TV too – there were some great live shows back then which were great fun and peppered with cartoons, sadly they don’t bother with stuff like this anymore. These days I tend to watch Countdown over breakfast, as the games bring me back to life (or at least, that’s my excuse) I need to find some cartoons to watch, though! I don’t watch any! 😮

    Here’s to ever keeping hold of that charmingly childlike Captain Doodlewash spirit!

    1. hehe… thanks, Jacob!! I figured you would agree to the child at heart mantra! Yeah… you definitely need to get some croissants! Lol But it’s so true… I feel like there was a lot more effort put into live shows and kid’s cartoons back in the day. Though I have to admit that the adult cartoons are pretty awesome. I really love Archer, it’s a super fun one!

  6. Enjoy your waffles and Saturdays (and everyday actually!) just as you want to enjoy them, Charlie! I’ve grown older… I’ve never grown up! I act ‘adult’ as it’s the done thing… but my mind tells me something completely different! 😀

  7. Adulthood is inevitable but having childlike joy and curiosity sure makes it more bearable on most days. Seeing the world with a joyful spirit is a definitely a gift that is contagious, and I know you will continue to share it, Charlie! Also, I am sure that Phillipe’s waffles are scrumptious, but have you ever tried authentic Belgium waffles made with pearl sugar? We have a restaurant here called the Taste of Belgium, and OMG, their waffles are amazing. If you ever head this way, I will meet you and Phillipe there for brunch 😊 PS: I enjoy the episode/segment where Bob is teaching Tina to drive. Hilarious!

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