So my favorite color was blue when I was younger and green as I got older and now, Cobalt Teal, once I discovered painting and that this color even existed. It’s impossible for me to narrow down to just a single color, but I can say I love citrus hues and ocean blues. As for paint colors, while I have 18 colors in my tiny little metal tin you’ll most likely find me using the 4 colors found here: Cobalt Teal, Ultramarine Blue, Gamboge and Permanent Green Pale, normally with the addition of Pyrrol Red and Burnt Sienna to paint pretty much anything I see. I think my taste for color changes with the seasons and since it’s summer, bright citrus just seem the way to go. As for this cocktail, I’m not entirely sure what’s in it, so you can decide it’s whatever drink you’d prefer.

The truth is, I just love color! I’m a sketcher at heart, but watercolor called to me because I’m not satisfied in a world that’s black and white. I love all the wonderful diversity in life, each little thing is so unique and displays its own palette of colors, waiting to be observed and explored. I think favoring blue when I was younger was a side effect of always looking into the sky and daydreaming. I didn’t just imagine what the clouds looked like, although I did that too, I imagined whole worlds that might exist. I created elaborate stories in my head, for nobody in particular other than me and for my own amusement. And staring into that vast blue sky, I imagined I could do anything. Anything at all.

These days, I’m often feeling rushed and busy and I long for those childhood days when I had the luxury of just staring into the sky and dreaming. But at least, for just one little hour each day, I sit and paint something. I’ve realized that my sketchbook has become my sky. It’s my little bit of time to dream and create stories in my head. Some days, I like what comes out on the paper and some days I don’t, but every single day, I’m happy for the beautiful escape. And more than this, I’m happy that I’ve reserved a little time each day to dream and paint. I may not be that little boy anymore, staring into the infinite blue sky, but I’m the man the boy became. And we’re still very much the same he and I. No matter what’s happening in this weirdly mixed up world, we’ll always find our sky. And we’ll never stop dreaming.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors: Cobalt Teal, Gamboge, Permanent Green Pale, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink and second pen with blue ink  in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.

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64 thoughts on “My Favorite Colors

  1. love your painting …… and your story…… and that this is a Mojito……. at least in my mind … and that is my third favorite adult beverage after dry red wine and gin and tonic! 🙂

  2. I love, love, love teal too. My favourite colour is purple just because it always has been but I actually use teals and blues and turquoises in my artwork far more than other colours which suggests those are my favourites. Your painting is delightful. It makes me thirsty.

  3. I am not even a good watercolorist but I do have favorite colors already!
    In life I love to wear white and black and beige lol..but painting is a different story..I did pick up Pyrrol Red!
    Looks like a gin and tonic..well done!

  4. I love me some citrus tones – perhaps it brings back tasty memories? Fabulous job Charlie; you picked all my favourites here, making for an especially tempting doodlewash cocktail!

    I think if I had to whittle it down to just one colour, I’d go for turquoise. When I was a kid, though, everything had to be red – how tastes change 😉 But yay for all colours, and the life they bring to the party!

  5. I love all colors but I do tend to have my favorites depending on the seasons like you and what my subjects are. Lately, I seem in love with Sap Green which is totally amazing to me because I’m not much of a green person probably because it reminds me of the avocado green carpet my parents had when I was a kid! 😬 But I’m rambling here… Great Doodlewash, Charlie! And fun to hear what your favorite colors are! 🎨💕😍

  6. Oh yes, very nice I am with Jodi, and others, in that this is a Mojito, a drink I would like to say I have a bad memory of…..but I can’t! Because I actually cannot remember the evening. Consequently I don’t drink nowadays 😀 It is so interesting that we have so many colours available to us in our palettes, but we only use just a few, I love how watercolour works this way, ❤️

  7. These are indeed such pretty colors! I also love the way you put your message across. You put it so beautifully! I love the idea of using art time as escape because some days we really do need an escape. (stumbled upon your photo website yesterday and what a pretty portfolio you have there!)

  8. Wonderful glass of Mojito lovely decorated with a lime slice and green leaves! great color choice I love all the shade of blue which I use mostly for my paintings and like you I only use 4 to 6 colors which I love to mix together creating my own. And like you I loved and still looking at the sky so I love when you say ‘My sketchbook has become my sky’ it is totally true for us! 😉 <3

  9. Charlie, I love your view of color. I think it is my favorite thing about watercolor. Although I obtained many different colors in the beginning before I began learning about mixing, I still find myself buying a color I have read about or seen in someone’s work just to try it for fun! But lately I have been mixing more and experimenting. I LOVE the colors of your cocktail. I recently used almost the same ones for a sea turtle that is under water. It has become one of my favorite ones I’ve ever painted! Keep up the great work. I’m happy to be following your blog!

  10. Beautifully said here, Charlie. Your sketchbook is your sky…I will always think of that now as I draw and paint.
    P.S. That is definitely a mojito up there. Mmm….mojitos 😄👍

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