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My Favorite Drink Of Summer

Today, for our prompt of “Green,” my mind leapt to my favorite summer drink as a teenager, which was a limeade. Though lemonade was mostly served at our family gatherings, I preferred the taste of limes. Though this version is quite idyllic, the kind I usually had the opportunity to enjoy mostly came from a fast food chain called Sonic. And the only version we had at home was from a Minute Maid concentrated juice. This was a frozen can that you added water to in order to make a pitcher of awesomeness. During the summer months, this was my favorite way to cool off by enjoying a fresh citrusy drink. Of all the things that happened during my summer break from school, it’s little things like this that have stayed in my heart. Sure, there were many wonderful adventures on my grandparent’s farm, and those also bring me great joy. Yet, I always find myself remembering less of the actual adventure and more of the prize. That cold glass of goat milk I drank after a long hot day of doing whatever it was on the farm. It’s not about the prize, of course, but simply the joy at the end of a day’s journey. Sometimes, it’s not about what actually happens, but just a celebration of that fact that something actually did.

I’ve never worried or bothered about trying to do something amazing. I think life is rather extraordinary all on its own. Sure, there are times when I think I should try harder or do more than I’m currently doing, but regular mundane life is rather marvelous. During that time when I didn’t move things forward, all of those incredible and challenging ideas I’ve been formulating, everyday life stepped in to be fascinating all on its own. When I think back to when I was a kid, this was very much the same feeling. Nearly anything was cause for celebration and excitement. Sure, there were the things that were entirely new to me, but there were also things I just saw in a rather different way that day. For whatever reason, that one thing that happened, even though it happened before, felt glorious. This all happened a lot more when I was young. As an adult, it’s a very focused act to constantly remind myself to experience life through the eyes of a child. Instead of waiting for something totally new to find that feeling of elation, I look for it in whatever happens to be happening in the moment.

It strikes me that as much as I’ve learned there are still things I need to unlearn. Or, at the very least, look at in a new and inspiring light. As we live and grow on this little green planet, we build a sort of history that influences what we do next. Decisions are made based on what we did previously and the particular outcome that happened during that time. Though I adore talking about the past, this is where I diverge from it. I make decisions based on the present. That singular moment of following my heart and chasing after whatever it seems to desire that day. This might sound a bit crazy, to be sure, but my heart always seems to provide more truth in the matter. My mind tells me that I should do this or that thing next based on previous circumstances. It’s all so thoughtful and real that it would be crazy to try something else. Yet, I always find myself doing the “something else” instead. It’s not an act of rebellion, I’m not one of the cool kids, but simply an act of the heart. A strange and random thought, that simply must happen while somehow leading me back to my favorite drink of summer.

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23 thoughts on “My Favorite Drink Of Summer

  1. I also love limeade as I love limes, but also lemonade and any citrus drink. Lime is such a pretty color, full of life and joy, totally suggestive of summer fun. Really a nice painting with its one orange accent among all that lime color. Double yum. And you are rather amazing whether or not you choose to recognize your assets. Maybe because you tend to follow “something else” with your usual curiosity.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! Yay to citrus drinks! They are definitely the best in summer! 😃💕And I appreciate your encouragement. I do always tend to follow that “something else”… it calls me and I just have to answer the call.

  2. I was listening to a Ted Talk by Vilayanur Ramachandran, earlier today talking about things we’ve learned about the brain. Part of his talk had to do with the creative brain and how it manages to take things that are seemingly unrelated to combine them into a new idea. I think that’s similar to what you do with your childhood memories, taking something that happened then and combining it with what is happening today. Have you ever considered doing a Ted Talk?

  3. Beautiful !!!! Your post made me smile. I too have always found the joys in everyday life. Laugh often and always find fun lol. My go to summer drink as a kiddo was limeade or a&w rootbeer mmmmmm I anticipated the maraschino cherry at the bottom of the limade cup. lol I still have my kid sized a&w mug somewhere lol. Thanks for prompting memories with your own 🙂

  4. I agree with Mary Roff….refreshing! So pretty too! We grew up on Kool-aid and lime was one of my favorite flavors! Thanks for the memories!

  5. I haven’t thought about those Minute Maid frozen drink cans for years! These days I just add limes to seltzer or water, but you can’t beat the color of those drinks of our youth…(K)

  6. Charlie says, ” I make decisions based on the present. ”

    So few words, so much wisdom. I love it.
    And thank you for making an extra glass of limeade, and not only that,
    making the magic that always keeps two glasses even though all of us
    have taken refreshment from your painting.

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