My Favorite Kitchen Utensil - #WorldWatercolorGroup Cutlery

My Favorite Kitchen Utensil

While I do have favorite appliances, which I can actually use in the kitchen (that I sketched previously), coming up with a single favorite kitchen utensil was tough. Since I don’t cook, but rather love to eat, I guess it would have to be cutlery. These are tools that I can understand and use happily, unlike many other kitchen tools that just look like weird steampunk objects that I can’t fathom how to use. Eating, however, is something I absolutely love to do, so these little tools come in quite handy. Of course, I do show restraint when it comes to eating or I’d be rather large in stature, which I’m not. I actually just really love to taste things and given a choice on a menu, I’ll opt for a couple appetizers over having to choose a single main dish any day!

Growing up, I never went out to fancy restaurants. This meant, that I was an adult before I realized there was something called a salad fork or dessert fork. For me, it was always just a single all-purpose fork that could spear anything you wished to put in your mouth. Though I did meet a soup spoon and a steak knife in those days, I had no idea that dining could come with so many different utensils and rules. I hate rules, so that’s not a fun aspect for me, but the more cutlery you have sitting in front of you, the fancier the dinner feels. Somehow, it even tastes better too. I don’t enjoy recreating this at home as I’m responsible for the cleaning up so I usually vote for a less is more mentality.

We’re nearing the end of the this month’s adventure and there’s only one more day to go! It’s been a fun trip of self-discovery thinking about the things that I love most and for those of you playing along, I hope it’s been the same for you as well. Favorite is an interesting notion as it puts so much weight on our choices. Perhaps, in the end, it’s just about remembering to surround ourselves with things we truly love, rather than the things we can live without. Focusing on what’s really most important to you in life is never really a bad thing. Discovering what those things really are may be the only difficult part. But once you do, hold on to them. Even if they’re as simple as your everday cutlery.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors:  Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
My Favorite Kitchen Utensil - #WorldWatercolorGroup Cutlery

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28 thoughts on “My Favorite Kitchen Utensil

  1. This is not awesomely painted but the composition is just great.
    I didn’t follow the prompts, I just painted my favorite thing for the day. Very fun.
    Anything special for next month?

        1. Haha!! No worries at all! 💕I was seriously all ready for constructive criticism! Didn’t get any other comments yet on this one, so thought…hmmm…maybe it’s a little off! 😊hehe Too funny…auto-correct is amazing. I’ve had some almost horrific mishaps with it… horrible words I’ve never even typed before popped in there! Yikes!! Lol

  2. Charlie, what perfect utensils – as usual, you are masterful at painting metal and getting the reflections perfect. All these utensils must have been for some spectacular meal.

    When no one else is around, I’ve been known to use my favorite utensil – my fingers. Always easy to handle
    and after a quick dunk in my mouth – all clean! OK, so I’m a bit of a two-year-old sometimes, but only in private.

  3. Oh,oh my text is gone so I,ll go for a short comment.

    What a great idea to think of spoon, knife and fork as a kitchen utensil!
    Love all the shiny things you paint and these ready for eating so to say, not surprised that you love eating!
    One thing I noticed for the cleaning-help; the silver looks a bit dark; time for a polish?🤔

    Very interesting painting Charlie I love it💕

    1. Thanks so much, Margriet! 😃💕 (your text is gone? … wasn’t sure what that meant😊) Glad you enjoyed this one! Yeah, I sort of tarnished the silver to add a little more color and interest. hehe… thought it would look cooler that way. But they totally need a good polishing now for sure! Lol

  4. A great choice, probably the most used utensil in the kitchen, superb shine, I love your metal work, you would actually be fantastic at painting steampunk stuff….I am remembering your painting of the helicopter invention, combined with metal, you are there….like it or loathe it you would be great at the steampunk stuff me thinks! 😀

  5. So much to love about this post! You are really inspiring with your paintings of metal objects and I love that you only used two colors. (I am still getting used to the idea of using two colors to come up with an amazing spectrum of other colors.) Of course, the choice of cutlery is fantastic, because really that’s the set of utensils we use the most but we just don’t always appreciate them. Another peek into your childhood, which seems, unaccountably, to be mine exactly. And finally, gentle words of wisdom to sum it all up.

    1. Awww… what a sweet and inspiring reply! Thank you so much, Ellie! 😃💕 So happy you liked this post, and you should definitely play with 2 colors more! It’s such a good exercise to get better at mixing. I find my other mixes get better my default. And it’s a super fun challenge! hehe

  6. Shiny things = guaranteed win! Love it. There’s a *salad* fork? 😉 I get nervous when I eat out at fancier places, because they lay out all these different tools for you and I expect everyone knows their purpose except me, who just thinks a fork is a fork…

  7. Lovely post Charlie! 💖😍 Seeing your Doodlewash of the silverware reminds me of my mother’s formal “silver” that was actually silver plated silverware used for special family occasions. It has daffodils on the base of each piece – very pretty. I feel lucky to have it now as my own because of the memories each one holds. Thanks for helping me remember. 🍴🍷 Cheers!

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