Day 22 #WorldWatercolorGroup My Favorite Piece of Furniture Danish Reclining Chair

My Favorite Piece of Furniture

My favorite piece of furniture is this Danish reclining chair. I merely love it for it’s comfort level as I fully realize that it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing chair. It’s like a chair that had every intention of being fashionable and then half way through it’s making said, “Screw it! People actually have to sit on me!” So, quite thankfully, visibly awkward gears were added in order to make it lay flat, becoming a somewhat homely, yet perfectly fabulous companion for napping. The problem with truly beautiful chairs is that they never seem to conform to the laziest poses a human body can form. I see a beautiful chair and think I want it, but once I’m sitting in it, it feels more like I’ve been transported to a rather strict boarding school, where one is forced to sit insanely upright while guarded by nuns.

Philippe hates the look of this chair, and wasn’t shy about saying so when we met. But he has been known to be caught napping in it on many occasions because it’s so insanely comfortable. It’s a chair that was strategically engineered by sloths who truly understand the meaning of relaxation. I’ve no idea how sloths managed to take time from their busy sleeping schedule in order to create furniture, but I’m super happy they did. I do wish that it was a little less clunky and there had been a more strategic way to hide the magic of the reclining function, but I forget all about this once I’m sitting in it each time. I just lay back and let the chair take me to someplace less stressful. Though guests are rare in our house, when we do have them, they too enjoy the wonderful feeling this chair can bring, while simlutaneously judging us for our questionable design choices.

The best thing about furniture like this is that it’s not meant to be a display piece. It’s meant to be used and enjoyed by actual humans who crave comfort. When I’m visiting people’s houses with furniture that looks like it’s been ripped from the pages of some upscale magazine, I feel bad they don’t have a chair like this. Surely, I think, there must be one hiding in the garage, that they bring out after all the guests have left for the evening. Life is too short to spend any moment of it uncomfortable. We should be surrounding ourselves with only the things that make us happy, not the things we think will please others. The world is perfectly insane these days, so for me, I’m happy to quietly remove myself from all of it by spending a little wondrous time in my favorite chair.

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M. Graham Watercolors:  Cobalt Teal, Gamboge, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.

Day 22 #WorldWatercolorGroup My Favorite Piece of Furniture Danish Reclining Chair
My Favorite Piece Of Furniture

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44 thoughts on “My Favorite Piece of Furniture

  1. I’ve sat in your chair at the furniture store and it is comfy!! 🌟😊 Great Doodlewash, Charlie! But you just don’t seem like the napping type! 😉 And you definitely need a more comfy blanket for your naps! Lol! 😄💕😴

  2. So well painted, your chair, with the creases in the leather and the sheen of its well worn surface.

    A few years ago, my husband asked for a reclining lounge chair just for him. I nearly gagged because they are truly horrific looking chairs – big, chunky, utterly without grace or redeeming design. But I bought it (a year’s worth of gift in one purchase) and hubby loves it every day for watching TV and frequently falls asleep in it . You’re right – no one has yet come to our house to photo shoot for Goodly Habitat and Compost Pile.

    As always, you made me think. And laugh.

  3. Oh,oh Charlie it,s wonderfull the way you describe your cosy chair.
    You did a good job painting the leather as…. Leather!
    I can almost feel how relaxing it is to sit or hang (sorry if this is not a correct English word) in this chair so well painted by you!

  4. I’m smiling at this post! I remember the day when it was all about looks for me – now it’s about comfort! I’ve been wanting one of those chairs! Love how you painted it, the look of leather and wood.

  5. Hmm! It does remind me somewhat of my dentist’s chair… 😉 but as it happens that’s quite comfy too – the idea of that without him fondling my teeth sounds great! I am a sloth myself, so do love a good recliner – my grandparents had one and I just used to see how far back it could go! Obviously though, my favourite furniture = my bed!

  6. Charlie, your chair looks inviting and I think everyone should be so lucky to have their own comfy spot. I have my recliner and everyone knows that when I am home, it is mine. Well, I do have to share it with my dog, but she is small and we make a good team in the chair ;). In fact, when I bought it I made sure there was enough room for her to fit beside me. Things like this are what make a house a home, and also soothe the savage beast at the end of a long day 😉. And wine 🍷🍷

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