It’s hard to believe we’ve come to the end of another month and the end of yet another Doodlewash Adventure. I purposely made the last prompt a favorite place to relax, because I figured if you made it this far, you’ve earned a little rest. My favorite place to relax is at home, perhaps with this mug of hot chocolate and my favorite of all desserts, homemade whipped cream, but also with something even more important to me, my sketchbook. Actually, my favorite place to relax is inside my sketchbook, which you see here. I was rushed and running late today and yet, when I sat down to quickly sketch, everything faded away for the precious little 40 minutes I had to sketch and paint this. I was recharged. Sometimes, I’ll sketch for 10 minutes on a lunch break just to unwind during the day. No matter what I’ve been facing, when I face that wonderful blank page, everything falls to the background and I’m at peace for a lovely moment.

So painting and sketching have become my favorite place to relax. Sitting at the end of my kitchen counter, which is where I’m at now as I rapidly type this, I’m content. The chair I’m sitting on is rather hard though, and built more for aesthetics than for comfort. That’s partially because I don’t have much cushion on my backside, but that’s another story entirely. And it’s all just proof that the ultimate comfort, for me, is resting my mind. I typically think of thousands of things at once and I’m in a constant mental motion. To sit and study an object for a moment relaxes my mind and helps me unwind and disconnect from all of those thoughts. There’s just me, my sketchbook and something in front of me. And the three of us are in harmony and only connected to each other in that blissful moment.

This is my 425th consecutive day of sketching and painting, and it’s become a ritual that has enriched my life in more ways than I can imagine. On the days I think I can’t possibly squeeze in time for painting and it sort of stresses me out just thinking about it, I know now, that’s exactly what I need to do next. It’s the painting itself that will fix everything I’ve been facing during the day. I need this time, in those times, more than ever. I consider it a treat to take that little bit of time to make something new. A wonderful treat, almost as good as hot chocolate with whipped cream. Okay, maybe even better.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham Watercolors:  Gamboge, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink and second pen with sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
My Favorite Place to Relax - Home With My Sketchbook and Hot Chocolate With Homemade Whipped Cream #WorldWatercolorGroup

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45 thoughts on “My Favorite Place to Relax

  1. Seems like the perfect place to relax to me too. If nothing else ones sketchbook is an escape from the rigors of everyday life. To focus on something else for just a few moments. You are right, Charlie, it is a wonderful treat. 🙂

  2. A delicious hot chocolate at your own home is a beautiful way to relax! And you Charlie are well deserved of some relaxing time! Lovely watercolor today I posted something too just pure creativity! 😉 Have a great evening! And I love what you choose for September <3

  3. Your favorite place has become a part of our lives in a wonderful way, sharing you and your life and doodles have brighten all of our lives. By the way, I LOVE whipping cream, I have to watch it because I could easily forget the coffee or hot cocoa and just have the whipping cream….lol Oh, have you ever had an Irish Coffee? yum! I usually have double whipping cream just because.

  4. Ooh, you can’t beat a nice hot chocolate. Now there’s one ever waiting for you in that relaxation space! Long may you relax! I don’t believe I’ve ever put cream in mine, though… the prospect is almost as tempting as the doodlewash!

    Very much looking forward to the next series!

  5. Yum,yummie; the water running out of my mouth though it,s morning here a quarter after eight. Too early for the whipped cream for me but you have paint it so deliciously!!

    Yes sure, my studio is my perfect place to relax and when painting I forget everything , my mind is IN my painting and nowhere else, the perfect state for relaxation!
    Actually my studio is a mass at the moment, have to clean up in a couple of days but cleaning up is less painting time😀 so tomorrow, tomorrow.
    Other relax places are my coach at home and places with water, bathtub, the sea and the meander!
    So I choose the meander, love it there and love painting water, I often do.

    Time to try something else this month, thank you for the new subjects, it can be an inspiration for some days! Like the freedom as well for own subjects as you proposed.
    Thank you for the August month and looking forwards at new original paintings from your hand Charlie.
    Today you did (again) a very nice watercolor! I love it!

    1. Awww thanks so much, Margriet!! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you’ve joined in and are playing along on these adventures! I think September will be really fun! But I have fun every month I’m painting! And hmmm hot chocolate on the couch or in a lovely bath sounds good too! 😉

  6. Wow…425…when you put it like that, it feels like a marathon…no wonder you need a rest, Charlie! A well deserved rest. I wish I had your talent. Looking forward to what’s coming next on this adventure of yours, and ours. 😀

  7. Sorry I am a bit behind in commenting, Charlie! 😉 I have to return to work in my hubby’s business unexpectedly… So less time to blog and create. Still trying to understand it all. But I do not like to complain. So sorry if I’m a bit scattered – more than normal! Lol! 😄

  8. Hello Charlie, I can relate how fun and relaxing it is, with the pen on paper and a water color. You are a great artist, been following all your awesome sketches. I’m a freelancer, working from home and painting is my source of pleasure and relaxation,

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