My Travel Paint Kit

Day 14 #WorldWatercolorGroup My Travel Paint Kit - Joe Miller's Travel Painter Set from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

I’ve doodlewashed most of my art supplies in a previous post, so I figured I’d share the origin of my little travel palette. In the very first month I started painting, Philippe bought me Joe Miller’s Travel Painter Set and I was thrilled! I love this thing as it’s both small, which I love, and is filled with shiny things, which I also love. I didn’t have it with me today at lunch when I did a quick sketch, so I had to draw this from the original ad image and then I added the first colors I used to fill it. This palette comes empty and I didn’t have my own tube paints at the time, so Philippe let me borrow his. I’m not entirely sure what colors I used. Before the month was up, I had already figured out a little mod that let me add 6 more empty half pans to it for a total of 18. This is the version that I painted for the World Watercolor Group banner. And I’ve grown rather attached to it, so I’ve never changed to anything else.

Back then, I had high hopes of traveling around sketching and painting, but we never ended up taking a trip. I used it during the month I sketched my own city, of course, but after that I switched to subjects around my home or ones so unusual, there I had to use photo references. I’m going to bring this along with me to Paris though and see if I can finally put it to its proper use. It comes with 2 metal canisters for water and 2 cups, that fold down flat and can be covered when not in use. Despite the incredibly small size at just 6-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 2″, Joe Miller’s Travel Painter Set can hold everything I use to sketch and paint, and if I chose too, even a smaller sketchbook. I’m not in any way affiliated with Cheap Joe’s, but when you love something this month, you just gotta rave about it!

Coincidentally, Joe is actually participating in the September #WorldWatercolorGroup art challenge, and has made some fabulous entries on the Facebook page, so you should definitely check them out! This was pretty cool to see since I have Joe to thank for most of my current tiny art studio. Even though I haven’t been using it for actual travel, it’s the perfect size to house my supplies and break them out again when I go to paint on my little corner of the kitchen counter. This one was quick and loose as I’m trying to practice painting faster in preparation for my trip. Soon, I’ll finally be able to use this little kit properly. It’s been waiting over a year to go on a trip with me. Finally, we’ll both get the chance to enjoy each other’s company in the best way I can imagine, while sketching and painting in The City of Light.

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M. Graham Watercolors:  Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue for everything except the palette which additionally contains: Azo Yellow, Azo Orange, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Blue, Sap Green, Quinacridone Gold, Dioxazine Purple, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
Day 14 #WorldWatercolorGroup My Travel Paint Kit - Joe Miller's Travel Painter Set from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

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  1. Teri C 6 years ago

    I’m excited to see you getting ready for your trip. Art supplies are always the first consideration. Lol. Love the sketch.

    • Author

      Thanks, Teri! 😃💕 I know, right? I’ve not learned French… no idea what I’m taking to wear, but I’m carefully considering my art supplies! 😊 lol

  2. YesterdayAfter 6 years ago

    How nice Charlie your painting kit looks great! And would be perfect for your trip to Paris ohh I love Paris! I have been there twice years ago before I moved to US I had a lovely trip around France touching many other beautiful places. Wish you wonderful time when you are over there and paint lovely sketches for us to see! 😉 <3

    • Author

      Thanks so much for the warm wishes, Carolina! 😃💕 Paris is wonderful… we get an apartment and cook at home (rarely eat out) so it’s really like a home away from home now. Can’t wait to get back!

      • YesterdayAfter 6 years ago

        That’s a great idea and make you feel at home in Paris that’s awesome! 😉 <3

  3. Jodi 6 years ago

    Oh Charlie – you get to take that little beauty to Paris in less than two weeks! Oh the journey it will take and the beautiful creations it will help you create! Can’t wait – for both of you! teeheehee!

    • Author

      Hehe… thanks, Jodi! 😃💕 I’m still wondering if it will make it out of the apartment with me or if old habits die hard and I’ll paint my sketches at “home.” Guess we’ll see!

      • Jodi 6 years ago

        Do what makes you happy. 😉

  4. memadtwo 6 years ago

    The perfect traveling companion. Well, Philippe first, of course…(K)

  5. I can see why you love this kit, it is beautiful… Tried to find it in the uk….no luck., how exciting, your trip is getting closer 😀

    • Author

      Yeah… I feel bad for continuing to brag about it when I discovered it’s not easily available outside the U.S. I’m sure there’s something even cooler over there though that I couldn’t get my hands on! And since I have so few art supplies I won’t feel guilty about shopping for more while I’m there! Lol 😉

      • Nar, nothing as chic, perfect, cute, and practical….if something similar does exist I just can’t seem to find it? Just have to get one shipped over one day 😀

  6. Terri Bate 6 years ago

    Anticipation is sweet.

  7. Anthonia 6 years ago

    Really nice! Perfecto!

  8. Margriet Bierens 6 years ago

    It,s a lovely travel-painting-kit. Philippe has a good feeling for beautiful things!
    I can understand how worthfull this special kit is for you.

    And now I am waiting for your doodlewashes from Paris!
    You send them right away on your trip?
    In between have a good time Charlie!

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Margriet! 😃💕 Yeah… Philippe is the best gifter ever… he also bought me my Escoda travel brush kit and primary fountain pen! I do plan to continue blogging while in Paris when I can. I know I’ll have things to post, but the writing part might be short! 😉

  9. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    I’m so impressed with how quickly you paint – your art looks like it takes much time. I love this piece, partly because it’s something that you love, but also for the contrast between the black and white of the majority against the bright pop of the watercolors. A very special art travel kit.

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 I actually realized I’ve gotten slower by Urban Sketching standards (an hour is an eternity for them!)… hehe… I’ll need to speed it up even more if I want to catch things live. Will be fun to try! hehe

  10. Arsty Birdy 6 years ago

    That travel art bag and set does look cool indeed! ah ah ah the love of shiny things inside 🙂 Have fun with it in Paris then 😉

  11. Jacob 6 years ago

    As much joy from the equipment as the doodlewashes themselves! Sounds a winner! An impressive piece of kit, with all its shiny bits and bobs. I will look forward to your urban sketching á Paris, exciting stuff!

    • Author

      It’s a perfect little kit! Glad ya like it! Can’t wait to sketch in Paris!! It’s going to be so fun! And I’ll be close to you…what like under 3 hours by speedy train right? Hehe

      • Jacob 6 years ago

        Oh yes! If you find yourself shuddering, you’ve just flown over me 😉 Feel free to detour and stop off at Norwich Airport! It’s far nicer than Paris here 😉

  12. circadianreflections 6 years ago

    The last several short trips I’ve taken my Watercolor 31 Days pouch full of goodies to paint, but sadly didn’t take it out at all. Not even at night back in my hotel/Inn room. Getting in late, and having very early wake-up calls didn’t help…or were the excuse I came up with.

    Your travel kit looks lovely! No matter where you sketch and paint I know it will be lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing Paris through your eyes/watercolor paintings.

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Deborah! 😃💕 What? you didn’t take it out? I usually tell people to just open a sketchbook and just start scribbling like it’s a piece of an old receipt no matter how tired they think they are! Lol Then you’ve begun drawing, which is the hard part, and the rest is easy! 😉

      • circadianreflections 6 years ago

        I’ll have to remember what you said the next time I’m dragging myself in after a long day.

  13. […] a white sponge, which could be removed to fill that spot with paint.  This is the palette that Charlie uses.  He loves it, and it is also the palette he painted, and used on the World Watercolor Group swag. […]

  14. the backpackercouple 6 years ago

    So cool!

  15. Joninmariegargoles 6 years ago

    Hi! How are you? I follow your blog because it is very interesting and inspiring. I really love it. How’s your day going? I hope we could be friends. I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog post. Have a good day ahead!

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