Forget about that diet, put down that carrot stick, and join the country in celebrating National Candy Day! Well, I’m not sure most of the country is actually aware of this auspicious occasion, but it’s apparently happening somewhere today, so here’s a little doodlewash to celebrate.

This doodlewash is inspired by a candy dish from the fabulous folks at Fred & Friends, who make lots of wonderful things you never knew you needed, including a glass snack bowl shaped like a plastic zipper bag. I don’t own this dish, but it’s on my Christmas list, so if anyone is out shopping and feeling generous, feel free to pick one up for me!

I filled my virtual dish with Jelly Belly candy as they’re my favorite. Mostly because in an assortment pack, all the flavor choices are made for you, thus removing indecision and getting straight to the sugary point. Philippe, however, won’t let me get the giant Jelly Belly jar at Costco, not to protect me, but to protect himself. If left unattended, I would likely find the jar empty, and Philippe rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach and moaning, while the dogs looks on with his “thanks for not sharing, you asshole!” look on his face.

When I was a little kid, I used to love to go to the bank with my mother. I didn’t think that I was going to get any money, nor did I fancy myself a future bank president (I wanted to be famous, after all, not obscure). No, I went for the candy. And also because, at my tender age, it was not acceptable to leave me home alone, even in the 70’s.

One time when we visited, I kept pulling my mother’s pant leg (she never wore dresses) to get her attention. “What?” she asked. She was about to approach the teller we had seen last time, and I was determined to stop her. So I tugged harder trying to steer her in a different direction. “What is wrong , Charlie?” she asked. I paused, but told the truth. “I don’t like him.” She looked surprised and asked why to which I simply replied, “He gives green suckers!”

She said later she was surprised because I had calmly eaten that green sucker without saying a word. Of course, I did, it was the only sucker available. But I didn’t like it. It was green. Red suckers tasted like cherries, orange like oranges, purple like grapes, and yellow like lemons. Green suckers just tasted green. Whether it was a failed attempt at lime or green apple or both, the end result was just an oddly sweet green flavor. I hated them.

Odd today, that my favorite Jelly Belly is green, or at least greenish. I like the pear ones best as they taste like biting into a real pear. Or at least a pear that’s been petrified in a bath of Karo syrup. At any rate, they’re delicious!

We once tried their  BeanBoozled ® game pack which pairs gross flavors with their classics that you eat by spinning the wheel to see what you’ll get. It’s truly death-defying as you wait to see if yours is flavored as lime or lawn clippings, peach or barf, or my precious pear suddenly made to taste like a booger. Philippe tried two and nearly puked, so it’s a relatively short game to try when you have the time.

It’s here I always stop and wonder about the person whose job it was to eat 50 versions of booger-flavored jellies and decide that one was the boogeriest of them all. I imagine he or she out with friends saying, “Oh man, me too! I was sooooo ready for 5! Haha! If I had to taste one more booger today, I was going to go nuts!” No wait, if this person actually dares to talk about their line of work, it’s equally likely they have no friends at all.

However you choose to celebrate this day, do so with both joy and moderation. Hopefully you have some candy sitting and waiting for your ceremonial consumption. If not, and you have kids with leftover Halloween candy, you can ask them to share, but keep in mind they’ve already eaten the best ones. And I think I’ve already properly warned you of the dangers of playing candy roulette.

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48 thoughts on “National Candy Day

  1. We always get the jelly beans at Costco!! And of course there are always the ones we don’t really enjoy at the bottom and our rule is that we don’t get new ones until all the beans are gone! Lol. Your doodlewash is really good! Did you use the white gouache on the dish? I want that fish!! 😊

  2. How atypical it is of America to devote an entire day to candy. 😉

    Those jelly beans look good enough to eat, Charlie – all those mighty tempting colours make me nostalgic for times spent at the pick ‘n’ mix stand, making those oh-so-difficult selections. As it happens, I was bought a big box of JellyBelly beans for my birthday this year; they were indeed a curious range of flavours, but thankfully no horrible ones! I was beyond overjoyed (though my teeth probably weren’t). I think my biggest weakness are Skittles – original or sour (although I was sent some American sours this summer and boy were they dangerous compared to ours!!). Blimey do I get addicted to those.

    I’m with Little Charlie – who cares if it’s the boring bank if candy is in the offing! I used to go to the hairdresser for the same reason… though, thankfully, my barber let me choose what I could have out of the tin. I once tried to take his big packet of mints that he’d left in there by mistake. 😉

    1. Oh you sky one…trying to steal your barber’s mints! Lol And yes to Skittles!!! I have absolutely no restraint when it comes to those. Completely addictive! ❤️❤️Another kind I liked were called Shockers… they warned on the side that they contain egg, though I never knew why. 😳

      1. Ha, Shockers look deadly! I don’t think I’ve ever had them – I’ll have to explore and sample. (Christ, googling sweets just fills me with temptation. Those colours. That gaudy packaging. Heaven!)

        I have rarely been so heartbroken as the day they stopped making Citrus Polos.

          1. Ha! Oh dear – maybe that explains why they were dropped! They were far better than any drugs I’ve had, although admittedly that’s not too many.

          2. Lol… These things sound awesome! They need to bring them back. But there’s only 116 Likes on the Facebook page so I’m not holding out hope. Even with their enticing description that they’re like “citrus just exploded in an orgasmic convulsion of flavor and love.”

          3. You have no idea how much I laughed at that… it’s an accurate description, though!

            I just did a google and found two people dressed as citrus polos in protest. My my. :L

  3. Very fun drawing Charlie, what a great idea for a bowl. Jelly beans always remind me of my grandfather’s general store in Virginia. When we visited it was like stepping back in time. There was lots of penny candy, including jelly beans behind the widened frame glass candy case.
    Enjoy your tasty jelly beans!

  4. I’ve seen that glass dish/container in a catalog before and I want it, too! I’m so laughing imagining Phineas saying “you asshole”! Hahaha! We tried the Harry Potter Bertie Botts jelly beans which have the gross (boogers, dirt, vomit, etc) flavors and never wanted to try that again…much like your BeanBoozled game. Yeesh! Other than that, I looove jelly beans, too. My hubby won’t let me get the big Costco bins either but it isn’t to save himself (because he has self-control). 😀 But you know what I love more than jelly beans? Jelly Babies! A Doctor Who favorite.

    This piece is totally awesome! It would make a great poster!

  5. Awesome doodlewash Charlie O! Oh the patience it must have taken to color each jelly belly bean! I’ve seen this fun candy dish and admired. And…. I love jelly beans too. Green is my favorite color jelly bean, lifesaver, and lolipop! Green rocks!

  6. When I was a kid, I kept my own special candy stash in a designated drawer in my bedroom. Hehe! I had a real sweet tooth back then! 🍭 Now, I’d much prefer a glass of wine! 🍷 I do like Jelly belly beans probably because of the assortment of colors and flavors! 💜 Super Doodlewash Charlie!!! I’m impressed with all your dedication to the details! 🎨😄❤️

    1. Thanks Nicole!! ❤️😃 Mmmm…that’s a good question. I say why not! But then again…I never follow rules 😊hehe Isn’t this bowl a fun idea?! The references I found had peanuts in it, another a goldfish…so you can do anything you like with that thing! I’m getting one!! Lol

  7. I never know which I enjoy more your paintings or your stories, both are such a delight! I do know that I’m not a fan of jelly beans though as for some reason I always end up with the cinnamon and liquorice flavour ones ☹️

  8. Great story and illustration as usual. I’ll weigh in with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. My daughter is allergic to nuts, so I always got my share at Halloween when she was of trick-or-treating age. But now she’s grown, so I have to actually go out and purchase them. Perhaps I could celebrate the day after National Candy Day…?

  9. What a cool container, and great sketch, Charlie! I yearn for the old days when the kids would trick or treat and they didn’t like chocolate. My dh and I were always eager to help out with that particular problem!

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