National Chocolate Mousse Day

National Chocolate Mousse Day - Doodlewash, watercolor sketching and painting of dark chocolate mousse with cherries

Today we celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day, a fabulous day dedicated to a decadently tasty dessert that was all the rage in France during the 1800s. The word mousse translates from the French to mean “foam” or “froth” so it’s not surprising no translation was made when coming to the States. Savory mousse dishes were developed in France during the 18th century, and dessert mousses came much later during the second half of the 19th century. The first written record of chocolate mousse in the United States comes from a Food Exposition held at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1892.

To celebrate, Philippe agreed to make some “mousse au chocolat” for me today! Though there are many different recipes for this dessert, his consists of simply bittersweet chocolate, egg whites, coffee extract, and a pinch of salt (recipe for his simple and light version below!). Americanized versions of the dessert are easy to spot as they typically include triple the ingredients, triple the sugar and a lot of saturated fat. Which is a shame, because, when chocolate is involved who needs much else? But I feel the same about coffee and then watch people do everything they can to disguise the taste, so to each his own I guess.

The biggest problem with chocolate mousse is the excrutiating wait time before it’s actually ready to serve. Most recipes say to let it sit for 6 hours in the refrigerator before serving. My sense of immediate gratification crushed. Luckily, we typically wait just 2-3 hours and go for it, so it should be ready after dinner tonight. But after the prep time and wait, celebrating this amazing day couldn’t be easier. Simply grab a spoon and dig in!

Join me any and all days you like during April by celebrating a National or International Day with a doodlewash! Tag your image #doodlewashaday and I’ll feature everyone who played along on at the end of the month! 

Recipe for Philippe’s Mousse Légère Au Chocolat Noir

• 226g of Bittersweet Chocolate 66% Cocoa
• 6 egg whites
• ½ teaspoon coffee extract
• Pinch of salt
• (optional) Drop of lemon juice
Start by beating the whites in a stand mixer on medium speed. Optionally, you can add a drop of lemon juice to help form the mousse. Once egg whites start to foam, turn up to high speed until firm.
Break the chocolate into pieces and place in the microwave until melted. Add the coffee extract to the melted chocolate. Once the chocolate is no longer hot but still melted, gently fold it into the egg whites until no clumps of white remain. Let the mousse sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours prior to serving.

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Teal, Pyrrol Red, Permanent Green Pale, Neutral Tint and Titanium White Gouache. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal


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  1. Teresa Robeson 7 years ago

    Chocolate foam doesn’t have the same luscious sound to it, does it? 😉 Your doodlewash is making me drool! 😋❤️ Will Philippe be kind enough to share his wonderful authentic recipe with us?

    • Author

      Hehe… no it doesn’t sound quite as good! Glad you liked the doodlewash, Teresa! 😃💕I initially tried the get the recipe out of him and he just mumbled off ingredients… I just made him sit down and tell me exactly what he did, so I updated the post with his recipe! It’s actually a lighter version of the authentic one… and simpler! Thanks for suggesting it!!

      • Teresa Robeson 7 years ago

        Awesome!! Thanks so much to both of you! ❤️💙 I’m drooling already!

  2. Susan Feniak 7 years ago

    Yummy!! My mouth is watering. 🙂

  3. Jill Kuhn 7 years ago

    Your doodlewash looks yummy, Charlie! ❤️🎨🌟 And thank you for sharing Philippe’s recipe! 😄 I love chocolate mousse! 😊💕

    • Author

      Thanks Jill!! 😃💕 Yeah… I managed to get it out of him. It’s a much healthier version, but still tastes great!

  4. YesterdayAfter 7 years ago

    Wow Charlie this looks delicious!!! Your doodlewash and the yummy recipe! <3 Thank you! I celebrated this day with the "Find a Rainbow Day" I had no time to create a doodlewash but I participate with my photography and in my post I mentioned you and what we are doing here! You can see my post

    • Author

      Thanks so much Carolina!! 😃💕 The real thing was really delicious! It was fun to celebrate with even more than a doodlewash!! And yay!! Fun that you’re playing along!! Can’t wait to see what doodlewash you’ll make!! ❤️😃

  5. Kari 7 years ago

    That looks delicious! And I’m definitely using Phillippe’s recipe for Passover!! The recipe I had used heavy cream so this will be a lighter version! 💕😘

    • Author

      Thanks Kari!! 😃💕 It was really yummy…which I guess we should have checked before posting the recipe, but I always have faith Philippe will make it awesome! It’s great since there’s no cream or yolks, and surprisingly delicious still! Hehe

  6. Jodi 7 years ago

    Wowza! A gorgeous doodlewash dessert AND a wonderful recipe from Philippe! A double pleasure today on your blog! ENJOOOOOYYYYY the yummy dessert! Our kids had dinner for us today for our anniversary, and we had chocolate cake AND angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! Such a lovely treat! Happy chocolate mousse day!

    • Author

      Thanks Jodi!! 😃💕 Yeah…it was fun to add a little recipe along with this, even if I had to beg Philippe for it! Hehe:.. And wow!! You did it up right today!! When it comes to dessert “AND” is my favorite word!! Hehe Happy Anniversary!! ❤️

  7. Carol 7 years ago

    Your painting looks good enough to eat! Bon appetit!

  8. Jessica Seacrest 7 years ago

    Looks so yumm-eey! Sounds like a lovely evening also!

  9. Jacob 7 years ago

    Me want – it looks so tasty! Chocolate that good would have even Willy Wonka alarmed and sending in Oompa-Loompa spies to snoop on the perfect recipe. I would try and make it, but I’d doubtless let the recipe down 😉 Happy Choccy Mouse Day, Charles! Woo! (there’s something I never thought I’d say!)

    • Author

      Hehe…thanks Jacob!! 😃 The real thing was super tasty! There’s probably going to be a fair amount of food this month if I can keep convincing Philippe to make it to help me celebrate! 😊hehe… Though there’s so much to choose from this month!! I’ll probably pick the animals over food most days though.

      • jmnowak 7 years ago

        food over animals…one must think of one’s fig-ure! ‘tho those cherries look super deliciosa! mmmm

      • Jacob 7 years ago

        Either way is great, but animals sounds better for your waistline! Philippe is quite welcome to send me some samples though. 😉

        • Author

          Not sure they’d ship very well! hehe… might be rather unappetizing once it finally arrives. lol

          • Jacob 7 years ago

            Hmm, that’s true… probably still better than my own efforts though! 😛

  10. debiriley 7 years ago

    CHARLIE! ding ding ding!! wowza.
    the doodle wash grabbed my eyes ASAP! great work.
    and then I read the recipe…. oh boy! I can actually EAT this!! how cool is that!! yumm yumm! I am hungry! Thank you Charlie 🙂

    • Author

      Awwww cool, Debi!! That makes me happy! 😃💕 Thrilled you liked this doodlewash and post! I posted the recipe before we actually tried it, but can now confirm its delicious! Even missing all the fattening ingredients! Hehe… Didn’t miss them! 😉👍🏻

      • debiriley 7 years ago

        Great! glad to know you had a bash at it and it is Delish!
        taste buds get used to less…wheat, fat, sugar over time. I just can’t not want the Dark bittersweet chocolate though…. yum.

  11. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Oh yummy, beautifully Doodlewashed Charlie. I also like how you achieved the reflection on the spoon.

    • Author

      Awww thanks so much Sharon!! 😃💕hehe…it’s been awhile since I doodlewashed metal, but I love painting shiny things! Glad you liked it!

  12. Snehal Kank 7 years ago

    Awaa that’s so nice 😍 love the chocolate mousse and spoon too 💕 Thanks for sharing recipe 👍🏼

    • Author

      Glad you like this Snehal!! 😃💕 It’s been a long time since I doodlewashed something other than an animal! Hehe you’re welcome on the recipe. I can confirm that the chocolate mousse was delicious! 😉

  13. Curious to the Max 7 years ago

    Mousse: An endangered species, brought down cold and eaten alive.

    Charlie O’ I’m disappointed in you for using your art & blog to tempt humans to create and then destroy precious resources.

    After BEATING and BREAKING them down you suggest GENTLE FOLDING?

    • Author

      To be clear, this was a “mousse” not a “mouse” as we’ve moved on to a new month and a totally new adventure! So I take it you don’t eat eggs? 😉

  14. Teri C 7 years ago

    Oh gosh, I was going to suggest a mousse party at your house to celebrate the day but I guess it’s too late now. Looks delicious and if I liked to cook/bake I would make it. Lol

    • Author

      Hehe…you would have been more than welcome to come over, Teri! 😉💕 Yeah…I don’t cook at all…if it weren’t for Philippe, I’d probably starve! 😊Lol

      • Teri C 7 years ago

        I’m forced to cook but I’d rather be sketching or painting, but starving is not an option.
        Haha, watch out when we travel back through KS, you might hear a knock on the door. 😂😂😱

  15. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Good choice. A day that celebrates chocolate is always welcome! And your painting is mouth-watering. Lucky to have a mousse-cook in the house! (K)

    • Author

      Thanks Kerfe!! 😃💕 Glad you thought it looked delicious! That’s always the bar in food painting! Thought can’t cook at all😊 I am sooooo lucky to live with someone who can!! And so well too!!

  16. Cathe 7 years ago

    Was it delicious Charlie? It sure looks yummy, lovely presentation too! Thank you for including the recipe!

    • Author

      It was awesome!! Thanks Cathe!! 😃💕 We realized we posted the recipe before actually trying it. 😊lol But no worries, it was super yummy! Whew! Hehe

  17. artandmoondreams 7 years ago

    Gorgeous painting, love the reflective light on the cherries, makes me want to poke my computer screen with a spoon…wishful thinking that it might work. Happy chocolate mousse day!

    • Author

      Hehe! Thanks Haunani! 😃💕The real thing was much better (even in a healthier version! Yay!). Whoever makes it possible to send food digitally will make millions!! There should be an app for that!! 😉

  18. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 7 years ago


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