Today we celebrate espresso which is basically coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. It’s thick and packs a caffeine punch (though less than a big cup of coffee due it’s miniature size) and has crema on top, which is a lovely layer of creamy foam.

This little doodlewash is of a ROK Presso manual espresso maker which requires no electricity. To mimic its simplicity I only used Burnt Sienna and Neutral Tint with a few spots of white gouache. I saw this when looking for things to add to my Christmas wish list, but hesitated because it sounds a bit complex and I’m not sure my little girl muscles would have the requisite strength to press properly. But the idea is still very intriguing to me, so who knows, maybe one day I’ll give it a try.

Philippe and I prefer to use our Nespresso machine with little capsules in various varieties. We each have one after dinner as part of our routine, just after Philippe takes Phineas for his final walk. It’s a lovely way to end the day, assuming you’re not one of those folks who can’t sleep with even a drop of caffeine before bedtime (don’t worry, if you ever come round for dinner, we also have decaf available).

Espresso was at first only popular in America with Italian immigrants in the larger cities. The national craze didn’t really take hold until Starbucks came along and popularized the so-called “second wave” of coffee consumption. Though established the same year I was born, Starbucks didn’t arrive here until the late 90’s.

I’ve always loved coffee, so I was really excited when I entered a Starbucks for the first time. I remember ordering a medium coffee and the barista asking me, “Do you want a flavor?” to which I replied, “What? A flavor? Sooooo… it will taste like coffee?” She looked puzzled at first and then giggled and said, “No silly… so it won’t !”

This was insane to me. Why would someone want to disguise the flavor of coffee? If they didn’t like it, they just shouldn’t be drinking it. But the trend had begun and soon I would hear friends saying, “I want some Starbucks” when we were out and about. I was just happy they had stopped calling it coffee, as they happily walked back to the car with their 700 calorie diabetes-inducing drink while mocking my 5 calorie “boring” beverage.

But today is a day for all the real coffee lovers to come out of the closet and have a drink! Pour yourself a little espresso and enjoy the bitter sweet goodness that only comes from the real thing. Deliciousness in a cup that comes with just a little crema, and not a bit of whipped cream.

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45 thoughts on “National Espresso Day

  1. Oh Charlie O! I can only imagine your growing Christmas wish list! You are so funny! The only one with one longer might be me! HAHA! I am VERY easy to buy for LOL! Your doodlewash is awesome as ever and makes me want an espresso! Your evening routine sounds so lovely and charming. 🙂

  2. OOPS! Hit return before I wanted. I wanted to be sure to say – “but it’s not about the presents!” LOL! I was just teasing! As I’m guessing you are too. We are blessed in so many ways – right – just to have those we love around. 🙂

  3. That is a fine, fine drawing. That machine sounds like an awful lot of work. I’m with your on the boring coffee. Although I have become fond of half and half in a freshly brewed cup. I’ve been debating getting a new machine and people seem to like those Nespresso deals. I hate to contribute yet more plastic to the landfills, however.

  4. I couldn’t possibly partake in such a celebration, as you know… 😉 but nevertheless, I can appreciate your drawing. Another masterpiece, Charles. The coffee looks so real!

  5. Beautiful doodlewash! Again, I’m amazed you used only two colors!

    I love coffee! I was introduced to espresso in the late 80’s by my friend’s husband who is an Aussie (of Italian descent). He made the best gnocchi and espresso! He also taught me how to prepare a lamb roast.. I love coffee and I drink it all day. 😊

  6. great painting of this seemingly complication contraption. My husband LOVES coffee. I can do a cup in the morning with milk and sugar. Cannot do Starbucks. I loved this line of yours: “700 calorie diabetes-inducing drink”. That is so true!

  7. That’s hilarious! You guys and me and hubby must be the only people on this continent who enter a Starbucks and order a plain coffee. 😀 We have a French Press for making coffee, so your pictured manual contraption would probably suit us just fine! 🙂 Beautiful doodlewash…such a graceful form!

  8. Most excellent Doodlewash Charlie! 🌟🌟🌟 As much as I like coffee, it does not like me. 😳 So I had to give it up and become a tea drinker. But every now and then I have to have a Mocha at Starbucks! Hehe! ☕️

  9. This is the day for me! We may have no Starbucks and no good grocery stores in our neighborhood, but once the Millennials started moving in, one of them opened a great little coffee shop (and also a bar…). They may not cook, but they know about coffee.
    And that looks like a great little machine. No electricity! Technology is amazing. (K)

  10. Wow, beautiful rendering! I love coffee and this makes me so happy. I’ll have to come back periodically to enjoy your espresso maker, it is perfection. I hope you get this for a Christmas gift, it looks so cool!

  11. Yay for regular old boring coffee! I’m one of those people at Starbucks that orders a regular talle coffee with room for cream. Of course I’m usually in line behind a bunch of other people who are ordering those complicated, expensive, time consuming beverages! Never fails. 😬 Love your Doodlewash especially the glass cups and the reflections on top of the coffee. Fabulous!!

    1. Awww thanks!! I’m so glad you liked this, Nancy! 💕😃I was worried that I couldn’t make espresso an interesting drawing 😊hehe… And yeah… One of my Instagram pals said they should have an “express lane” for regular coffee drinkers which I think is a brilliant idea! Lol

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