Harvey Wallbanger by Charlie O'Shields

National Harvey Wallbanger Day

Today, apparently, we are meant to celebrate a mixed drink called a Harvey Wallbanger. It’s made by combining three parts vodka, one part Galliano, and six parts orange juice. Add a twist of orange and, like this doodlewash, a maraschino cherry, and you’ve got yourself a celebration in a glass.

Though legend has it that this drink was invented in the 50’s, the earliest known appearance in literature was 1971, the year I was born. I don’t think my mother was drinking this at the time of my birth, however, as she never touched alcohol. She would only drink coffee. Lucky for her, it’s also National Cappuccino Day, but I wasn’t quite ready to paint more brown things after yesterday’s post.

I’ve never had this specific drink, though I have had a Screwdriver, which is the same drink without the Galliano, so I figure that’s close enough. This was back in college when drinks with more than two ingredients were rarely made because being able to afford the primary ingredient was considered a luxury.

I was never good at drinking hard liquor. No matter how little I thought I had consumed, my body would violently reject it later that evening. This didn’t stop me from drinking them, of course, as I was willful and determined to teach my body a lesson in a battle I was destined to lose. Which I did, every time.

One of the first mixed drinks I tried went by the unfortunate name of a Fuzzy Navel. This harkens images of belly button lint, but was actually made with orange juice and peach schnapps. It was like a liquid Jolly Rancher with alcohol and so sickeningly sweet that, between the sugary taste and the strong alcohol flavor, it would make your face contort into a permanent smile like that of a homicidal clown.

So, these days, I only drink wine. And my body seems to approve of this choice. Though doctors tend to agree that red wine has something in it that helps your heart, they unanimously agree that this only works when consumed in moderation. My body apparently read those articles while I wasn’t looking, as it decides I’m too sleepy to have any more after just two glasses.

When Philippe came, we only drank French wine, mainly because he thought the wine labels in America were a joke. In France, the wine is simply labeled to show you the region where it was crafted and whether or not a medal had been earned. Sometimes there is a simple black and white sketch of the vineyard but never anything to complex.

In America, like most packaged goods, wine labels often scream at you, doing everything they can to get your attention. To Philippe, this means that they spent more money on the label than they did actually trying to produce good wine. He’s immediately suspicious and refuses to try it. Clever naming is another thing he detests, so we haven’t yet been lucky enough to try Fat Bastard Shiraz or Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc.

On this day of celebration, however, I must then apologize to Harvey for choosing not to consume his signature drink. We’ll be sticking with wine today so I can avoid embarrassing myself later. But if this sounds like a delectable offering to you, then by all means you should celebrate! Or if you’re opposed to alcohol, then Happy Cappuccino Day! If you’re opposed to both , then although I’m sure you’re a lovely person, we probably won’t be hanging out together anytime soon.

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62 thoughts on “National Harvey Wallbanger Day

  1. I’ve never had a Harvey Wallbanger either. It does sound delicious. I’m also a light-weight now when it comes to alcohol. Two glasses would definitely put me to sleep, which wasn’t always the case. The choice drink for me and my friends in college was this concoction of Captain Morgan and green apple Jolly Rancher candies. Unfortunately, I had some the night before for Freshman Chem final and I was almost late to take it. Good thing my brain cells weren’t destroyed as I did well on it. Lol I think I’ll just celebrate National Cappuccino Day.. Your glass is fabulous, Charlie!!

    1. Thanks so much Kari!! ❤️❤️😃 lol…yeah…I think I’m definitely going to choose Cappuccino Day as well to celebrate. But I just had to doodlewash something with a little color! 😊hehe That concoction sounds crazy sweet and deadly!! 😳 I would have missed more than a Chem final with that! Lol

    1. My sister is a rum and Coke girl! Hehe… She rarely ever drinks so it’s fun at Christmastime when I see her to listen to her giggle. One time she made Rum balls and they were a bit stronger than they should have been 😊 It was a curious Christmas. But I’m equally curious about this wine collection! Just let me know when you’re having us over!🍷👍🏻

      1. Ugh, opened the Raisinettes this morning to have with coffee – just had a few. Still have one box left for mom. As a Weight Watcher, there are two servings in the box and I broke it out into 5 portions at 2 Weight Watchers “PointsPlus” values each, roughly equal to a small cookie. Yes, that’s will power. Must. Go. Shopping – today! To pick up a little treat for myself to have in the house. Cheers

        1. Haha…I knew you couldn’t resist those long. But all that sounds hard!! Like food math! 😳 lol… I’ve just always throttled back as I went along, but the second my metabolism drops, I’ll have to understand food math better!! 😊You definitely need to treat yourself though!! You deserve it! 😉👍🏻

  2. Oh dear, I guess we won’t be hanging out then! I don’t drink very often (if at all), but these concoctions do tend to look quite fun with all their curious colours, and your doodlewash certainly looks a lot of fun. Great stuff! Cheers, Charlie! (raises glass of orange juice)

    The last time I drank was at a restaurant a few years ago, when I was bullied into ordering, and had to ask the waiter for Sex on The Beach and two Screaming Orgasms. I was forced into trying the Sex on the Beach, and it was actually pretty good; it didn’t taste at all of alcohol to me, just peach. I can’t speak for a Screaming Orgasm, though – you’ll have to explore that one yourself.

    1. Wait…I clearly said if you were opposed to both! You are opposed to coffee too?! 😥 hehe… Thank for for permission to explore a Screaming Orgasm though. I do appreciate that. And glad you liked the doodlewash, even if neither of us would likely drink it! Hehe 😉👍🏻

      1. Afraid so – I love the smell of coffee but can’t be doing with the taste! It is heartbreaking. Or I’ll just have tea where you have coffee. That’ll keep me quiet.

  3. Very appealing Doodlewash! The glass even looks cold and refreshing. I’m not much a mixed drink person either but I love to try something different when we go to a wedding and they have an open bar. Last wedding I ordered a Manhattan just because I’d never tried one. Oh my! There is a lot of alcohol in a

    1. Haha! That made me laugh so hard! It was like you were drunk…”there’s so much alcohol in a…..” And…she’s gone! LOL ❤️😃 Loved that! And yes! I will occasionally try something at those events. Mostly because I don’t like crowds and so the alcohol seems suddenly more appealing. 😊

      1. I’m not crazy about crowds either but I think I find it most appealing because I’m incredibly frugal (cheap) and don’t like to pay for mixed drinks when we go out! See, I’ve sobered up…

      1. I know it seemed that way but I was just typing really fast, honestly, and you can’t edit comments!! Not saying I wouldn’t accept a glass of wine if someone offered one though… 😉.

  4. I too love all those exotic mixed drinks’ names, but rum and coke is about my speed. Or a beer. One. Two helpings of any alcoholic beverage and I will definitely be asleep.
    Your ice cubes are great! (K)

    1. Yay, Kerfe!! Thanks for validating me! Hehe…two is my limit these days. 😊 And I actually don’t care for rum and coke, but it’s my sister’s go-to and many of my friends. I like the beers that are high alcohol and drink like wine. Still a two glass maximum though. Hehe

      1. Wow! First try! Sweeeeeet! <3 <3

        The cherry reminds me of a lovely cocktail I had on Friday. I actually have no idea what I drank. I just remember it had egg white froth on top and was lightly sweet and lightly bitter… fruity and alcoholic. And there was a cherry speared by a toothpick… maraschino-esque… but a touch more sour… and the color of a sour cherry. My husband ordered it. He's a lot more adventurous than I am drink and food-wise.

  5. I can remember my parent’s having this drink. Kind of hard to forget with a name like Harvey in it. lol! 😊 I prefer a glass or two of wine these days. Cheers to you Charlie for another FABULOUS Doodlewash! 🍷😜🍷

    1. Thanks Jill!! 💕😃 In my house it was only my dad’s beer growing up. 😊hehe This was super fun to doodlewash though! I had no idea how to make ice happen. Lol… but it’s fun to try new things! And cheers to glass of wine! 🍷😃 And well…sometimes champagne. 😊

  6. Great Harvey Charlie, never tasted one myself so will opt for raising a cup of cappuccino to you! I’m a coffee (the stronger the better) and wine gal but if I were to chose a mixed drink it would have to be a mojito, cheers ☕️😄

    1. Thanks Tori! 💕😃I’m with you! Coffee and wine are all anyone needs! Lol Couldn’t agree more on strong coffee… sometimes when we’re out here it’s difficult to find. Americans don’t really like coffee… They make it weak and then are constantly trying to destroy it and disguise it with too much cream, sugar and flavorings. Hehe

      1. It’s a pleasure to meet another coffee connoisseur! I traveled around Italy last year and that completely changed my coffee habit. The strongest coffee I’ve ever had though was in Sweden, one cup and you’re buzzing all day 😄

  7. If you know of a storyteller award, let me know so I can nominate you for it! 😀

    Waaay back in the 80s, when I became friends with one of my sister’s high school friends, we had this running joke about consuming Harvey Wallbangers. I’m pretty sure neither of us ever had one before or since, but your doodlewash brought back fond memories, so thank you! xo

    1. Awww you’re too sweet! I have no idea if they award such things, I’m just happy you like my little stories. ❤️😃 And so glad I could bring back those memories! The 80s were awesome!! I loved that time! Thought I might try an 80’s month project sometime. 😉

      1. That would be an awesome project! Even though I’m a product of the 60s and 70s mainly, I still feel like the 80s was my era since that’s when I became fully independent. 🙂 *mwah* to you and your stories! x

  8. Wow, Charlie, what a beautiful image!!! LOVE it!!! ❤️🍹 And I LOVE cocktails/longdrinks, but they are quite dangerous to consume, indeed! I´ll stick to mulled wine today, which I really love! I guess Philippe will hate me for that, because it is – probably – really bad red wine with a lot of sugar and spices to make it taste good. You have to drink it hot, because when it cools down it gets unswallowable! 😊 Cheers! 🍷

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