You’ve probably noticed by now if you’ve been following me as I doodlewash this month’s challenge, that I’m practicing edibles while seeing what the prompts inspire for that. Today’s prompt of nest, made me think of the nested treats in a yummy yogurt parfait, which is a lovely and light spring treat, so that’s what I made for today. This is far healthier than many of my previous offerings, but looks perfectly decadent so it’s really the best of both worlds. I also thought about the idea of nesting and how wonderful it is to be nestled safe at home while there’s a storm brewing outside. I’ve been assured by folks I meet during the day, that we “need the rain” here, but these folks have proper homes with yards and I live in a city townhouse so I simply have to take their word for it. I’m sure the plants on our terrace that we haven’t put in yet this year would have enjoyed it very much, but we’ve been too busy nesting to bother with such things.

I do love these layered treats like the one I sketched today. They hold little flavor surprises on each bite and look rather cool in the process. Sure, if I had to choose, I’d probably go for a layered cake first, but this is equally delicious. We’re starting to shift to spring food here, which is always a bit lighter. It strikes me as bizarre that the food options get heavier in winter when we are the least active and then thin out for the time when we might actually go for a walk now and then. But the warmer the weather, the less hungry I get, so I guess everything works out fine. Since it’s been a bit chillier here lately, I have to admit that all I want to do is hunker down with a huge tub of ice cream, but I’ve been good and avoided such temptations. Honestly, I’m just happy to be home and enjoying my simple little life with my partner and slightly bitchy dog, who has grown slightly more bitchy as it continues to rain and rain and rain here.

There’s also a wonderful calm to weather like this. No need to rush outside and take advantage of spectacular weather, and no need to make excuses for wanting to simply do a bit of nothing for a little while. As much as I get tired of the rain, I do enjoy that about spring here. It’s like the season is telling you to just let it all go and have a little lounge about the house. It comes with both the motivation and a bit of permission to cuddle up and do not much of anything. Spring says it’s okay, and there’s really no reason to quarrel with Mother Nature. And that’s a wonderful feeling. So, I’m going to stop here, and appreciate all the fabulous gifts that I’ve received in life that don’t come with a price tag. Those little pleasures that we feel when we know we’re with the person we love most, just happily nesting, and suddenly understanding what it really means to enjoy nested treats.

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6 thoughts on “Nested Treats

  1. You get warm weather that makes you less hungry and so you eat less?????!!!! Please send me some of your weather right away! And since I love your Doodlewash of the yogurt parfait, (so tempting and pretty!) please send me one of those too! You have my address, right? I’m looking forward to everything arriving soon.

    Oh yes – gorgeous but healthy food, nice weather, a reduced appetite so that parfait actually fills me up – heaven in a box in the mail! Yes!

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