With a busy day and very little time to paint, I decided to try a different kind of experiment. This time, I skipped my trusty fountain pen, scribbled a quick pencil contour and jumped straight in with watercolor to create a few little eggs in a nest. This was done quickly just before heading to Costco and just after we joined some friends to try something called an Escape Room. This is where you’re locked in a room with a bunch of people and have to decipher clues in order to get out before the time runs out. We found ourselves in the study of Sherlock Holmes and had to figure out who a murderer was and where he would strike next. I think I was hoping for more of a story, as it seemed like a bunch of random puzzles shoved together, and solving one didn’t do much more than make another random thing happen. In the end, I found myself anxiously shouting out the code to open the door with no real idea of how I came to know that was the code in the first place. But, it was a fun time, and we still managed to escape with 30 seconds to spare, so that felt like a victory! All that say, it’s also nice to finally be back home in our little nest.

It’s true that when we’re not working, Philippe and I can be found at home most of the time. Leaving our nest to join a group activity was quite an achievement, even if we hadn’t been able to solve all those riddles. Home never feels like something we want to escape, which I guess is a good thing. Doing new things is always fun, but having a lovely nest to return to is even better. I love the comfort of little routines, but know that it’s equally good to break out of them from time to time. Trying new things is what keeps life interesting. So I figured in that same spirit of the day, I’d try something a bit different for my painting. Though, I’ll probably be heading back to my fountain pen again, as it’s what I prefer. And tonight, we’ll be enjoying a lovely little dinner featuring crab legs, something we’ve not had at home before, so it’s been a day of trying new things. If you discount Costco and the wine I’m about to drink as some things in life are just necessities.

Tomorrow is a day off for both of us, and we have absolutely nothing planned, so perhaps I’ll have a little extra time to paint. I’m sure there’s some sort of adult chores that should be dealt with, but I plan on taking advantage of the day and avoiding those as much as possible. To me, it doesn’t count as a true day off unless you focus on only doing what you love. Or, at the very least, let the day take you wherever it wants to without trying to force anything into place. Each little moment leads into the next and the whole experience is just relaxing and amazing. So, that’s what I have “planned” for tomorrow. I’ve no idea where it will take me, and that’s the best part. And even if something takes me far from home, you’ll be sure to find me there again by evening. Happily enjoying a little glass of wine, and blissfully nesting.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle:  Turquoise Green, Phtholcyanine Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Deep in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
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24 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. What a sweet little nest and love your story. I like going out, but I love our “nest” even more. What I love most is sharing my “nest” with those I love – family and friends. Happy day off tomorrow! Enjoy!

  2. I never heard of that kind of game….love the nest and eggs. I adore your writing, I may not always take the time to read but when I do I always wonder why I neglect reading your posts! Looking forward to what you paint and write tomorrow. 😉

  3. Wow, I love that little picture. Especially the blues and yellows in the nest. I also like that it seems so soft. Good that you left your comfort zone for this one. But I love your original style (with fountain pen) too, it´s just so “Charlie”! 😊

  4. A very soft and delicate feel to this without the pen, which works well and really makes a change.

    Ooh, some of those escape rooms sound quite Crystal Maze-y – I’d love to have a go, even knowing I’d be utterly useless. Congratulations on getting out in time… I dread to think what happens if you don’t! 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 Yeah, this one was a bit of a change for me, but I’ll be grabbing my pen again next. hehe… just prefer it! And you should totally try an escape room… I was happy we made it out just in time. I think they just open the door for you and you have to slink away if you don’t. We were told that only 40% of people got out of this room in time, so that’s pretty cool. Lol

  5. I think this experiment was a success – only watercolor to express the nest and eggs, and I especially like the blue repeated throughout the painting. I think that nesting instinct is reverting to whatever makes us comfortable, whether our favorite cereal for breakfast, our particular chair at the table, or the way we lay to fall asleep at night. But maybe the best way to be creative is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to new ideas, even if they take us out of our comfort zone.

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