When I was a kid, all I ever wanted was to be an adult so I could do all of those adult things. The moment I became one, I realized all of those things weren’t as cool as I thought they were. I’m sure we’ve all run into bits of adulting that are nothing short of boring, if not tedious. And worse, that very sensible adult often does things in a drab and predictable fashion. As much as I always try to listen to my inner child, my adult mind can make something like panting pandas rather tough. What appears to be very black and white, isn’t the case at all. Little Charlie picks up on this immediately, but my adult brain is often slow to catch up. When it came time to choose crayons as a kid, I would just make a grab for a handful and simply see what I could make with them. That was so incredibly fun! Often, as an adult, I catch myself worrying about whether I’m choosing the “right” colors. And then catch myself wondering just what the heck that even means. To me, it simply means creating a visually pleasant outcome. This could be done by making pandas pink and white instead of black and white, or, as I’ve done, just playing with those lovely colors in the shadows that my inner child pointed out to me.

Though I talk about it often, maintaining a since of play in life can be rather challenging. Some days, I think I’m being “crazy and fun” and then I step back and realize I’m not doing anything all that different after all. I’m not really taking any chances. Then I thought back to when I was a kid and wondered why I took all those chances and risks that I did back then. It occurred to me that the reason was quite simple. I simply didn’t know the difference. When I was acting silly, people assumed it was okay because I was a kid after all. But, if I act like that as an adult, I’m considered to be childish. A description I really don’t mind and rather adore, but it’s usually corrected to “childlike” so that it sounds a bit better in mixed company. But I like the idea of not being like an actual child, I’m nearing 50 for goodness sakes, but simply being a bit child-ish. Kind of like a child, at least, in the open way that I approach things and my almost insanely optimistic sense of hope. And that’s why, as I grow old, I’m quite content with not ever quite being a grown up. The latter is perfectly optional.

Each time I struggle with a sketch or an idea for work, I play around with ideas a bit and think of the silliest things I could do next. That thing that only a kid with a crayon would come up with. Sometimes, I actually chase that thought through to completion, but all of the time, it opens up a new space in my head and heart that makes me more creative. Sure, my relationship isn’t always rosy with my inner child. Last night, as I was trying to sleep, he jostled me awake to scream, “oh my gosh! oh my gosh! We have to try this! It’s such a cool idea!!” I then lay there for an hour, unable to get back to sleep. But, it was such a gleeful hour as I brought that idea to life in my head. If no idea if that idea will manifest itself, but for me, that’s not always the point. The very act of spinning through ideas and dreams is something wonderful all by itself. At least, I used to believe that was the case when I was a kid. So, I spend each day quietly reminding myself that those moments of dreaming are all part of the grand journey. A very important part as it turns out. And pausing to make a quick little sketch of pandas was a lovely reminder of the joys that come from never growing up.

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Baby Panda And Mother Watercolor - Sketchbook Detail

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19 thoughts on “Never Growing Up

  1. Your pandas are darling and I love your colors! The leaves are an awesome counterpoint, too, both in color and stylization (is that a word? Google says it’s a word). That’s one of the best things about a ‘childlike’ adult. You’ve got the verve and joy of a child, with the more complex ideas of an adult. A winner every time even if the idea doesn’t come to fruition.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕hehe… I hope stylization is a word as I’ve used it with confidence in the past! That said, I haven’t done it as much as I’d like to, so I’m trying it more this month! 😉 And yes, when the adult and child can skip hand in hand, magic really happens!

  2. I am the oldest child of two oldest children. It is, and always was hard for me to be childlike. I get around that by being the creative one. People overlook a lot of behavior if it comes from someone who is arty. I used to dress a bit outside the box. A friend described my style as flamboyant. But since I was arty, no one suggested that I change. Between that and my good girl persona, I got out of a lot of sticky situations that might have tripped others up. 😀

    1. hehe… sounds like you have the best of all worlds, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, being the oldest child makes it tougher… I was the youngest, which is probably no surprise. But yay to being arty… we should have a full right to do whatever crazy thing we think up!

  3. Those added colors are like the icing on the cake! I love everything about this! Funny thing, this reminded me of our trip to the San Diego zoo a few years ago. Mine did not. Ha ha ha!

  4. How cute are your pandas. Reminds me of a mum & baby pair I had as a child. The mum got so worn her stuffing kept coming out( which was straw) despite frequent repair. When I was about 10 I was persuaded to throw it in the dustbin. By the morning, I was regretting my decision and went to retrieve it but to my dismay, the bins had been emptied. I think you should always keep that bit of a child in you.

    1. Thanks, Eve! 😃💕 Aww…. that story is so sweet. I remember those tough goodbyes to well-loved (and well… often over-loved little stuffed friends). Here’s to always keeping that bit of child with us in all we do!

  5. “Charlie said, ” The very act of spinning through ideas and dreams is something wonderful all by itself. ” Yes!!

    and your pandas … the baby reaching out to its mother… magnifico!

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