We’ve reached the beginning of not only a brand new month, but a whole new year and the beginning of a new Doodlewash adventure! This month we’re celebrating all the fun things in life that we’ve enjoyed since we were kids. I always like kicking off the year while holding on just a bit longer to that magical feeling of wonder that comes during the holidays. So, I thought what better way to illustrate that child inside than this little sketch of a wallaby and her joey. Okay, so yeah, I know this is quite literally a child inside, and I’m still not sure how they manage to do that, but it’s a good reminder that we too at least have a little mental passenger with us at all times. I’ve learned that if you ever get stumped as to what to create, it’s always best to simply ask that kid in your mind what to do next. My inner child always has a fun idea waiting for me and all I ever need do is ask him. So, this month, it’s time to relax and play and see what creative ideas we can come up with to sketch and paint. Just a reminder that if you’re following our prompts for the month, they are simply there to spark ideas. Let your mind wander and whatever that inner child tells you to make, go ahead and make it!

My primary goal this year for my own sketching and painting will be to continue to try new things. That’s about it, really, which doesn’t sound like much of a goal at all, but it’s more challenging than it seems. (Also, Episode 14 of my Sketching Stuff podcast just launched today and it’s all about goals and dreams. Please check it out when you can and leave me a comment!) It’s pretty easy to get into a bit of a rut, so I’m going to try to push myself to try a few new things as I go along. That said, I’ll be traveling much of this month to Paris so the first real challenge will simply be to find a bit of time to sneak in a post. But, I always manage to make it happen. This tenacious ability to always show up with a sketch is something I owe entirely to Little Charlie. He was insatiable and never grew tired of chasing dreams and trying new things. I’m ever thankful he’s always with me to reprimand that tired old adult who would ever have the audacity to suggest I might simply skip a day of doing what I enjoy most. Why on earth would I ever do that? That’s just plain silly talk!

I’m always excited to start a brand new year and I get giddy with all of the possibilities ahead. It’s funny that the changing of a calendar year could instill such a feeling of newness. In so many ways, it’s simply another month and each month always comes after the next in the same predictable fashion. But, thanks to the notion of a calendar year, we have a wonderful opportunity to reset the clock, so to speak, and start fresh. Although it’s all really just a mental exercise, it’s a lovely one. It’s nice to pause and think about life and what we really want to happen next in it. A little break from those tried and trusted routines to think a little bigger and bolder. For my part, this year, I’m also going to be chasing another big dream of mine and working another book, but unlike my recent book, this one will be a work of fiction. It’s going to be a stretch to do so in the midst of everything else I’m already DOing, but that’s the fun of making big goals. There’s nothing better in the world than taking the opportunity to surprise myself with what I can indeed accomplish when I truly set my mind to it. And, I’m perfectly thrilled to get started, inner child at the ready, to see just what will happen next as we usher in another wondrous year of new beginnings.

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Day 1 - Wallaby And Baby Watercolor - Sketchbook Detail - Doodlewash

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20 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Good for you, getting started on that book! My big creative thing today was putting up the new calendar. It is a watercolor calender, so that should count for something!😁😁

  2. Seriously! How cute are they. I will have to remember to let my inner child out when doing my daily sketches. This won’t be that hard, but what will be hard is the posting. I know I will not want to post my “eh” chicken scratch sketches. I feel an explaination of my childlike sketches is needed. What’s a girl to do?

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 As I am often prone to say… a girl should just DO whatever is in her heart! hehe Good things will happen after that! But as for chicken scratch sketches… Oh yeah, my inner adult still drops in to explain those! lol But my inner child is still beaming with pride!

      1. Thanks for the nudge. 😉 I was looking at the World WC FB page. So many beautiful over the top works. Mine are no where near that level. I like the simple doodles like yours and that is how I got here. They fill my urge to create. There might be several people out there just like me. We love to sketch and we want to participate, but are afraid to post to the FB page. So maybe, I’ll post and it will encourage others to post. 😛

        1. Yay! I’m so thrilled to hear that, Lori! 😃💕 I too am a little overwhelmed by the watercolor talent in our community… hehe… I bow to them and feature them, but they’re just not me. I can manage a little happy doodlewash each day, and maybe one day, I’ll make that amazing giant gallery painting. Actually, have you joined Doodlewash Club right on this site yet? (usernames are often different so I didn’t see you there). You can log in with Facebook and post right here – https://doodlewash.com/community/ – it’s the community I created for me and everyone else like me (and you, it seems)! 😉 hehe

  3. Charlie says, “It’s nice to pause and think about life and what we really want to happen next in it.”

    Just reading those words opens up new and fresh vistas. As for “Jill” and “Joey”
    absolutely precious. That is what you call a pocketful.

    A second quote today because it is just too grand to overlook:

    Charlie says, “There’s nothing better in the world than taking the opportunity to surprise myself with what I can indeed accomplish when I truly set my mind to it.”

  4. Totally love your wallaby and Joey, Charlie!!! 😀 Happy New Year and all the best for that new book project, that sounds exciting! And have an awesome time in Paris – I know what I would do if I were there: stuff myself with croissants and try to get locked in the Louvre over night! 😉 <3

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕 Glad you liked this one! And yes… I will be stuffing myself with croissants… I’m not proud. 😊But getting locked in le Louvre sounds like an amazing experience! Yes, please!

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