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GUEST ARTIST: “Art Is Like Meditation” by Nisha Gupta

Art is like meditation; it calms my soul and helps me rediscover myself. My name is Nisha Gupta, and I live in Hyderabad, India with my husband. I was born in Delhi, the capital city of India and was exposed to the world of art through my eldest brother. He used to attend some workshops back then and I happened to accompany him one day which changed my way of looking at things around me. I was blown away by the creative world.

My Beginning Into The Creative World

I was inspired by creative people, gradually, while growing up and also adapted the skill of drawing by looking at things or just by imagination. It used to excite me as I could travel in my thoughts and could pour it out while drawing. It made me more expressive but all this was without any help and the rawness made me happy.

Then once, I participated in one of the All India Level art competitions where I drew on the topic – “Drug Abuse” and it got selected for the consolation prize and I cannot express how I felt while being recognized in front of the whole school. It made me feel more meaningful. Before I could realize it, studies took priority and my interest to draw went on the back foot.

When My Interest Was Lost in a Busy Life

Years passed, my education and career took priority but it was during my higher studies that I got an opportunity to participate in an Art Gallery. It thrilled me to the core and I came up with an idea of doing some experiment with art. And that was when I felt so content and happy, my own creation found a place on the wall of that Art Gallery. I was recognized for my work and I was on cloud nine that art never left me, it’s me who has to keep it alive. I did a couple of assignments for people as that fusion work was liked by many. Post MBA, things changed professionally and I was lost in the Real competitive world. Later, I got married to a handsome man and my life was limited to him and work.

Career Break and Fresh Start

After a hectic routine life and some medical complications, I decided to take a break from work. It was during this time I started working with Art again. I drew simple drawings and felt so calm. That feeling made me alive from inside, and I started working on myself. I tried different art forms in different color mediums: watercolors, color pencils, oil paints, poster colors and acrylic paints too.

Until I realized it was pencil sketching and drawing that I can do with much ease. Approximately after a year and a half, I started my art classes for young kids (age group 5-8). It was a fresh start for me.

My Supplies & Techniques

Initially, I started with local supplies available around me. But, as I started reading about professional artists, I felt they swear by certain brands and it made me wonder why? I started with my first brand of Brustro then Winsor & Newton (few tubes I own) and paper by Brustro & Canson. Realization struck that a good paper quality can change the whole painting experience.

I enjoy using a wet-on-wet technique the most. The interesting thing to observe while doing wet-on-wet is there is some kind of drama that happens when one color goes and mixes with the other one. For pencil sketches, I stick to basic smudging work and I’m happy with Staedtler and Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth brands.

BuddhaStatue_watercolor by Nisha Gupta

I am not a learnt artist, and I still want to explore every form of art around me. Also, my work is mostly inspired by the special occasions or days coming. That’s how there’s variety in my work. I look forward to using supplies from Daniel Smith, Sennelier and Holbein.

For My Wonderful Readers

Year 2020 was a blessing in disguise for me, lockdown pushed me to make my social existence and that’s how I started my Instagram account (Nisha_Artlover) in April 2020. I wanted to connect with various artists & art forms across the globe. To connect with my students during lockdown was a challenge and that’s how started my Youtube Channel (Nisha’s Art Classes India) in April 2020 and that’s where my artwork reached more and more people and I am happy that I could be a medium for them to learn art.

Don’t be scared, do what makes you happy, try different things and forget about what people think of your work. Just remember – You can’t please everyone, so stop doing it.

Nisha Gupta

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    1. It’s so nice to read your comment, coincidencely my eldest brother name is same as yours and he inspired me alot. Ofcourse I will do more art work and share it. Thank you so much ☺️

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