This October 2019 we’re celebrating the fun things you find in fall with bits of Halloween as well! As many of you know, this is also the month of Inktober, which is an annual art challenge dedicated to drawing with ink! And, it’s always a lovely chance to combine ink and watercolor to create a doodlewash! Though I personally do this all of the time, this month, in honor of Inktober, I’ll be sharing my original ink-only sketch along with my final watercolor and ink version in my daily blog posts as well as on Instagram.

As always, even if you’re not participating in Inktober, this Doodlewash art challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate with just watercolor painting, just drawing (ink, colored pencils, crayons, etc.!), or a lovely mix of both!* Simply add the hashtag #doodlewashOctober2019 when you post on all your social networks, and if you also use lovely watercolor add the #WorldWatercolorGroup hashtag as well so we can find you and link to your lovely watercolors!

If you ARE participating in Inktober 2019, then awesome! Just remember to add the tag #doodlewashOctober2019 when you post and share what you make with us as well! 

*NOTE: World Watercolor Group on Facebook and the associated hashtag is still only for works that contain watercolor, of course, so be sure to join us here in Doodlewash Club to post your drawings and ink! Simply log in to Doodlewash.com to post. It’s free! 


Doodlewash 2019 Inktober Watercolor Challenge Image Birds BerriesWhile I know it’s not autumn in all parts of the world, there’s just something wonderful about autumn things! Things we can all appreciate like apples and cookies, and the fun icons that appear as Halloween arrives. And since I love sketching with ink, it’s also a fun time of year when Inktober arrives! That said, I don’t like going without color for a whole month, as color is one of my favorite bits of autumn! So, it’s watercolor to the rescue! I’ll personally be drawing with a touch more ink this month to practice my drawing skills, but still adding lovely watercolor as I go along. My usual scribble, doodle, color approach, of course. I hope you’ll join me as I share my original drawings along with the watercolor version all month long, and feel free to share a before and after of your doodlewashes as well!

31 Things To Paint And/Or Draw In October

Here are the daily prompts for the challenge. If you’re also participating in Inktober 2019, these are very loosely linked to the official Inktober prompt list this year so they should also help give you some additional ideas if you prefer to use that one instead and get stumped. Feel free to use any prompts you like or none at all! (no matter what you create, make sure it’s whatever inspires you most in the moment, and remember to simply add the tag #doodlewashOctober2019 as well so we can all see your lovely art!)

Doodlewash October 2019 Inktober Watercolor Sketching Drawing Prompts

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