For Day Twenty-Six of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Focused,” I ended up with a little squirrel trying to solve a mystery. Although I’m always quite busy, I tend to lack focus much of the time. It’s very difficult for me to concentrate on one project for very long and I tend to bounce around between things all of the time. I guess you could say I’m a bit squirrelly when it comes to focusing. I had squirrels on the brain as the one that looks inside the window was here yesterday. We assume he’s looking for our dog Phineas as they are best friends and his name is Michael. He’s always looking through the flower pots intently, when he’s not stopping to stare inside the glass door that leads off our kitchen. It’s never the same squirrel, I’m sure, but it’s way more fun to pretend like it is. Phineas will sometimes walk over to the window and the squirrel doesn’t run off. They just sort of share a knowing glance like they’re going to meet up later when the dads are gone so they can have a party.

Today was a super busy Monday, as the start of the week is prone to be, and I ended the day a bit exhausted. It was like I was running a marathon while sitting in place and my brain was boiling over by the end of it all. So, it’s quite lovely to be back at home and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet again. There’s something about the severe contrast of just leaving a lovely weekend that makes Monday even less desirable. But, everything that was meant to get completed managed to do so, and it ended up being a nice day after all. Though I’m still really tired. Phineas is actually behind me on the floor snoring loudly again, which doesn’t motivate me very much. Well, it motivates me to just crawl on the floor and join him for a few winks. I don’t think he’d appreciate it though as it would be cramping his style.

As for focus, I actually tried to get more organized this month, but realized that’s not quite the same thing. Knowing precisely what one is meant to be doing doesn’t solve the issue of staying focused long enough to actually do it. But, surprisingly, almost everything is getting down on schedule so I can’t really complain. And truly, since it’s really my inner child who keeps me entertained by jumping from one thing to the next, I really do enjoy myself. It’s fun to let my mind ponder all sorts of things at once. It’s a bit like solving a mystery that doesn’t really have a solution, so I’m never disappointed. And, as the evening comes and Philippe and I have a bit of dinner and watch some television, I’ll be right back in the space I adore most. As for the projects, they’ll always be there when the sun rises. And, though I may not seem like I’m as focused as I should be, I can rest easy knowing that, at the very least, I’m always on the case.

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Sherlock Holmes Squirrel Magnifying Glass Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “On The Case

  1. I used to be so super-focused. People would talk to me and I wouldn’t even hear them. But over time, my jobs required me to multi-task and I had to train myself to not to focus as hard. Now I can barely focus at all! What a difference a decade (or two or three) can make!

  2. The little squirrel, Michael, who visits Phineas is like a neighborhood kid, peaking through the screen door, asking, “Can Phineas come out and play?” So cute. 💜💜💜

  3. Hello Charlie,

    Sherlock Squirrel looks very focussed indeed! I love the tiny cap he’s wearing. 🙂 And never say you can’t focus on one thing – say you look at the world through a prism, so you have no choice but keep splitting your attention. Though I do envy you coz am a one thing at one time person (unless Im cooking). I find multitasking too exhausting. So Charlie, in my mind you have a superpower. Be proud of it. Wishing you a more relaxed week compared to Monday.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Almost called him Squirlock Holmes, but wasn’t sure if that worked. hehe And thanks! I guess my lack of focus can create a superpower in a way! Here’s a more relaxed week again!

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