For our prompt of “Puppy” today, I thought about how curious and excited puppies always seem. And, yes, I spent more time than I should have caught in an endless loop of cute puppy videos, which I deemed as “research.” Puppies are just sort of thrilled by the world in general, and they aren’t easily bored. I have to believe that’s a perfect mindset for all types of makers. I’ve always found that when I’m looking at the world with the eyes of a child, or a little puppy, I’m seeing stuff that I’d otherwise miss. Little details that I might skip past catch my eye and I see things that had gone previously unnoticed. And this boosts my creativity as well, making me dream about ideas that might appear on paper. So, I thought about that energetic little puppy ready to discover everything the world has to offer, taking just the briefest of moments to stop and enjoy life. What I’ve personally found to be true for me, is that my dreams happen only in those pauses in between frantically trying to getting all of my projects completed. So, I often make time to pause and study the world and enjoy its wonders.

Today, it’s not at all a view of spring where I live. It’s been snowing the entire day, instead. Initially, I was just going through the usual paces of checking the weather to see if it’s going to accumulate or ice over and make driving a pain in the butt. Yet, then I looked up from my digital forecast and just watched the snow fall. I could see that beautiful dance of those snowflakes as the wind takes over and creates an ever-changing choreography. Swirling patterns that simply weren’t visible just a moment before, and will disappear just as quickly. So, instead of fussing over forecasts and spoiling the end of this story, I put down my phone and decided to be a part of it. I grabbed my coat and went outside to just stand in the falling snow. With no kids around at my downtown office, the streets were empty and I was able to enjoy a private and peaceful moment with nature. I studied each bit of falling snow, the shadows and colors I’d missed in the seemingly gray sky, and took my chance to enjoy a front row seat for a splendid performance. Yeah, I’ve seen falling snow my whole life, but today, it was like the first time again.

Soon, I found I was no longer alone as a disgruntled man rushed past me, his face contorted with that sense of urgency that seems to lack any definable purpose. I stepped back, but kept my gaze upward. I wasn’t bothered by the intrusion and was content with keeping my focus. Seconds later, I could sense that the man had stopped nearby, and I glanced over to see him looking up as well. No doubt, he was wondering what on earth it was that I was looking at so intently. I assumed he’d ask me a question about the same, but instead he just smiled and nodded. Those eyes that had burned with a fervor almost mean in their intensity were completely different now, softer and just a bit hopeful. They were puppy dog eyes. We both stood there for a moment, before the man nodded again and continued on his way, a touch slower than before, and I swear I saw a bit of spring in his step. Or perhaps, I was simply imagining something a bit more grand, as one often does when standing on the edge of a dream.

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42 thoughts on “On The Edge Of A Dream

  1. Such a cute and curious puppy Charlie! I’ve been painting tulips for an upcoming show. I’d rather paint puppies! I’m tempted to paint a puppy digging up a flower garden, feeling a little wicked tonight. 😉 not enjoying painting on command and feeling a bit out of my comfort zone. It too shall pass. Tomorrow is the first organization meeting for the show. After I meet the other artists I’ll be fine.

  2. I love that you inspired a random man to look up. Our snow started late. Hubs went out to pick up some Mexican food for dinner and told me it had begun to snow. I used to love driving home from work when it was snowing and seeing the flakes illuminated by the dusk to dawn lights on the farms I passed. It always looked so peaceful unlike the snow in my headlights which just rushed toward me like a frenetic blizzard.

  3. Cute puppy. We didn’t have snow here, here in Belgium. Climate change is really happening. The winter is very mild. Had some hail and wet snow last Monday while driving to my painting studio. But it didn’t bother me.
    If and when we have snow (even 5 cm), the country has a level of code orange or red, because we (our government, city, etc.) actually no longer know how to deal with snow, how to clear the road, how to maintain public transport. It always gives a reason for a good laugh or to be very dissatisfied. But children, kittens, puppies … who see snow for the first time (the miserable 2 or 5 cm) are the happiest little creatures one can imagine 🙂

    1. Thanks, Heidi! 😃💕 Yeah, climate change makes our weather erratic now. Super cold and then several degrees warmer the next day. It used to just snow and stay cold all the time. Hail, though, I could do without! hehe We can get big balls of the stuff here! Here’s the children, kittens, and puppies! 😉

  4. Love your puppy but more I love your inspiration. I have had a day that started of very flat, progressed to be full of anxiety because I sketched and then I picked up a paint brush! I not only picked it up but i painted, I painted a puppy and even though my anxiety was almost overwhelming I have put it on here. Yes I did and it is all down to your blog Charlie. It has for me been a huge thing. THANKYOU SO MUCH

    1. Thanks, Tazzie! 😍 And yay to fighting through that anxiety to sketch, paint, post, and DO it! That makes me so happy to hear! And now, no problem right? hehe… it’s just fun!! So, come out and play more often my friend. 💕

  5. You made him stop and smell the roses. I bet when he got home he asked his family, “Did you see it snowing?” If it weren’t for you, he probably would not have noticed the beauty in it. I wish we would get some snow. 🙁 Your puppy is darling!!

  6. Cute puppy, his eyes indeed do look very curious. I like how you arranged the tulips around the puppy. They lead the eye to the puppys face, then eventually out of the painting. I also like his floppy ears, and smile.

  7. Aweeeeeeeeee such a cutie!!! this puppy looks ready for an adventure!!! I love the connection you and the man had. Sometimes we can say so much without even saying a word. Those can be some of the most intriguing connections of all. 🙂

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