On The Paris Metro

On the Paris Metro Watercolor Sketch

Tried to really just go for it and try to get over one of my biggest. The fear of people. Well, sketching people to be more precise. I’m not actually terrified of people themselves. But the act of sketching them gives me huge anxiety.

So this little doodlewash was a exercise in choosing a complex subject from one of my travels to Paris with multiple people in the scene. Then continuing to go for it by just using my ink pen and no eraser. And finally, to immediately add washes of color before I lost my nerve.

I also returned to my Winsor & Newton Pocket Box for this one. No particular reason related to the sketch. I just wanted to try them again. Not sure what I was expecting from this doodlewash attempt, but in the end, they do actually look like quite like people. Learned many things I probably won’t do on the next run, but all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with this first outing.

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  1. Kit Schuetze 7 years ago

    You should be for the first time drawing people. What great characters.

    • Author

      Thanks Kit! Not the first time ever, but the last time was over 20 years ago. Hehe…so it feels like the first time again! Appreciate the comment!! 🙂

  2. Nice job!! I’m the same as you….extremely angsty at the thought of drawing strangers. I tried it at the library once. Woo. Not easy! Well done on this!

    • Author

      Thanks Laura!! I’m actually gearing up for the sketching strangers in public part. This one was done from a photo I snapped on the metro. Though it was a long ride and I could have sketched them. If I had dared. I’m still too timid to try it, but that’s another personal challenge I’ve set for myself! First, though, I wanted to see if I could make people who looked like people and not frogs. Hehe (hmmm…come to think of it, I’ve never sketched frogs…must add to the list!)

  3. Nicola 7 years ago

    This is really great – love the conspiratorial look the two girls in the background are giving each other!

  4. Kaye Boggs 5 years ago

    the guy in front looks scary . . hope he didn’t see you sketching him.
    The best place I’ve found to sketch is around the pool on a cruise ship. Many of those people are wearing bathing suits beyond their reach, thinking that they don’t know anyone on the ship and so they “go for it” .. These are the people that I sketch and my husband keeps a lookout so no one suspects they are under scrutiny.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      haha! I don’t think anyone was actually scary, I’m just rubbish at sketching people. 😊 Yeah, it’s always scary to sketch in public.

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