Today’s prompt of “Blue Moon,” was strangely challenging as I wasn’t at all sure what to sketch for it. We ended up with this 3-color blue parrot who might just be perched on a bit of moon rock, but it’s mostly because I simply felt like sketching a bird today. The phrase once in a blue moon is used to refer to something that’s not likely to happen. It was originally used interchangeably used with the even more colorful phrase that the “moon is made of green cheese.” Both phrases were used as a synonym for any type of absurdity or seeming impossibility one might encounter. As for an actual blue moon, that refers to either the extremely rare phenomenon where the moon actually appears blue from dust particles in the atmosphere or the more contemporary version, which refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. The second version makes the phrase rather meaningless, since it’s not at all rare and would basically just mean something that happens once a month. I like the idea of an actual blue moon, one that last occurred due to volcanic eruptions from Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991. Something truly that rare is an amazing thing indeed, and makes the phrase much more important. But, today, a blue moon has been transformed into something rather commonplace.

What I love about the original version of the phrase is that is that it was completely impossible to know when the next actual blue moon would occur. It was not only rare, but unpredictable. I think many things in life can feel this way. From meeting that special someone who steals your heart to accomplishing something you never thought you could. Like gold, scarcity brings more value to something. Looking back on my most memorable times in live, I always remember the moments that created a singularly unusual experience. A memory of a time that felt unique in some way and hasn’t repeated itself again in quite the same fashion. These moments seem so valuable to me now as I get older. Not just the first time I ever experienced something, but indeed, the only time I ever had a particular experience. Each time, I promised myself I would do something like that again. But, promises we make to ourselves are often broken. For example, I’ve only been snorkeling on one trip I took and I adored it immensely. Yet, I’ve never once attempted it again. With so much to DO in life, it’s not at all surprising that events don’t always repeat themselves. There’s always something new and wonderful to try next.

Yet, as I happily rush forward looking for that next new thing, I have to wonder which of the previous things I should experience again. I’ve lived a life that’s gone all over the place including careers that, while related by creativity, seem almost foreign to one another. I have to giggle as Google has no idea how to define me. When I search for my name I’m a film producer who writes books. While this is true in a basic form, it’s not at all who I really am today. In truth, I’m a bit of everything I was and a bit of everything that will come next. I wasn’t one of those people who knew what they wanted to DO in life and pursued it with a singular passion. I’m a guy who just loves life and chases every dream it offers like a child running through a playground. Trying to define me is probably about as futile as attempting to properly define all of the various idioms and phrases we live with today. Life changes as we live it. While history certainly repeats itself, it does so in the most unique and striking fashion. It’s the same, but different. There are no real rules for what we should or shouldn’t try next. Just a phantom feeling of what we loved before and might like to head toward once again. And the good news is, we can make anything happen if we want to make it happen badly enough, even if the odds are only once in a blue moon.

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25 thoughts on “Once In A Blue Moon

  1. Today’s ramble makes me think of the Judy Collin’s song ‘Both Sides Now’ – “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down and still somehow, It’s cloud’s illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all”
    I believe her song is about disappointments in life and love, but to me it seems to say that every little thing has some mystery and there is always more to learn about it, no matter how simple it seems.

  2. I love your parrot and the idea of it being on a moon rock. It’s also great that you have really lived life. I’m trying to be a bit less “responsible” at this stage in my life and to be more adventurous. Makes me smile.

  3. A young friend of mine was visiting from California. She was talking about saving money for a trip to Singapore. I remember being her age and anticipating trips like that. I told her absolutely, go and do stuff! You never know what the future holds.

  4. I love the parrot and the moon rock and of course the article.
    Charlie says, “And the good news is, we can make anything happen if we want to make it happen badly enough, even if the odds are only once in a blue moon.”


    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕Yeah, sometimes… the odds seem SO slim… hehe… but those are the things I sort of like to pursue most. I mean it happens for some people, so why not you and me, right? 😉

  5. Love the colors in your parrot, very pretty bird. Definitely prefer waking up in the morning thinking, “hmmm, wonder what I can get up to today”. Seems to make life much more interesting if you can throw a bit of creative adventure into the daily routine.

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