For our prompt of “Sand” today, I sketched a starfish on the beach. Well, I started with only a starfish and was just going to paint some sand and realized it needed a bit more color so a touch of ocean suddenly appeared. It’s been a long week, and I’d love to be on the beach right now, but I don’t live anywhere near one. That said, it’s so darn wonderful that I can just invent one and visit it anyway with a simply a little sketch! I really can’t imagine getting through quarantine without a sketchbook in hand. It’s been more amazing than ever to have my little sketch habit to help get through these difficult times. Though, it’s been two years now since I’ve been on a beach and will likely now be a year more. But, thankfully, it’s a lovely memory and so I can easily visualize it when I close my eyes and remember. Today, that was truly one of the most wonderful things I could DO!

This evening is pizza night, so I’m typing extra quickly to make sure I’m done with my post and can enjoy it properly. It’s unfortunately not “family pizza night” as our dog Phineas doesn’t get any and this is something he lets us know is not remotely acceptable by pawing at us all evening. I hope to make it up to him with family popcorn night this weekend. I’ve no idea what movie we’ll watch to mark the occasion, but I’m equally confident that Phineas could care less. He really just wants the popcorn. And, as I type this, I think Phineas and I share that in common. It’s actually been fun to watch more movies lately and often things Philippe and I might not bother to watch. We’ve found some fun new things, but even a bad movie is sometimes rather entertaining. When you’re stuck indoors this much, all sorts of things suddenly become more appealing than they ever were before.

And I adored visiting the beach today, if only for the 40 minutes of sketching time I had. I’ve found myself super busy with work this week and so I’m thoroughly looking forward to the weekend. Weekends these days come without any plans at all. No theatre shows to attend, or group gatherings. And while I miss those things dearly, I know that this is not something that will last forever. I hope all of you are staying healthy, happy and safe at home as well. Also, if you don’t have a sketchbook habit, now would be the perfect time to give it a go. Seriously, you can go anywhere you like and visit any place you like! It’s all as real as your imagination will allow. And, it’s so much fun! Sure, my own imagination is on steroids and firmly controlled by an inner child who just won’t rest, but that’s why I’m constantly happy. So, I always try to get others to sketch with me, because happiness should always be shared. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Sometimes, it can happen with just one little starfish.

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Starfish On Beach Watercolor Painting


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41 thoughts on “One Little Starfish

  1. A most excellent starfish! I feel very fortunate to live within an hour’s ride to the beach and spend as much time as I can there in the summer, however, I have never actually found a starfish on the beach. There are lots to be found in the gift shops though! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Very nice drawing. Frank & I have popcorn night every Monday night. Heaven (our Bichon) doesn’t get any. She has a sensitive stomach. Some of our beaches opened up today on a limited time schedule, but I suspect the humans will not abide by the rules and they won’t be open for long. 🙂

  3. A beach would be so welcome right about now! When I was a kid we lived in Big Green Lake in the center part of the state. I used to get in the water and kneel with just my nose and eyes above the surface. I could do that for hours. Kind of like a hippopotamus that way. Even as a young adult I’d go out as far as possible in Lake Michigan and bob in the waves with just my nose and eyes above the surface. I just love the water’s embrace.

  4. I can hear the ocean calling! Pretty! Yep, some day we will be back to the grind. As for now, I am having the time of my life, crafting, doing online lessons and visiting regularly with friends and family. I’m njoying the free time I normally don’t have because it will come to an end. Enjoy your weekend, it is still a weekend regardless. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Sounds like a nice time indeed after all! Yeah, I still have to work quite a lot during the week (actually more than when I was in the office these days), so the weekends have become my beach!! hehe

  5. I think this painting is on my top 3 favorites you’ve painted, Charlie. I also painted a beach, starfish and boy/dog silhouette. Today is my birthday, and I adore starfish most. I really inspected yours attempting to fix my “burlesque” starfish in my foreground. They’re pretty pathetic, but a fun chuckle wouldn’t be out of line.

    Love all the little things you share to keep your life inching along as we all are trying to do. But we get to peek inside your life, somewhat voyeuristically, and create our own ideas, as a springboard from yours. Since it is my birthday, tonight is “steak night” in our house. Hopefully, Frank can locate fresh asparagus–my most favorite vegetable!

    Thank you for always sharing the nuances of your life, and your paintings. It’s like a letter from home these days. Happy day to you, Charlie!


    1. Aww thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this one! And so happy you’re enjoying my posts. I feel like I don’t have much to write about these days since not much changes! hehe I adore asparagus!! Yum! Hope you have a very happy birthday my friend!!

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