When I was at lunch with two of my coworkers today, one had ordered a cookie, which came out on its very own little metal tray. It was such a fun presentation, I immediately started to marvel at it, then nearly screamed, “Don’t eat that yet! It’s my prompt for today!” Thankfully this was a member of my creative team, so he immediately understood my crazy outburst and the other helped me find the right light. It’s definitely wonderful and indeed comforting to spend the day with fellow creative folk. And this quick little doodlewash is the output of that incident and an homage to that wonderful little chocolate chip cookie shrine. As a kid, these were stacked high on a plate, but as an adult, apparently cookies arrive as just a single precious treat. A trophy of sorts, befitting the most popular homemade cookie of all time, and a fun reminder of those fresh-baked cookies I had as a child. I didn’t actually order one of these cookies today, but there’s always tomorrow. And even without sampling it, this one little cookie made me pause and smile.

Though chocolate chip is certainly the favorite cookie of most, my personal favorite cookie as a kid was the amazing snickerdoodle. This was my most-requested cookie and one I’m sure my mother grew rather tired of baking. I still remember the taste of them as they were still warm, having just come out of the oven. And the surprisingly different taste of them after they had cooled. I think that’s why I loved them so much. It was like getting two different cookies and I loved them both the most! When Philippe and I first met, I told him about my craving for snickerdoodles. He had no idea what this type of cookie even was before meeting me. He said he would make them for me, but that was about 8 years ago now and I’m still waiting. This fact just occurred to me, so since he’s sitting next to me, I’ve taken a brief opportunity to remind him. He just shrugged and said, “Okay,” which I know means I’ll have to resort to begging at some point. I just double-checked if he’d actually heard of them previously and his response was, “Well no, it’s not refined enough.” Ugh… the sugar is refined… what more do you need? 

In many cases, Philippe can transform one of my childhood treats into something new, but in the case of snickerdoodles, there’s truly not much improvisation to be had there. So, perhaps that’s part of the delay. But now that I’m writing this, my new goal this fall will be to get him to finally bake some. I’m curious to try them again and even more curious to see him make them. Though only the sugar was refined in my childhood, I still have fond memories of it. I didn’t grow up with culinary bakeries on every corner. I grew up with a single neighborhood donut shop. Though we’re both creative people, there are still so many wonderful differences between us to keep life interesting. And it strikes me now that those people and things we fall in love with are pleasing for all of the uncommon bits and not actually the similarities at all. But in all of those differences there’s something that connects us. A tiny, and sometimes silly thing that makes two worlds collide in the sweetest of ways, like one precious cookie.

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Day 3 - One Precious Cookie Chocolate Chip Watercolor - Doodlewash

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30 thoughts on “One Precious Cookie

  1. For me it would be a toss up between Mom’s Snickerdoodles and her molasses cookies. Both had the soft texture – like eating a deliciously flavored pillow. I agree about falling in love with someone who has differences – why not just stay single if you’re going to marry a clone? As long at your partner has certain values and beliefs in common, the differences just add spice.

    1. Oh yes!! 😃💕But it my grandmother who made the molasses version that I remember most! SO good! And yes to that last bit of wisdom, Sandra! As long as the key values are in common, all the rest is just wonderful spice!

  2. i think you and Philippe should bake Snickerdoodles together – he can demonstrate French chefery with the perfect cinnamon and you can direct an American classic. As for the one chocolate chip cookie on that tray – something tells me two or three were filched along the way. Did you look for crumby lips?

    1. I think so too, Sharon! 😃💕But I’m not really allowed in his kitchen… though I’m just a few inches away while I paint. lol As for the cookies… that’s exactly what I thought. Where the hell did the rest go??! lol

  3. Cute story!! I’m chief cook and bottle washer at our house. I don’t bake much as we cut down on carbs, but I’m more of a cook anyway, so it didn’t matter that much. What I do do though is find a recipe from some blog or cookbook and show him the picture. Doesn’t this look amazing is my question and he always agrees, so then it is time to source the weird ingredients that can’t be found in our small town. Thank goodness for Amazon!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 hehe… yay! Yes for Amazon! We use it to acquire many ingredients even though we live in the city. There’s always that little something that hasn’t quite taken off in a certain part of the country.

  4. Love the cookie and the story…friends sometimes roll their eyes when you yell STOP just before they take a bite of their sandwich..hehehe. Good to have understanding friends. Hmmm….haven’t made snickerdoodles in a long time…going to remedy that soon.

  5. What a funny story! Gotta love snickerdoodles. I’m sure Philippe will love them once he finally makes them. And you have reminded me that it’s been a long time since I’ve made them, so I’m off to the kitchen.

  6. This was such a fun read. Must be wonderful to work with such creative people. Christmas is coming up. It is a cookie holiday and a must for snickerdoodles…so put them on your wish list if nothing else. Philippe would be sure to make them for you then. 😃 Your single cookie is perfect. Chocolate chip were my husband’s favorite and that was always one of his Christmas presents. He loved that present more than any of the others.

    1. Thanks so much, June! 😃💕And awww… I love that story! Your husband and I have much in common! Still that little kid who thinks the big box the gift came in is the actual gift itself! lol I would definitely cherish a cookie most if I get one. I’m doubling up my efforts to ensure that happens.

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