So for today’s doodlewash, we have the sleigh that belonged to Randy the Reindeer as this is the only sleigh reference I have. And this one went quick as I’m still preparing things for the holidays. It never occurred to me just how busy this time of year gets leading up to Christmas. But it was fun to flash doodlewash!

During part of the time normally reserved for my painting, I had to quickly wrap gifts and hide them for Philippe. Now that I’ve learned we’re apparently hiding them this year, because actually seeing the gifts in advance drives him crazy. I’m not sure if I was a stellar Santa this time around, but there’s still a very real satisfaction in wrapping a gift for someone.

Unfortunately, I’m not that good at the actual wrapping part. My gifts look like they’ve been assembled by an excited five year old who is just learning how to use mom’s scissors.  Usually if I turn the gifts a certain way, there will always be a “good side” to trick the viewer into thinking they have been wrapped properly. Turn one over, however, and you’re likely to find an awkward mess of bunched up paper and short pieces of tape clinging on for dear life.

So here’s to hoping what’s actually inside the boxes will elicit the proper happy response. Wishing everyone the very best and hoping you’re finding time to relax during this season and enjoy a good glass of whatever it is you enjoy most!

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38 thoughts on “One Reindeer Open Sleigh

  1. Aw, it’s rather moving to think of dearly departed Randy and then see the lonely sleigh sitting there.

    It is a bit of a maelstrom, isn’t it, this Christmas lark – it takes you by surprise every year. I am *very* pleased that you are continuing to doodlewash!

    My brother used to wrap presents in the dark during the night before Christmas – talk about leaving it to the last minute! – so he had an excuse for his awful wrapping. I however, have no worthy claim other than being completely cack-handed. Never mind, though; the way it’s devoured in seconds, I’d probably be more offended if I *were* good at wrapping!

    1. Thanks Jacob!! Yeah…this was the final piece of the the Randy tribute. Glad it won the vote! Hehe And you make an excellent point!! I’m never bothered when some tears into one of my gifts, but if they looked pristine I’m pretty sure I’d experience a deep sense of loss.

      1. Yes! Me too. Ha, I actually try to unwrap presents carefully in front of the people they’re from, as if it matters… in being so inept at it, I respect the handiwork of those who wrap well. My mother wraps better than Snoop Dogg! 😉

  2. Fantastic sleigh Charlie!!! ❤️❤️❤️ It looks like a complicated subject. Speaking of gift wrapping, I mostly put gifts in a gift bag anymore unless I really want to surprise someone. Then I will wrap it. I like putting something small in a really big box. Hehe! One year, I hid my hubby’s gifts around the house and made up a poem with the clues so he had to work for his presents. This was extremely delightfully fun! 😊🎁☃

    1. Thanks so much Jill! This was much harder than I expected so glad you like it!! 💕😃 And the gift scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun! My mom used to do that with my little advent gifts for the month! I loved it! And yes to gift bags!! That makes soooo much more sense! Lol

  3. Love the antlers hood ornament…which model, Charlie? 😀 And, the leather looks so…decidedly comfortable!
    I became very good at gift wrapping, if the paper behaved. I was very into all this decorating business, gifts, tree, dining table and so on. These days I keep it simple.
    I do remember how hilarious it was — we’d wrap the presents, as a family, on a particular day. Then my mother and I would hide them around the house! Screwy…yes, but fun! She wanted me along, in case she forgot where she put them! They would be placed around the base of the tree on the day of Christmas Eve, as, being of European origins, we would have our presents opening on the Christmas Eve night, after a delicious dinner. I miss that! 🙂

    1. Thanks Janina!! 💕😃 glad you liked this doodlewash! And that’s the perfect evening. Since Philippe is from Paris, I happily accepted his tradition since it means the gifts come one day sooner! So we will be having lovely food and opening gifts in Christmas Eve again this year. My struggle is we don’t have a lot of hiding places in a row home and so I’ve tried to cram them into my closet which had been a challenge. I’m pretty sure what little gift wrapping I was able to do had been made more awful being mangled and stuffed in a closet! Lol

      1. LOL. Tradition…yes…I believe, from memory, it was so that on Christmas morning, one would go to mass early and not be distracted with what’s under the Christmas tree! I don’t recall us every going to mass on Christmas Day, but have attended Midnight mass the evening before on a couple of occasions, when I was quite young. That was a challenge…mostly to try and keep awake! I’m sure Philippe will love your gifts, no matter how they are wrapped! 😀

  4. I’m not committing to Randy being gone as in gone. I believe he is retired living out his life in a relaxed reindeer type of way coaching the youngster reindeers on the fine art of pulling your magical sleigh (which is beautiful btw). And yes, I’d be thrilled to believe in Santa Claus.

    I always felt opening gifts on Christmas eve was magical. As for wrapping, I can wrapping and I can wrap. One beautiful and the other impatient and just getting it done. Which leads me to how impressed I am that you continue to doodlewash and blog, plus everything else all in a day! Its fantastic!

    1. Thanks Cathe! 💕😃 I love the way you choose to think about Randy!! Let’s go with that! It reminds me of how Philippe insists the animals laying on the side of the road are merely sleeping. 😊 And I LOVE seeing him as a reindeer coach! Awesome!! And thanks for the kudos…it’s been super tough to doodlewash and blog during this time of year, but I’m determined to do it. Thank YOU for continuing to show up! That means the world to me!! 😊❤️😃

  5. Great sleigh Charlie, you’ve tackled what looks like a tricky subject beautifully.
    After just spending the morning wrapping presents I share your pain! Must say that I’m really impressed with your commitment to doodlewashing, unfortunately my creativity has taken a backseat this month!

    1. Haha!! I’m just thrilled to know I’m not alone there! With all these talented crafters in our little WordPress community, I feel like I’m a failure! 😊hehe… Outsourcing to the 13 year old is brilliant …I wish I had one… just for that though. And as for her gifts, couldn’t you just blindfold her? I mean she’s really that good right?

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