Okapi Young Baby Watercolor Illustration

Being Unique

For our prompt of “Okapi” today, I made a sketch of a little one showing off its stripes. These are such fascinating creatures! They look like they’ve been cobbled together

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Jelly Bean Jar Colorful Watercolor Illustration

Guess How Many!

For our prompt of “Jelly Beans” today, I made a sketch of some in a glass jar. I’ve seen contests before where they ask you to guess how many jelly

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Baby Goat And Baby Chick Watercolor Illustration

New Arrivals

For our prompt of “Farm Animal” today, I made a sketch of a couple of new arrivals in the form of a baby goat and baby chick. As a kid,

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Fruit Salad And Whipped Cream Watercolor Illustration

Fruit Salad

For our prompt of “Fruit Salad” today, I sketched a dessert glass with some fruit salad and added whipped cream. Usually this dish is an appetizer or a side salad,

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Monarch Butterfly And Caterpillar Milkweed Flower Watercolor Illustration

Future Self

For our prompt of “Caterpillar” today, I sketched a little monarch caterpillar meeting up with a butterfly. The idea of meeting one’s future self is really intriguing for any species,

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Two English Robin Birds On A Branch Watercolor Illustration

Signs Of Spring

For our prompt of “Robin” today, I sketched two little birds smiling at one another on a branch that’s just beginning to sprout leaves. While the spring season has technically

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