American Bullfrog Lily Pad And Flowers Watercolor Illustration

Peaceful Moments

For our prompt of “Bullfrog” today, I sketched one relaxing on a lily pad with some pink flowers. It’s been mostly rainy here, but it’s officially spring so that’s the

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Squirrel On Branch Looking At Apple In Tree Watercolor Illustration

Something Fresh And New!

For our prompt of “Squirrel” today, I ended up with a little squirrel grabbing an apple with its tail. This was one of those fun doodles, where I didn’t really

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Quokka Watercolor Illustration Two Quokkas Smiling

Happy Little Smiles

For our prompt of “Quokka” today, I made a sketch of a Quokka and her little baby with some flowers. I just love these little critters. Their sweet faces always

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Tab Soda Can And Glass With Ice Cubes Straw Watercolor Illustration

Fizzy Memories

For our prompt of “Fizzy Drink” today, I made a sketch of a nostalgic cola that’s no longer available. When I was a kid, you’d see these pink cans of

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Baby Panda And Butterfly Watercolor Illustration

Discovering Something New

For our prompt of “Panda” today, I made a sketch of a baby panda meeting a butterfly. I’ve always thought pandas were super cute, bumbling about in often comical ways,

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Two Love Birds Hearts On Branch Watercolor Illustration

Will You Be My Valentine?

For our prompt of “Heart” today, I’m wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day with this little sketch of a couple of love birds. Though as adults, this day seems

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Two Baby Elephants Love Watercolor Illustration

Walking Together

For our prompt of “Elephant” today, I sketched a couple of young elephants going for a walk together. I couldn’t quite decide whether to have them walking at sunrise or

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