Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash

GUEST ARTIST: “Painting With Emotion” by Chang Hong Bin

My name is Chang Hong Bin. I was born in Taiwan. I am currently an art teacher. I am also a watercolor painter. I really like to paint everywhere. I have also done many exhibitions, and my expertise lies in watercolour landscapes.

Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash
Mountain City 38x26cm Watercolor 2018

My style emphasizes water’s fluidity, using varying amounts of pigments and different consistencies of paint to define objects and my subject. In fact, it is very much like Chinese painting.

I had learned basic painting foundation before, plus a lot of practice, and I observe from other artists when I go see painting exhibitions.

Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash
Heart flow 35x50cm watercolor 2018

I like the feeling of water flowing on paper, and adding fast and rich colors through the wet paper, resulting in shades of change.

Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash
Mountain, Waiting To Rise 35x85cm watercolor 2018

The characteristics of my work are the description of nature and the transmission of emotions. Sometimes it is delicate, sometimes free and easy, and it has the rhythm of self in nature. The goal is to be able to achieve the realm of “brush walking freely”. That is, how long does it take to repair the chain!

Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash
Hide 56x36cm watercolor 2017

I favour the following brands: Winsor & Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith and Mission. My palette includes the following colours: Naples Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Vermilion, Cadmium Red, Mineral Violet, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Indigo, Sap Green, Viridian, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown and Payne’s Grey.

The watercolor brushes I use are from Da Vinci, Isabey, Macro Wave, and Alvaro Castagnet.

Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash
Glimmering light 42.5x50cm watercolor 2018

I like to record the life of the day with a camera, such as the texture of various objects, the expression and posture of the characters, the atmosphere of the atmosphere, etc. In addition, photography can also help to practice composition, which helps the framing of the painting creation.

I still continue to create works every day, whether it is sketching or creating in the studio. Through daily practice, there will be obvious progress. But don’t forget to enrich the construction of the theory, which is one of the ways to make the work more connotative. In addition, it is necessary to accept other people’s opinions on the works in a humble mood as a reference for adjusting the direction of creation.

Watercolor Painting by Chang Hong Bin - Doodlewash
Forest 39x54cm watercolor 2018

When I encounter setbacks in my creation, I will choose to read (read an artist’s biography to motivate myself), or to appreciate an exhibition. As the saying goes: “Diligence can make up for it”, this sentence is too reasonable. You must rely on continuous efforts. Only when the water is ripe, if you give up in the middle, nothing will be done.

Chang Hong Bin

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  1. Awesome work! I love how you mix straight and edgy with blurry. I don’t know how else to describe it. I started out painting in watercolor in my early twenties. Love that media. Now that I am 60, I have really like acrylic. My blog is dedicated to acrylic painting on wood. I will always love watercolor though. Again great work…you are very talented!

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