Palette Modification

So I was wanting a few more colors, but I loved my little Cheap Joe’s Travel Palette so much that I didn’t want to part with it. The space where the travel brush goes seemed like it might accommodate some extra half pans, but I thought it was too good to be true! It wasn’t… 6 half pans fit perfectly!! Taking my palette up to 18, still in the wonderfully tiny travel-sized tin (with a little double-sided tape to hold them in place). Now I guess I just need to buy the new colors!

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  1. […] primary binding medium which means the paints don’t harden as quickly in or out of the tubes. Since I’m standing by my little paint tin that’s not airtight like the larger ones, this is fantastic for me! And the colors are both […]

  2. […] of my paints are now M. Graham tube watercolor paints and with the little mod I made to the travel palette, I have a total of 18 colors. Starting at the top left in the doodlewash of my actual palette […]

  3. […] borrow his. I’m not entirely sure what colors I used. Before the month was up, I had already figured out a little mod that let me add 6 more empty half pans to it for a total of 18. This is the version that I […]

  4. monique 3 years ago

    Perfect..that’s what I thought in examining it today..need some more empty half pans..not easy..hard to find.. the ones I have from the UK..Thanks!

    • Author

      Yeah… it was a totally cool discovery! Even though I rarely use more than a handful of colors! Hehe😊 But it’s nice to know they’re there just in case I need them! Some of the inexpensive travel palettes have removeable half pans as well so you could steal from those. Jessica Seacrest is the resident expert on supplies though. Leave a message on one of her reviews here if you want some suggestions! 😉

  5. […] paint using all 18 colors in my tiny little Joe Miller travel palette (the original has 12, but I added 6 more half pans). I would never recommend using all of your colors at once, but it was fun to play around and […]

  6. […] first arrived. It’s a Cheap Joe’s palette and there were only 12 wells in it, which I quickly modded to create 18.  At the time, I thought I needed a few more colors, but today, I rarely use more than 9 colors on […]

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