For our second World Watercolor Month optional prompt of “Passion,” I ended up with my little owl character painting in a sketchbook. Watercolor was, of course, the first thing that came to mind since it’s that very passion that started Doodlewash and created the month we are all celebrating now! My own approach is more illustration than painting, as my inner child likes to make a little coloring book sketch and then color it with watercolor. It’s fast and fun and I’ve discovered that I enjoy watercolor way more than crayons, even though I have to give up quite a bit of control. I don’t really start coloring with a plan in mind. I like to see what colors speak to me as I go and let the process guide me as I go along. It’s a very therapeutic feeling and I tend to get a little lost in the moment. No matter what’s happening in the world around me, a bit of time coloring with watercolor puts me in my own peaceful and comfortable place. That’s precisely why I love it so much!

This morning started out rainy and so beyond making a run to the grocery store, Philippe and I stayed home most of the day. Our dog Elliott was taking it all pretty well, but then suddenly got very antsy after lunch. Thankfully, the rain stopped and we were able to go for a couple of walks outside. Elliott is now curled up in a little ball and sleeping and I’m typing like crazy so I can get this post done before dinner. I thought I would get everything completed this afternoon, but lost track of time. I think the gray day sort of put me in a lulled state and I wasn’t really watching the clock. That’s actually a wonderful feeling really. Though I’m sure I neglected to do many things I was supposed to get done, it felt great to relax and do very little. I’ve still not figured out how to curl up in a ball like Elliott, but it looks so comfortable when he does it that it always crosses my mind.

If I did try that pose, though, I would likely get stuck and not be able to untangle myself. As I get older I find that I’m becoming much less graceful. But, I didn’t trip or stumble once today, so that’s a rather wonderful outcome. I’m hoping that maybe I can talk Philippe into watching a movie later with some popcorn. Nothing out at the cinema as I’m just wanting to hide at home. I’m excited for the month ahead as it’s fun to do daily prompts again. I always think I know what I’m going to do for each prompt and then I end up sketching something else entirely. It makes it really fun to show up and find out what’s going to happen next! And though I’m much older now, it’s always a joy to be splashing around watercolor paint. Little Charlie is always excited to make something new and I’m pleased that even as an adult, I still have a passion for coloring!

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Da Vinci Paint Co.:  Quinacridone Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, Benzimida Orange, Terra Cotta, Cobalt Turquoise, and Ultramarine (Green Shade). ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Click Here!
Owl Wearing Glasses Painting With Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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10 thoughts on “Passion For Coloring

  1. That is wonderful Charlie. Oh I wish I could think up things straight out of my head like that. Well, it has happened exactly 3 times in the last six months, so I guess that is an improvement 😉 lol. Can’t wait to see what further adventures are in store tomorrow.

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 Actually… the things I think up usually jumble around a bit and even when I start to sketch, sometimes, something else comes out entirely! hehe I just let it all come out however it does and enjoy the ride along the way! 😉

  2. Hopefully the gray day meant your weather was a bit cooler and not just muggier. I think Elliott’s going to make you stay healthier by making you get more exercise! Just one of the good things about dogs!

    1. So true! I’ve managed to keep the weight off and get a lot more exercise now. So yay! 😃💕 It’s still a bit muggy here though… even when it’s a bit cooler… still sort of wet all the time. Ugh!

  3. Wonderful owl artist, Charlie!!! I used to love walking in the rain…but down here most rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning so it’s best to just stay inside…and paint!!!

  4. Such a cute painting and those sky blue glasses seem so familiar!?! haha I love to stay home and craft on my cards or watch the rain in the window.Or watch a movie.

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