American Bullfrog Lily Pad And Flowers Watercolor Illustration

Peaceful Moments

For our prompt of “Bullfrog” today, I sketched one relaxing on a lily pad with some pink flowers. It’s been mostly rainy here, but it’s officially spring so that’s the norm. I see bits of color popping up all around me and it’s really striking against the gray sky. There’s more daylight now, at least, even if the day doesn’t include a glimpse of the sun. My pup Elliott does not like it when it rains for long periods of time as he doesn’t get to go on long walks. Though the snow was super fun, he finds the rain rather irritating so he doesn’t like to go far from home. He’s usually staring out the window longingly and will occasionally make a quick bark if he sees any at all moving about. We’ve trained him to not bark incessantly, but one escapes every now and again so he can make his point. When he’s not sneaking barks, he’s curled up in a small ball on his bed and making low grumbling sounds to express his exasperation that are thankfully quieter, yet remarkably similar to a bullfrog.

Unlike Elliott, bullfrogs make sounds to attract mates rather than to share their displeasure with the unfairness of the world. I used to hear their calls quite a lot when I was visiting my grandmother in the country as a kid. But as an adult, I’ve lived in the middle of the city and far from any ponds much of my life. We do have an owl again this year and can hear its distinct call in the evening. Yet mostly, I just hear grumbles from my pup, and the occasional one from Philippe if he happens to be working from home. Eventually, the three of us manage to find a moment at the end of the evening where we can all relax. Elliott is still the last one to make it to this party, trying anything he can to attract our attention and get one last bit of playtime in before the day ends. It’s actually super cute, even if I’m secretly wishing he’d finally decide it’s time to stop and rest already.

While it is fun to play, and we do our fair share, I really cherish the last few moments of the day. It’s a restful time where my mind can think about lovely things. I can push aside any recent stress from the day and completely ignore anything that might be on the agenda for tomorrow. This isn’t the time for those things, and fussing over them never seems to be particularly productive. Instead, I totally unplug and focus on my little family. It’s not the majority of the evening, but simply a small slice reserved at the very end where there’s nothing left to do but nothing much at all. I adore this bit so much! It’s a lot like sketching, where I can lose myself in only happy thoughts. Sure, there’s still a grumbling dog making increasingly dramatic shows of his complete disapproval of the inclement weather. But, there’s also this amazing mixture of calmness and love. While it’s always fun to have exciting adventures in life, the glue that really holds it all together in a way that makes sense are those incredible peaceful moments.

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American Bullfrog Lily Pad And Flowers Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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21 thoughts on “Peaceful Moments

  1. I love your frog – he looks so relaxed on his LilyPad. Its weird, I am usually in the country for the majority of the year (as you know) and we have lots of frogs as well as toad. But, I guess they don’t look for mates, or have found them because sadly I never hear their dulcet tones. I love the end of the day too and that is exactly what I do. Goodnight to everyone, all devices off and restful, peaceful time with our family (Doug and our two cats Sunny and Tiger) begins. Have a lovely evening <3

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, it sounds like all of your frogs are happily engaged! I’m a bit slow on my reply as unplugging was addictive! lol Much love to you my friend! I hope you have a beautiful evening!

  2. We have a small pond across the street from us – no bullfrogs (though we see one occasionally) but little tree frogs that begin their mating songs in February. They put crickets to shame, and their music is lovely. I always worry that they won’t survive the cold weather or it will put a crimp in their mating efforts, but so far they’ve been here the whole 32 years that we have. I’ll really miss them when we move to Florida.

  3. Hey Charlie now that makes me feel like getting a sketch in before I crash witha book. I hope the rain leaves. One May it rained Every Single Day and the branches of the locust trees in front reached out so far they appeared to hold hands along the street. Next year there were too many spaces between branches in their stretching. Happy evenings over there!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Yeah, we get those weeks where the rain just hangs around. Even when the forecast saying it’s not raining… it’s STILL spitting a little bit. hehe I hope you have a fabulous evening!

  4. Hola, mi amigo, Charlie! The other day Mugdha said that she was thankful for our friendship. I said, “No. We’re thankful for our sweet Charlie, who made us friends.” 💜
    You are one of the best storytellers ever. Your words transport us to far away places and allow us to meet (and try to imagine) people like your grandma and her farm. Those are my favorite. I still remember your description of the quilt on your bed when you stayed with her. I can almost see your grandma. 🏵 What you wrote today has a special feeling to it. It evokes a feeling that I know and love. It’s the twilight hours of the evening when the day melts into night. When the sun is parting ways as the stars come out singing their glory ushering the sun home. The sky is still partly blue and orangey with that beautiful blanket of blues and purples and dark pinks falling over the other end of the sky, carrying with it beautiful twinkling lights. I love that time of day.
    When I used to run, part of my daily route was running up this steep street. I worked so hard to keep climbing and, at the top, I would rejoice as if I had climbed Mt. Everest. Hey, for a chubby girl, who had never run in her life, it was my Everest. 😂😂 When I reached the top and turned to run downhill, I would stop and soak in the view. I could see the skyline and the “changing of the guard” over the sky. I LOVED when I caught the twilight sky at the exact moment that I reached the top of the hill. Such a special moment to be alive. It all felt good. Everything was going to be okay. Life was good, hopeful.
    And then my injury took that away in an instant……but I still remember. I still watch the twilight sky. You’re right. It’s just so special.
    I love you, Charlie! Thanks for reminding me of a beautiful time in my life. 💜

    1. I’m a bit late on my reply, but hola mi amiga! What a sweet thing to say! I’m just so happy we all found each other as well! 😃💕 And I adored your description of the twilight sky…. that’s so lovely. And if you can see it that vividly, then nothing much has changed. The memory is still there for you to visit whenever you like! And the sky still waits to be adored! Much love to you my friend!! ❤️

  5. Hi Charlie! Your bullfrog is the 3rd adorable one I’ve seen this week! Birgit O’Conner had a tiny one in a photo she took of the inside of a hydrangea petal. He was a happy, tiny frog, hiding from a camera, but clearly, your guy’s happy to be “in the pink!”

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