For our prompt of “Window” today, I did a doodle of a little cat staring out of one, looking at the evening sky. With the moon at that level in my quickly imagined scene, I would guess the little cat is in the attic. Which is cool, because I’ve always loved attics. I often find myself doing the same on a clear night full of stars. There’s something so peaceful about looking into the vastness of the night sky. Indeed it goes on forever, well past anything we can see with the naked eye and beyond so many things we’ve yet to discover. Each star is just waiting to be wished upon and everything is still and wonderful. It’s a cloudy evening here so there won’t be many stars to find, but it will be nice nonetheless. And I hope that all of you are having a lovely evening as well, filled with peace and happiness. If there are stars shining where you are, now is the time to make your wish. Good things will definitely come next.

Saturday is  my favorite day of the week as I tend to take a big break from things. It’s my play day and I take that feeling of play and relaxation right into the evening. For lunch, Philippe and I had margaritas, which felt a bit like we were on some beach vacation. Indeed, the tiny amount of alcohol that Philippe puts in makes it feel just like staying at an all-inclusive resort. We had new glasses that we wanted to try for the first time. They were proper margarita glasses and much larger than the ones we used previously. I would have thought this would mean more tequila, but in my husband’s version we just got a lot more limes. And what must have been a week’s worth of vitamin C. Tonight Philippe and I are going to watch a comedy called Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. The excessively long title alone is already funny. We always watch the real Eurovision contest each year, but this year it was cancelled, so this will be a fun way to get to experience it again. No idea if it’s any good, but it will be something to try this evening.

Beyond that, I don’t really have much to report. That’s the thing about a lazy day, it relaxes the mind as well so it’s almost like I have nothing on my mind at all. And, that’s a really fabulous feeling. Usually my brain is running so fast that it almost makes a whirring sound. But tonight, I just feel the natural beauty of the world. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be back to zooming around in all different directions, but it’s nice to plant myself in one place and just chill for awhile. Indeed, I still have my recently mangled foot elevated, but it’s feeling much better now and I can even walk without looking like I’m drunk. So, that’s a beautiful thing indeed. There’s really nothing that can shake my positive feelings today. And I hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend as well. Filled with all the things you adore and free from stress. Everyone in the world deserves to take just a moment, and enjoy a peaceful night.

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26 thoughts on “Peaceful Night

  1. I don’t care much for heat, but a summer’s evening, a sweet-smelling breeze and stars twinkling, accompanied by the music of insects singing is one of the most wonderful things in all the world.

  2. Hello Charlie,

    Lovely sketch and a much lovelier post!. Its so nice to know so many other people who believe in wishing upon stars. I’d been feeling so low but your post filled me tons of hope and happiness. I really dont have words enough to thank you. 🙂 Stay blessed and happy.


  3. Someone down the road has been setting off fireworks early this year. The people at the campground the other direction down the road are playing their music much too loud. The people tubing down the river across the road and over a field are screaming and shouting. I don’t think there is much social distancing going on. Luckily, Joe cooked out for us and I made some picnic sides which we ate with our neighbors at appropriate distance. Marcia and I had strawberry margaritas, so I took an accidental nap when I got home😴. That’s a lazy summer Saturday around here.

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