When I was a kid, we used to go as a family to gather pecans that had fallen from trees, much like squirrels, only without the hoarding. We’d instead place our collected treasures in a large bowl with a silver nutcracker next to it so we could immediately eat them. I loved eating pecans like this as a kid and found them to be so delicious. Yet another family tradition, was to use some of those pecans to create a pecan pie. This version, I didn’t like at all. I have no idea what happened to those pecans on that journey, but the pie version never once appealed to me. My disdain, of course, didn’t stop my entire immediate and extended families from not only enjoying this dessert, but acting as though it were a coveted treat. It made me feel as though my mother was harboring a secret and I was actually adopted. Looking back, I now realize that this was only one of many times where I just didn’t quite fit in. As a kid it kind of sucked, but as an adult creative person, I now know that being a misfit can often have its advantages.

Today, as most of you know, I think we should all celebrate those differences. Those times when we break from the norm or what everyone else seems to think is the right way. I’ll go ahead and tell you end of the story here… spoiler alert! When it comes to art, there is no right way. There are only techniques you can choose to learn and then debunk entirely if you like. It’s completely up to you and what moves you to create in the first place. But, yes, it is true that certain techniques and approaches work better than others when it comes to attracting people to your art. This is the crossroads that every working artist comes to face. There’s that passionate rebel who wants to change everything at once, but unless you can find enough passionate rebels to see your vision, you might have to create something a touch more mainstream. You dial back a bit here and there and in the end, you hear other artists say you’re selling out. I’ve never quite understood this, as it’s a bit counterintuitive. If you’re making something even more people can enjoy, isn’t that a wonderful thing to do?

I’m not sure, in the end, I’ll ever be mature enough to truly understand the official fine art world. I think that’s why I’ve made my own art world right here on Doodlewash. This site wasn’t built with high ideals, just a lot of enthusiasm and passion. It was built on a stupidly simple manifesto that it still operates under today. The wildly simple idea of bringing people together who simply use watercolor, but never telling those people how they should use it. I’m no art instructor, though I might share bits of my process and ideas here and there. Instead, on Doodlewash, you’ll find hundreds of artists and art instructors who use the medium in wildly unique and clever ways. Each one of these artists is definitively right. The hope is, that in all of these wonderful examples, you’ll find a way that feels right for you. My greatest joy comes from hearing how people are inspired by the artists featured here. I’m just a host, who pops in from time to time, with his version of art that’s a combo of words and image, like a watercolor story. I’ve no idea if it qualifies as art, but I’ve learned that for a certain group of people, it’s at the very least as delicious as a bit of pecan pie.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Terra Cotta, Yellow Ochre, and Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
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36 thoughts on “Pecan Pie

  1. And Yay! to that. You are absolutely correct. Whether an artist makes art just for the joy of it or in hopes to sell, as long as the art makes them happy, they are golden. Some people feel they should provide a moral compass for others-why, I’ve never understood.

  2. You are a wonderful host, Charlie! This community inspires me everyday. And your pecan pie looks good, although, like you, I’m not a fan of eating it. I do have fond memories of my parents buying all kinds of nuts in the shell, and keeping them in a big bowl, to crack and eat after dinner.

  3. favorite pie ever. I used to hate raisins so if you use the goo in butter tarts for making pecan pie you don’t have to eat yucky raisins. At least now I’m not so particular. Put that sugary goo on my shoelaces and I’d be happy. Hehehe. Doodlewash is looking great BTW.

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! 😃💕 Glad you’re liking the remodel here… hehe… so many new things happening. I should probably slow down a bit, but it’s all too fun! And yay! Glad you’re a fan of pecan pie… I’ve challenged Philippe to come up with a recipe that will change my mind. hehe

  4. I do love me some pecan pie! Great Doodlewash, great philosophy! P.s. I always hated pumpkin pie, so they let me have the tiniest sliver of pie, and a full serving of whipped cream! The best!

  5. I’m sorry for kid you that didn’t like pecan pie – I was the exact opposite. I liked pecan pie well enough, but hated pecans. 😛 And everyone wanted to set those out as the snack. And you’re exactly right about art!

  6. My mom’s side of the family is from GA so I’m a pecan pie lover. Pecan cake slathered with butter is right behind it. That Terra Cotta paint is close to Quinacridone Burnt Orange. Love that color! Nice job Charlie.

    1. Thanks so much, Tom! 😃💕 Yeah, one day I’m sure I’ll find a pecan pie I love. But yes, both of those colors are amazing! The Terra Cotta doesn’t granulate as much so if you mix it with less water and a bit of Cobalt Blue you can get something near black. It’s awesome!

  7. Your pie looks delicious! Funny story: we went to a nice restaurant with another couple for supper, and the other gentleman ordered pecan pie for desert. The server brought his pecan pie– a crust with pecans pressed into it! He didn’t have the heart to let the server know that part of the pie was missing. lol

  8. I couldn’t post earlier. My remarks were frozen in space. Maybe I was too excited about seeing my favorite dessert, Pecan Pie, so well illustrated. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to sample a piece (hours after the big feast)!

  9. Once again, I’m catching up but ooooh what a lovely one to kick off the catchup blog-binge! Charlie, you should try my daughter’s version of pecan pie – it’s chocolate’d! Seriously decadent! She learned to cook and bake in self defence. 😉😜

    Yes, being similar yet unique is best and that surely fits people and watercolour artists. ❤️ Mama always called me a Heinz-57 so I figured I had 57 different ways to test my varieties before settling on ME. 😂

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