Today, was nonstop as we visited Disneyland Paris and then stopped on the way back for a dinner with family. It’s late and I’m exhausted, but managed to make a quick doodlewash of the simple little breakfast we’ve been enjoying each day here. This is one of the things I always miss, as getting a daily fresh baguette is just not feasible back home. The only thing missing is the little glass of clementine juice and cup of French press coffee from this tableau. Though it was a fun change of pace to visit Disneyland, I think I preferred the little bit of time each day we’ve normally had to just relax and enjoy our apartment here. But we did manage to have this little breakfast again today before heading out on our trip.

After looking forward to the Ratatouille ride for weeks, we were excited to finally arrive at Parc Disneyland and rushed straight to it, stopping just long enough to grab a quick photo.

Ratatouille Disneyland Paris

It was cute and fun, but nothing really amazing in the end. It’s a ride with 3D glasses that’s meant to make you feel like you’re the size of a rat who’s rushing through a kitchen in order to meet your other rat friends for dinner. That’s really the extent of it, and there’s no real story. I guess I was thinking there would be a bit of a feeling like you’re being immersed in the movie, which is my favorite from Pixar. Though it didn’t live up to expectations it was still a fun day with absolutely perfect weather, so I had a blast!

I ate a little too much at dinner, because it was equally fabulous, so I’m feeling like I’m about to fall asleep and struggling to type this. Tomorrow morning, we’ll thankfully be able to move at a slower pace and not have to wake up so early to travel. With just two full days left here, there’s a lot to pack in before we leave. But as tired as I feel right now, I’m also extremely happy and have loved every minute of this trip. And I can go to sleep tonight thinking about those little things that make these trips so special. Saturday morning, I’m wondering if the baguette will taste better than ever, as I bid farewell to this city, enjoying my last little breakfast in Paris.

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About the Doodlewash

Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Quinacridone Gold, Perylene Maroon, Opera Rose, Ultramarine Deep, Burnt Sienna, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 5 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Petit-Déjeuner À Paris France breakfast baquette Confipote

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23 thoughts on “Petit-Déjeuner À Paris

  1. Oh yes, the prospect of these baguettes is sounding soo good! Yet more envy! A shame indeed with the Ratatouille thing not being all that, but glad you still had fun, and yes, the weather looks beautiful; something of a contrast to over here. Great stuff! Hope the pace is a bit more manageable for the remainder – have fun!

      1. Lucky! Cling onto it! 😛 It’s quite sunny today actually, but the past few days have been most autumnal – grey, windy and chilly. The temptation has been to stay snuggled up in bed!

  2. Looks like you had another magical day in Paris! 💖😍 The weather looks perfect! Sorry the ride was disappointing. Your Doodlewash looks delish and sounds wonderful! Cheers Charlie!! 🍷😄🗼

  3. Well I don’t think France can be visited without a few traditional items, French baguette, some French cheese, oh and champagne…..I would miss out the other foods which are often related to France, frog legs, snails and horse! I have eaten snails, and really don’t mind them, and I have probably eaten horse, as here in the uk, it was disguised into burgers etc in supermarkets.

    I hope you feel refreshed this morning after your adventures at Disneyland, and you and Phillipe can achieve all the lovely things you have left to do in the next two days. ❤️

  4. I think you have been lucky too about the weather. Every september-october weather are not the same, and fortunately,this year , we have a little more sun and warm temperature than usually ! Enjoy your last days here Charlie !

  5. Le petitie dejeuner oh I love it every day, fresh Bread and orange marmelade ofcourse with butter! So appetizing your painting so though I finished my breakfast for more than an hour ago I could eat it again but I don’t because there is some fresh applepie left I want to eat with whipped cream later.
    Nice day you had yesterday and all days there in lovely Paris.
    The little things in Life are precious don’t you think Charlie?
    Still two more days for enjoying your stay in that beautiful town.
    Have fun in your own way, that’s the best way!

  6. Your trip has sounded wonderful, Charlie!! I can feel your excitement! The sad part is that it has to end. 😔 But, it is always nice to get back home. You are fortunate to be able to go back each year? That would make a long winter bearable. Have a great time wrapping up your stay in Paris. Thanks for the Doodlewashes during your vacation time! 😊

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 I tend to build things up too much, so that was probably part of the problem. Lol But I was mostly disappointed in the lack of storytelling… it was such a miss… could have been so cool, but the lack of story made it such an empty experience. But it was still a blast getting to act like little kids again! 😊

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