Watercolor/Gouache Painting by Petr Annenkov

GUEST ARTIST: “The Art Of Stories” by Petr Annenkov

The story of my work should at least fit the story of three main directions in my work: the artist of the book, the artist-painter and the artist of animated films as a stage designer. I was born and spent the main conscious and creative years of my life in Uzbekistan, in the city of Tashkent. From the East and the bright, sunny flavor.

As I can remember, I always drew with great interest and the most then, in the Soviet Union, the material was watercolor and paper. And I experimented with colors with great pleasure, sometimes not even understanding the purpose of such actions.

But the meaning of such searches still came during the study and the end of the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute, Department of Book Graphics. And yet you need to start with a book and story, it is a very wide field for experimentation.

In my illustrations, I strive to recreate the main plot motifs of the work, to create a sense of historical era and cultural environment. A deep knowledge of Ethnography and culture is of great importance. Suffice it to recall my illustrations for the Arab fairy tale “The Magic Lamp of Aladdin” or “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, the Uzbek folk tale “Five Girls” and a toy book “Daughter-Clever”, where the artist was required not only the skill of an Illustrator and a bookseller, but also a designer.

I think I manage to create works that successfully synthesize an understanding of the heritage of ancient Oriental miniatures, the principles of its artistic construction, the richness of color, the advantage and gradations of coloristic possibilities of watercolor, the clear dominant line in the solution of the composition. A clear rhythm and, at the same time, the availability for understanding of the young reader, a genuine fairy-tale, good humor. I have illustrated more than 50 children’s books.

My easel works, in some ways, are also illustrations, but illustrations to the unwritten “book of life,” my life, society, the world in which I live and work. Morality, human relationships, beautiful and ugly, wise and funny, intertwine in my works, where the good humor of the scribe gives way to the sarcasm of the artist. Deeply feeling the contradictions that tear at the world and the surrounding society.

Watercolor/Gouache Painting by Peter Annenkov
Blind Guide. In Search Of Paradise – paper, watercolor, gouache, gold leaf 120x150cm 2012

I remain faithful to watercolors, and it seems quite justified. My inner instinct tells me that any other technique or material would be too bulky and would deprive the works of the share of irony that light transparent paints convey. Even when I use oil or acrylic, its full texture is not revealed, does not prevail over the characteristic approach to the solution of the topic.

Watercolor/Gouache Painting by Peter Annenkov
“Duelists. Kulikovsky fight” canvas, watercolor, gouache, gold leaf 200x150cm, Tashkent. Frankfurt. Moscow 2013

Technique, color solution helps me to achieve the maximum psychological disclosure of images and themes. Experiments with watercolor and gouache, gradually brought me, I think, to my recognizable style. After drawing a preliminary sketch, I paint raw special rubber in place, on paper or canvas where they will link, and then put on the wet paint and watercolor and gouache. I love to do all this while listening to rock music. In general, the whole creative process I have accompanied by music.

Then, as everything dries, I remove the rubber layer and begin a grumbling work on the characters and detailing the plot. I like that I’ve developed a set of favorite and time-tested materials, which I prefer canvas for acrylic manufacture, France, Italy, 100% cotton paper, 300 gr./ m2 production France, Finland, watercolor & gouache by Winsor & Newton, gold leaf – 960, matte lacquer.

My works are familiar to a wide range of readers and art lovers. Books have been published in more than five million copies and many of them have become a bibliographic rarity. And my easel works and illustrations were exhibited at many exhibitions in the world, including Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Korea, USA, India, Finland and other countries.

The works of P. T. Annenkov are kept in the collections of the state Museum of arts of Uzbekistan, the Museum of modern art in Moscow, the Museum of Oriental art (Moscow), and the Nukus Museum. Vol. Savitsky, the Olympic movement Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland), in the collections of the Vatican Museum, President of Uzbekistan, President of Russia, President of the Adenauer Foundation, Japanese Ambassador to Uzbekistan, the Directorate of art exhibitions of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Union of artists of Uzbekistan, as well as private collections in the United States, UK, Russia, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Finland and other countries.

He was awarded a silver medal of the Academy of arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2001), the Order “Mehnat Shukhrati” (labour Glory) (2002), has the title “Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (2008).

Petr Annenkov

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