This is our little bundle of joy, Phineas, who I’ve mentioned on several occasions. I thought I should add him to my little Cabinet of Curiosities before the month ends. He’s a full breed Basenji who stubbornly refuses to doodlewash and follow in his family’s footsteps. His personality is so distinct, that we do what most dog owners do, we talk for him. More than just putting the words in his mouth, we’ve envisioned a full personality profile.

Since he was a rescue found growing up on the tough streets of Topeka, Kansas, we assume he must have a very small town view of the world. This, combined with his rather wrinkled brow that makes it seem like he’s always a bit irritated with something and judging you, led to us deciding he’s also an extremely ultra-conservative Republican.

This was an admittedly ludicrous profile given this poor dog’s current situation. Beyond the obvious fact that he actually has two fathers and no mother in the home, he also has to endure a house that doesn’t eat meat with every meal.

Add to this, the fact that one of his dads is an immigrant and things just get cruelly complicated for the little guy. We’ve tried to explain it to him, but upon hearing that Philippe is not from America, Phineas just assumes he must be Mexican.

To keep things simple, we’ve given up trying to explain to him why his Aunt Aesha, Uncle Jeromey and even the President of the country he loves so much aren’t white. And he really won’t listen if you try to point out that his own bloodline comes from Africa and so technically he’s also African-American. To be fair, Jeromey also claims to simply be American, since he says he’s never been to Africa either.

Due to the personality we’ve crafted for him, we avoid discussing all types of politics. And though he does seem unusually interested when hearing FOX News mentioned in a conversation, it’s also very likely because he thinks it’s a show about actual foxes. Come to think of it, a show like that would be far less intellectually insulting and would, at the very least, be factually reliable.

But despite our complete and total differences, we’ve managed to communicate with Phineas and form a true bond. That’s the great thing about dogs. They don’t have to agree with your life in order to love you. And you don’t have to be exactly like them to earn their respect.

So our little household functions just fine with me, the immigrant, and a super conservative Basenji. Though I’m sure it must put quite a strain on poor Phineas. Luckily, with his little dog brain, he’s able to pick and choose what he wants to believe, so it all works out. And he’s super excited for the upcoming holiday season. Even though he knows that little gun he asked for won’t be under the tree once again this year.

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52 thoughts on “Phineas

  1. Lol, a politically savvy Basenji! Phineas is a cutie! I love his wrinkled brows! I bet he will soon pick up doodlewashing, he’s just waiting for the right motivation! It’s good to know that love transcends the color of your skin, your heritage, and even political affiliation! 😊

    1. It definitely does!! Thanks Kari! ❤️😃 Phineas is very cute, I think I captured him well, but was so nervous to show Philippe since it’s his baby. Lol… He loved it…got the likeness! But I don’t hold out much hope for getting him to doodlewash… being like he is, he’s quite stubborn. 🤔🐶

  2. This made me laugh out loud! “his rather wrinkled brow that makes it seem like he’s always a bit irritated with something and judging you, led to us deciding he’s also an extremely ultra-conservative Republican.”
    I love it!

    1. Thanks Teresa!! ❤️😃Yeah… Poor little guy lives his life perplexed, but he’s definitely sweet given his political leanings. Philippe gave me the thumbs up on his likeness so that was a huge relief! Lol I was afraid if I messed it up a painting of his “baby” he would divorce me! 😳

  3. too funny! We too talk for Charlie and he has a personality! Glad to hear we aren’t the only wackos! charlie has a speech impediment – a bit of a lisp – that is why he was orphaned from his mean owners, but it is what we find endearing about him!

  4. Oh, I´m soooo happy to finally see Phineas here!!! And I really enjoyed reading his life story and learning about his personality a little… Glad you don´t get him a gun, but to avoid disappointment you could buy him a laser sword. That´s a lot cooler anyway! He would be Darth Phader. 😉

  5. I knew I always liked Phineas even though we have officially never met. 🙂 Tell him he is not alone and that there are many of us that can definitely be sweet and not-so-judgmental despite our political leanings! Here hee!! Three cheers for Phineas!! 👏 👏 👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. Aw, this is wonderful, Charlie (and hilarious)! A tender but very characterful portrait. Phineas is so ridiculously adorable; I love the perplexed look! It’s so funny when dogs wear that expression. The eyes look too loving to me to be deliberating anything radical or judgmental… perhaps I am falling for his charm… well, I think that clear. Did I saw aw? Aw!! <3

  7. Oh, my God, Charlie that was funny even though you do totally stereotype republican voters! We’re not all like that, you know. (Then again, we call our cats democrats because they are so entitled, lol 🤣) And we don’t even need to talk for them because they are highly articulate for little bundles of fur, lol. We say they missed their calling, they could’ve been movie stars ⭐️ This was one of your funniest posts, even with the stereotyping. 👍

    1. hehe… glad you liked it, Miste! 😃💕 It was stereotyping on purpose, of course, for comedic effect, although those versions of people DO exist like that, which is a little frightening actually. lol I’m well aware it’s an extreme, but that’s what makes it so funny when embodied in a small dog. 😉

  8. 😁 Suuuuure you were, Charlie! hahaha 🤣
    It’s okay, I see some of those people too. On the right and the left there are extremes and I agree, it is frightening (and mind-boggling!). Our family is actually nonpartisan–they have that designation in CA–probably what would be called conservative liberals or something, lol, and even we don’t always agree on issues.
    You’re right, it did make it funny and was a fabulous character sketch for Phineas! This post truly had me cracking up! 💕👍

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