Quick little doodlewash after reading a short little book I found on Kindle Unlimited called Introduction to Loose Watercolor by Roy Simmons. Just a couple demos, but the book also has links to two video time-lapse tutorials.

Roy references one of the coolest aspects of watercolor and that’s the fact that our minds add information to complete the scene. Whether it’s a shoreline with a bit of a beach on the left or perhaps a boat in the dark area to the right, like in this doodlewash. Neither of these were intended or thought through, just tricks of light and white that make our brains fill in the gaps.

That’s really my favorite aspect of watercolor. You can create scenes that nearly jump out of your subconscious and even you are often surprised with the result. Or, like me, you might just think, wow… I thought I remembered to add orange, but man that’s a crazy pink sky!

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13 thoughts on “Pink Sky

    1. Thanks so much Roy! Your book was great!! This was in the very first month when I was just starting out and it was wonderful to see your demonstration. I coined ‘doodlewash’ because I wanted to take the pressure off for people and not worry about creating a “masterpiece”… just have fun! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by friend!

  1. My pleasure Charlie ! like your thinking, so much of watercolor painting and art making in general is in our mind (I can’t do that…) anyone can doodle, great riff.

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