When it comes to games, there are so many that can be fun that it’s really impossible to choose just one. I chose ping ping because I do enjoy it, but mostly because I only had a few precious minutes to paint today and it seemed simpler than the board game that first came to mind. I’m truly horrible at ping pong, by the way, but this disability does absolutely nothing to dispel my joy of attempting to play it. As for the board game that first popped into my head, that was a game called Clue (also known as Cluedo in other parts of the world). A fun little family game where you try to sort out who killed someone. Yeah, doesn’t sound family-friendly at all really, and its original title was even less so as the first patent just called it “Murder!” Nothing like cutting to the chase. Also, the original included more fearsome weapons like a bomb, syringe, and an axe. Though this game is sounding less family friendly all the time, it was really just a clever game using the process of elimination. And I totally loved it!

I actually bought a version of this game a few years ago that came in a lovely wooden box. It has since sat under an end table and now simply serves as a piece of unusual décor. I’ve never once played this version. Perhaps one day, I’ll convince someone to get it out and play with me, but until then, I enjoy seeing it simply for the memories it evokes. I also remember playing a game called Othello on the school playground. This will tell you a lot about me and just how geeky I was back then. As other kids were swinging on swings, sliding down slides, or sailing across monkey bars, I would seek out a fellow geek who wanted to do something that actually required thought. My mind back then, and even now, had a bit of trouble shutting off to enjoy things that don’t require skill. I love doing things that require me to sort out problems and solve little things along the way. Never primarily physical skill, but only mental prowess, most likely because I’ve never been good at sports.

Perhaps that’s why I love art and painting. Sure, you use your hands to wield a brush so it’s a bit physical, but every choice is a mental one. And with watercolor, the other choices are simply made for you by the paint itself. If I’m in the process of overanalyzing something, watercolor always takes charge and tells me what needs to happen next. And, unlike any other medium, I just have to accept the outcome. For me, this has been the perfect marriage. No dabbing more acrylic or oil on top to change something that didn’t quite turn out as expected. Just the raw and real outcome of whatever happened that day when you and watercolor decided to paint together. For some, this is a bit crazy. But for those of us who have been bitten by the bug of watercolor, we know it’s exactly what brings us back each time. It’s a lot of strategy, combined with a bit of lovely chance. It’s really just one of the best things anyone could hope for, when it comes to playing games.

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24 thoughts on “Playing Games

  1. I love your Ping Pong paddles. They are much cooler than the ones I have on the garage wall. Where they stay because I have no ping pong table. They’re just something that I somehow inherited when I moved away from home. Clue was always one of my favorites!

  2. Clue was one of my favorite games, too. Was never good at ping pong. I like the way you describe the watercolor painting process. I am so happy that watercolor came into my life. It is like playing and seeing the paint working along with you or maybe against you is always amazing.

  3. If you promise not to tell…
    It was Professor Plum in the Study with the candlestick…
    BTW, I have a magnetic Othello, for car trips so the pieces don’t go flying here there and yon.

  4. Man-o-mister Charlie you surely have my DNA in you! I love Clue … still love it and would be tickled to death (pun pun) to open up that lovely wooden box with you! I fell in love with Dame Agatha Christie as a fairly young child. Since then, mysteries and the psychology of crime are my fave genre of … everything, including my intended college courses before marriage and family took me into a different path.

    Board and card games were always a riot but daddy enjoyed games that got us outside for physical fun so while we had a ping pong table, the badminton net was always up and if it was down, the backyard was still filled with the neighbourhood kids for a rousing softball game with daddy. ❤️

  5. Ping pong! Love your painting, cannot get those little balls to stay anywhere near that green table, and those masters who swat the balls at about a thousand miles an hour. Not me. I can barely watch the balls fly. Clue, however, was my all time favorite board game as a kid, and I nearly always won. I still enjoy playing, now with my grand kids and I let them win. Strategy can go both ways. As for you playing – you need at least 4 players for the game to be fun. The grown up and really fun way to play a similar game is to play one of the murder mysteries at a party. Now that’s a good time and you can enjoy your wine at the same time.

    1. Awww cool! I knew we had a lot in common!! 😃💕 Yeah, you need at least 4 to make Clue work properly. But I love murder mysteries!! I use to perform in live murder mystery dinner theatre which was a total blast. Wrote two of them as well… super challenging. You always had to have an ending for each character chosen that somehow made sense! LOL

  6. Aww the ping pong paddle image is so cool. I was attracted to the post just because of the image. I have never played ping pong by the way. I like cricket and football but sadly don’t play these games now 🙁 hopefully in future I will be able to spare some time for these games. I just simply love these 2 games.

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