GUEST ARTIST: “Playing in Puddles” by PM artist Studio

PM Art Studio Watercolor Examples 2

The “P” is Patricia and the “M” is Mariah, and together we are P.M. artist Studio in Sachse, Texas! So let us tell you a bit about ourselves and our background. Patricia is a retired art teacher with both an English (University of Colorado) and an Art (Texas Tech University) degree. In fact, getting her degree from Tech was what brought our family to Texas. During those years I (Mariah) would often go to class with her to the studio classes getting a good exposure to art at the college level before starting school myself. After obtaining both her Art and Teaching accreditation, the only place in the state of Texas with both an Art and Math (for my father) opening was Friona, Texas.

PM Artist Studio Watercolor Journal and Paintings

This is where Patricia taught until 2010 when she retired and moved to Alaska. During this time, I graduated High School early, attended Texas Tech, for a short time, eventually ending up in the Dallas area. My first employment opportunities were (more or less) on the job training to become what I wanted to be, a graphic designer. By 2011, I was knowledgeable and comfortable enough to take my business full time, working from home and continue to do so. Now, this brings us to the present, where, as a mother-daughter team, our goal is to bring our distinct style — one-of-a-kind media — that we create to all we encounter. We have such fun doing what we do that our joie de vivre has to be contagious because all our newfound art-minded friends keep showing up in our Live streams cheering us on to be bolder and better.PM Artist Studio Watercolor Sketchbook

In choosing a direction for our creative journey, we needed an outlet, a purpose melding together BOTH of our talents. Thus P.M. artist Studio was born where the alchemy of pencil, paint & paper (old school – this is P) merges with the magic of the digital age (this is M), graphic design and video, transforming the mix into a unique, collaborative, artistic result.

PM Artist Studio Watercolor Examples 3

When PM artist Studio started, it was a venture born from a desire to create something (early on it was greeting cards) using what each of us knew then expanding that base of knowledge by watching and learning from others. All of you out there who have influenced, guided, mentored us, we thank you because, without you, we would not be who we are now! Each step, each new skill, another medium or interesting process, joining a different group, following other creatives on YouTube has made us aware that giving back is just as important and exciting.

PM Artist Studio Watercolor Experiments

To that endeavor, to that focus, we are committed to giving back by sharing what we learn and discover. Our original reluctance to share was thinking this isn’t pretty, or good enough, or just not worthy. That attitude has been replaced with, if this video, this process, this product inspires and helps someone, then it can be imperfect, messy, or whatever. Learning new things is daunting enough without adding the stress factor of, “it must be perfect” in order to share with others! After a year of making only process videos we started live-streaming and have been doing so for a little over a year, which brings us to our most recent stream.

What are watercolors and how do they fit into our expanding search for a personal visual vocabulary? That was the emphasis during the Livestream, which you can watch here:

It was necessary to demonstrate, in a convincing manner, that watercolor could lend itself to expanding the visual vocabulary. So a few basic techniques were needed to facilitate and move along that idea. Two of the main techniques were: wet on wet and wet on dry; a smattering of salt resist and plastic wrap were added as a means to achieve surface interest and variety. The goal was not to create masterpieces or museum-worthy paintings but rather to lessen the fear of failure while learning to enjoy what is happening with water, color, and paper. A quick gander at the color wheel, pointing out the colors that, when mixed together create a Louisiana swamp, was part of the initial introduction.

PM Artist Studio Watercolor Pages

Many of the online participants had some prior watercolor experience and had expressed it was less than a jolly one. That tempered the approach and set the tone to one of “Let’s play”! Without a set idea in mind, it becomes much easier to try something new to see if it works, and no worries if it doesn’t. All attempts, good, bad, or ugly will be the basis for the next stage of expanding the visual line vocabulary. By adding line designs, patterns, textures to what was created during the Livestream, a positive result will increase an awareness that many mediums can work and play nicely together in the same sandbox.

These are some of our the supplies we used during this last play! For watercolors, we used the Tiffany Sharpe Set from A Little Creative Me on Etsy, and Renesans Watercolor paint, Other supplies include: Nibs Pens and Ink, Aliotech Travel Artist Empty Watercolor Tins Box Palette Paint Case (Deep Blue), Princeton Snap White Synthetic Paint Brush Set for Acrylic and Watercolor, and Arches Cold Press Pad 300g White.

PM artist Studio (Patricia & Mariah)

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  1. Mariah Rushing 11 months ago

    Charlie, Thank you so much for taking the time to help us and publishing our feature! We appreciate it more than you know. Big Hugs from Texas

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 11 months ago

      My pleasure! Thanks so much for being part of Doodlewash! 😃💕

  2. Barrett Reece 11 months ago

    My cousin and aunt are truly amazing people and artists!!

    • pmartiststudio 11 months ago

      Awe thanks! I think it runs in the family. Big Hugs

  3. Anne Lawver 11 months ago

    Great article from and about two amazing women who make art accessible. Each of their lives are great fun, but more importantly, full of wonderful instructions. Water colors were scary to me…until Patricia made them accessible.

    • pmartiststudio 11 months ago

      Thank you and you have warmed our hearts beyond words.

  4. Julie Parker 11 months ago

    Patricia and Mariah are so much fun! I have learnt so much from them. Every live is jam packed full of fun, laughter, and something new that I learn. Their enthusiasm and fun are contagious!

    • pmartiststudio 11 months ago

      Julie, Wow thank you so much for your very kind words!

    • Marisela Delgado 11 months ago

      Hola, PM! Your art is so beautiful and how wonderful that you can share art with someone that you love! 💜 As you know, Texas is ginormous and I have no idea where Sachse, Texas is, but I figure somewhere in North Texas. I send you both warm hugs from San Antonio, Texas. 🤘🤘🤘

      • Marisela Delgado 11 months ago

        I have no idea how my comment ended up a reply. I hope you see it. 💜

        • Mariah Rushing 11 months ago

          Indeed Hola! We are in the North Dallas area 💖 and so happy you enjoyed our art! Would love to have you join us during a livestream. Thank you for commenting you kind words mean so much.

  5. Sandra Strait 11 months ago

    Patricia and Mariah, your art is so beautiful. It’s wonderful that you’ve shared your techniques and expression with others. I can tell just by watching the video that you’ve unleashed the creative in many!

    • pmartiststudio 11 months ago

      Sandra, Thank you so much for watching and for your kind words. Hugs.

  6. Laura Hale 11 months ago

    Wow! What an awesome journey. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us.

    • pmartiststudio 11 months ago

      Laura, Thank you so very much… truly the pleasure is ours.

  7. Mama Cormier 11 months ago

    I’m late reading this but when my two year old granddaughter was here over Christmas we spent an afternoon painting with watercolour. She made puddles of colour and after she left I took one of her pieces and I added marks with inks. I’ve signed both our names to the piece. I’ll post it into my gallery here on Doodlewash.

    • pmartiststudio 11 months ago

      How wonderful and we will definitely take a look! Thank you so much for commenting.

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