Episode #21: A Sketch A Day

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Episode #21: A Sketch A Day
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Hello again! This is Charlie O’Shields welcoming you back to another episode of Sketching Stuff! I know that some of you out there listening to this are sketchbook fans, if not fanatics like me, and perhaps some of you haven’t yet started to sketch or paint. My hope is that I can inspire everyone in the world to form a daily sketchbook habit because it’s personally brought me so much joy. Whether you paint, draw, write, knit, sew, make jewelry or something else entirely, a sketchbook is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy a bit of doodling each day.

Coming up later this month, I’ll be appearing in the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop. It’s totally free! Many of you know by now that I’m a bit shy, so this was quite a leap for me. And it ‘s the very first time I’ve ever appeared on video, so if you’re curious, definitely sign up and check it out. So, I figured I’d dedicate this episode to stories about my love of art and sketchbooks and the wondrous and energizing effects of making a sketch a day!

  1. Divya 2 years ago

    I want for my daughter

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      That’s wonderful Divya! 😃💕 Hope your daughter does form a daily sketching habit!!

  2. Glenda 2 years ago

    Thank you. Great content!

  3. Sandra Strait 2 years ago

    I hope you know by now, how much I enjoy your daily rambles. Magnify that by four and you’re close to how I enjoy listening to you read them!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      And I hope you know that if you met me in person you’d receive a hug so tight you might gasp for air! ❤️Thank you so much my good friend for all your support and all the wonderful things you DO… they inspire me each and every day!

  4. Mary Roff 2 years ago

    Always a joy to hear your podcasts!! They always make me smile!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks, Mary for letting me know that! That makes me so happy! 😃💕 I just keep doing them and hoping people still find them enjoyable. I’m thrilled that you DO!

  5. Nursen Gungor 2 years ago

    Dear Charlie O’Shields   . Always makes me happy with your news .. Thanks.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Nursen! 😃💕 So happy you’ve enjoyed the podcast!

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