Episode #30: Sketching Every Day

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Episode #30: Sketching Every Day
Sketching Stuff

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Hello again! It’s Charlie O’Shields here, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! This is the 30th episode! Yay! Actually, I’ve no idea what it is about round numbers, but they always feel like they require a bit of a celebration. Just recently, I celebrated 1,500 consecutive days of sketching stuff! Yep, actually making a little watercolor sketch and story every single day now, for over 1,500 days. While it sounds like a crazy high number, it’s nothing more than doing what I love each and every day, so it’s easy! I hope you are always making a bit of time to DO what you love each and every day as well!

And truly, I’m just making a little sketch each day, not some gallery masterpiece, so that makes it much easier to show up and create as well. There’s no pressure to be amazing. I think a sketchbook is the perfect playground to have fun and explore ideas. In my case, it’s the extent of my art. It’s a wonderful way to unwind, rewind, and rejuvenate your creativity! So, join me now for a series of stories that appeared while sketching every day!

  1. Cheryl 11 months ago

    Hmmmm. Maybe it is good to experience being the villain once in a while. Good story. The only way we will see progress is by doing.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 11 months ago

      Glad you enjoyed this, Cheryl! 😃💕 Yep, progress only comes from DOing, and it’s such a fun journey to try!

  2. Sherrill Taylor 10 months ago

    Hi Charlie, I’m a young 72 year old self taught watercolor artist in Georgia. I teach drawing and watercolor four days a week to older kids but mostly adults. Started an Arts Coalition in 2009 for our small town, it’s grown to 65 members. Art is my life and sanity with God and it’s been an awesome journey I’m so happy I found your site. This is obviosly a great success for you…You inspire !
    Sherrill Taylor

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 10 months ago

      Aww thanks so much, Sherrill! 😃💕 So thrilled you found Doodlewash. Sounds like from all you’ve done, you fit in perfectly here! Love that! And 72 is quite young, so you’ll be making a difference in people’s lives for many years to come! ❤️

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