Pranami Poddar Watercolor Painting Woman With Butterflies

GUEST ARTIST: “Let The World Be Your Canvas And Paint It With Your Imagination!” by Pranami Poddar

My name is Pranami Poddar, an artist and illustrator from India. I am the Founder of “The Artistry by Pranami”, an Art Studio based in Mumbai, India. I am professionally a Chemical Engineer and work in a crucial position in the National Oil Company of India. I went to art school for 5 years way back during my high school days.

I often find the universe a magical place and, through my paintings, I try to showcase my perspective about the beautiful world we live in. My art form usually revolves around whimsical illustrations. In this world of whimsical illustrations, imagination rules supreme and envelops the realms of mystery and magic, where the surreal is more real than unreal. Such art has the power to take us to other places and to plumb the depths of our most hidden dreams. There is an innocent poetry in whimsical art. They can tell tales, or they can leave the storytelling up to the viewer.

As far back as my memory goes, I remember myself playing with colours all the time. Painting is like a breath of fresh air to me, it takes away all the worries and lightens my mood. But somewhere in the process of building a successful career I had lost the connection with my passion and this always made me feel a part of myself missing.

However, when Covid struck and we were bound in our homes, with a lot of hesitation and doubt, sometime mid-June last year I picked up my brush and started a small painting after a gap of 18 long years. The joy that first painting brought me was beyond anything I had ever felt.

I have never looked back since then and have been creating art work actively for the last 8 months. My clientele spreads around the world. Apart from commissioned fine artwork my studio also licenses artwork, does illustration commissions such as children book illustrations as well as customised name plates, etc.

I have been working with various mediums like watercolour, gouache, acrylics and ink and my favorite medium is watercolor. The flow and unpredictability in watercolour always mesmerises me and I can play with it for hours. I always learn something new with watercolours. With watercolour I feel it’s a field of endless learning and opportunity. Watercolour gives new life to my illustrations.

About My Art Supplies

Paints: Four of my favourite watercolour paints brands are Art Philosophy Co, Mijello Mission, White Nights and Schminke. Art Philosophy Co watercolour confections are my go-to colours. Each set is so uniquely created. Whenever I want to paint a seascape I just open my seascape pallet and start painting. All the possible sea colours are in that set. They are portable pans curated for each and every category of artists keeping in mind. They are highly pigmented and affordable paints.

Another budget-friendly artists grade watercolour paints are White Nights. They are highly pigmented and available at quite an affordable rate. After Art philosophy White nights is my go-to colour. For my daily paintings, I switch between the two. Their newly launched pastel colours are really unique and a delight to work with.

Mijello Mission watercolours are one of the highest pigmented and lightfast colours (mostly 4 to 5 star rated paints) I have seen. The granulation of some of the colours are so wonderful. These are created from happy pigments as they result in happy and bright colours.

I have been dreaming of owning a Schminke watercolours set for a long time. And I have recently been gifted a Schminke 48 color half pan set. It is the costliest set I own. But they are the best available watercolours in the market. Made from pure pigment; they are highly pigmented and have highest lightfastness (mostly 4 to 5 stars). They are every watercolour artist’s dream.

Brushes: My Four favorite brush brands are Silver Brush, Princeton and Escoda. If you are a watercolourist then you must own Silver Brush black velvet. As my artwork involves a lot of detailing I have been searching for a brush that holds the tip perfectly. The day I started using this magical brush the search for the best watercolor brush ended. All I need is round no 4 and 6 of Sliver Brush Black Velvet and I am ready to paint anything. These are my go-to brushes.

For miniature detailing, specialty brushes, and flat wash brushes, I use Princeton brushes. They are my next favorite brushes and also more affordable than Silver Brush. I own a travel brush set from Escoda (Red Set). They are delightful to work with. Holds the tip perfectly and retains a lot of water. Best travel set for outdoor painting.

Girl painting watercolor by Pranami Poddar

Paper: In watercolour painting, the most important part is selection of papers. I have tried so many brands and finally settled for a few of the brands that I like to work with. My go-to cold pressed 100% cotton papers are Hahnemuhle Expression and Fabriano 1264 Artistico. My recent favourite is Saunders Waterford and Arches. Another amazing watercolour paper I recently explored is Khadi Papers. They are 100% cotton rag handmade paper. This deckle edge paper is quite affordable and highly recommended. I am in love with them.

Palette: I have been using ceramic watercolour palettes for the last 6 months from “Pattterned Studio” (Mumbai, India based Ceramic Pottery Studio) and they are absolutely amazing. They can be cleaned easily without any paint stain and colours stays bright in them. Another highly recommended art supply.

Pranami Poddar

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  1. Hello…. I’m following you since long this is sooo huge soo many congratulations to you keep it up you’re incredible 😍😍😍

  2. Stunning! Pranami your imagination is beautiful . The use of such bold, vibrant colours spark your creativity, taking you on a journey only an artist dreams of. Your style is very captivating . Magical paintings, adorable whimsical paintings and georgous floral ones. Starry Night , Vincent van Gough favorite artist would enjoy your painting Reach for the Stars as I do. All your paintings are a joy to see. Thank you for sharing your work and continue to enjoy the mystery of watercolour.

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