For our prompt of “Peacock” today, I opted for one next to some peacock flowers. I sketched this early in the day and had to quickly color it much later after a full day of fun activities with friends. So, I’m just now showing up to share and post what I made. Philippe and I went to the theatre today with our good friends and then came home to enjoy an evening together. I loved having our typical routine changed up a bit and getting to have such a fabulous night with people we adore. So many nights, Philippe and I adopt a rather regular schedule. One that can be set with a watch. But very occasionally, we’ll just ignore the usual timeframes and find ourselves in an entirely different evening. I adore these nights, as they are as rare as a wonderful dessert. A night that’s just lovely and beautiful in that way that is rather difficult to describe. It’s nothing exceptional on the surface, but something amazing just because it’s exactly what you needed in the moment. A perfect blend of everything pretty and wonderful!

Today, we went to see the musical Fun Home, which was fantastic and such an emotional story. I’m always so thrilled after seeing an awesome theatre show. I get such a rush as I experience the incredible creativity that it took to make it happen. It’s inspiring to me and I leave with a new sense of determination to make what I do a bit more creative as well. This show was the true story of a cartoonist who knew what she wanted to do from the start. I have to admit to being a touch jealous when I hear stories of people who had one dream, one focus, when it comes to art and pursued it. They are usually the ones who have become a bit famous and successful in the process. Part of me always wonders what I would have been able to accomplish if I’d had a bit of focus in life. If I knew what I wanted to do from the start and stuck with it to get better and better each day. Yet, that’s exactly what I’m doing today with my sketching, even though it’s only under five years in and over twenty years late. Yet, I truly believe it’s never too late to pursue something you love!

So this is my story. The one where a guy discovers that he loves to sketch and color far later in life. It’s not a lifelong journey, but one that’s young and still a bit new. Instead of a seasoned professional, it’s the story of guy who just loves to doodle and paint. So much so, that he shows up each and every day even when showing up feels nearly impossible. And I love my story. It’s so simple that it’s almost ridiculous. There’s nothing tragic or crazy that happens along the way, but it’s still something that’s a touch interesting. It’s just a calm commitment to always creating something new each day. Nothing so incredible that it deserves to be made into a theatre show, but the normal everyday determination of an artist who will stop at nothing to create. It’s the same level of enthusiasm I hope to instill in every person who stops to read my rambles. I’ve no idea how successful I’ll be in my mission, but if I can inspire just a few people to do the same I’ll feel totally fulfilled. I want everyone to experience the thrill of making a blank page as pretty as a peacock!

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eacock Head And Peacock Flowers Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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43 thoughts on “Pretty As A Peacock

  1. Love your peacock and peacock flowers! I always wonder what those pinpoint-focused people have missed in life. They are seen as successes but most have miserable family lives and wouldn’t know how to relax and just enjoy being. Thank you very much, but I’ll stay a lowly schlob. I might not be a household word, but I have a happy household. It’s all a matter of balance.

  2. I was in my late teens, so my parents were in their early 40s, and I remember thinking how boring they were staying home all the time, and how I would never be like that. Hahahaha!! Turns out I’m even more of a homebody then they were! And I’m content, just like they were. Jokes on me😂!

    Your peacock close-up is great!

  3. hearing your journey wow how can I not be inspired. I just need to … find my ability to be brave. But at the moment it is a time for me to enjoy your work and read your posts, gaining so much from them. Thank you

  4. Sometimes its not just being focused, but also right place right time. I say that because my husband is an incredibly talented sculptor who has been singularly focused, and just now getting recognition he deserves. He chocks it up to pre-ordained fate.i do love todays blog!!! Your musings are so frank and relevent. Thanks for being so open and sharing!

  5. Lovely picture and again your comments resonate with me..I am late bloomer in my artistic, creative endeavors..but oh it is so much fun now…not looking for fame and glory.just doing something that I enjoy..and yep I become more and more of a homebody every day LOL

  6. I gotta get some Peacocks for my front yard. Joking. I would be like an 1800s Millionaire. They are very strange and exotic looking birds indeed. I really like the bright colours in your painting, and the orange flowers in the background.

  7. It’s so interesting that you write about having one all consuming dream for your life versus pursuing many options and exploring so many passions. I feel much the same way. Though i still love to paint and draw, loved theater and dance as a kid, and dearly miss teaching kids, I’m more interested at this time in trying to get my books published. But I know I’ll always have art, not coming back to it, but always a little something set up on my studio table to draw my attention. I think it’s really good to have something on the horizon to learn to do as well as a familiar hobby or job to return to. As for this handsome dude – I suspect he’s just looking for fun.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 Yeah, I think it’s mostly a matter of focus so that something actually gets done! hehe… But, it’s wild to see what singularly focused people are able to accomplish. I’m just going to be happy being crazy overextended me, though!

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