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GUEST ARTIST: “A Girl: Aspiring For Her Dreams” by Priyanka Sharma

Hi, I am Priyanka Sharma, a God-gifted artist from Madhya Pradesh, India. Noted as God-gifted artist, because I am a self-taught artist and like to draw and paint almost everything throughout my childhood. My story is another random story of an artist who is stuck in society chores.

From my childhood, I used to draw random doodles on the backside of my notebook. I was not so active in art classes but had a very soft corner for art. So, I practiced more sketching from then. When I was in high school I bought a drawing book from the local store and filled it with lots of sketching and pencil drawings and gifted it to my closest friend.

urban sketching watercolorI always gifted handmade greeting cards to my friend circle on their birthdays. I was basically artistic and all-rounder girl by the time I reached to my graduation, because I have participated in many competitions like dance, henna design, poster making, home-decor etc.

I also like dance and yoga. That I do for a healthy living and practicing painting gives me so much relaxation and takes off my stress.

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So, let’s continue the story… after graduation, as in all our lives a race starts… for a career! I took part in that race and landed in Delhi, the IT and Job hub. Yes I am a B. Tech graduate from Computer Science and currently pursuing M. tech too. In that day job, I couldn’t found time for arts, obviously, and all those greeting cards and doodling just stayed behind.

Then I switched, and landed in a web agency, working as a graphic and web designer (I still do freelancing) and did some Digital Marketing related stuff. That time, I really enjoyed the job, but that was not my true passion, so I took a wrong step and back to my hometown for Masters (M. tech). But it also gave me some free time to explore my real passion again.

Just a few months back, I found many art social accounts and was amazed to see the magic of watercolors and acrylics. Then in September, 2019 I also decided to convert my personal account into an art blog and chose arts, passion and peace of mind. My account is new but, love for arts, I am still exploring because learning never ends!

Inspiration and Art Supplies

My inspiration is mostly nature and things around me, flowers, architecture and some imagination illustrations. And so many artists around the world inspire me in different ways. For now I practice watercolors, acrylics, sketching and hand-lettering and would try some gouache too. I sketch and paint almost everything that I see or imagine.

After struggling with poster colors, I finally ordered my first sketchbook, watercolor cakes from Camlin, and a set of technical pens from Brustro and also acrylics from HobbyIdeas India. Then, in November 2019, I won a giveaway and got my first ever premium watercolors from Viviva Colorsheets, I am using them and they have really rich pigment. They are so supportive and kind people that they gifted me another Viviva Gift Set on New Year 2020 (most happy moment) as I took part in their December challenge.

So I am using almost free colors till now. Also, I received two watercolor brushpen with my Colorsheets and using them mostly. So I am using free brushes too and have no premium brushes till now. So, that’s how I started again with some won, gifted, local and not so expensive art supplies.

But with time (and budget), I will definitely invest in some other good artist supplies. Some watercolors, technical pens, brush pens, gouache colors and brushes in my wish list are Artphilosophy, Winsor & Newton, Micron pens, Karin markers and Princeton brushes.

I just love exploring paints of different kinds and love art supplies. I mostly paint loose florals and landscapes. I also did some satisfying videos on my Instagram. And some process videos on my small Youtube channel.

Watercolors and sketching is the key to “peace of mind” for me. I am learning more, exploring and experimenting more. I practice daily, and have a beautiful platform such as Doodlewash to present my story in front of you guys! This journey is amazing so far. I am so grateful to my friends and colleagues, who pushed me to start my art journey. Now lots of milestones I have to achieve, I am so excited.

So this is my journey so far! I would say one thing to all the artists inside you guys, just explore and stick to your passion and interests. Find a hobby and practice it, chase your dreams, and just enjoy the process. You will definitely find your happiness!

All The Best. Thank you!­

Priyanka Sharma

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16 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “A Girl: Aspiring For Her Dreams” by Priyanka Sharma

  1. Prynka ur artistic journey is similar to me wht i found is that u never give up just like me i am not professional but Society pressure motivate me more to do work hard. Field of art is never been easy its itself a battle of ur inner emotion and others

    1. you are right, Ayesha. but we all need a side hustle of our hobby/interest/passion so that we can get the inner peace beyond that pressure, society gives us! so keep creating.. its not easy to persue art but success is not the easy thing 🙂 so keep going.

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