For our prompt of “Gold” today, I made a sketch of a chocolate bar wrapped in gold foil. Philippe had a chocolate bar like this recently and there’s just something cool about the gold foil that makes it seem more valuable. For me, and my Inner Child, it’s likely that it also reminds me of the idea of the Golden Tickets that the children in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory hoped to find in their Wonka bars. Indeed, it’s not the same as finding an actual gold ticket to tour one of the most secretive and amazing places on earth, but it still sort of excites me to see that flash of gold. True, this particular place never existed, but it’s fun to imagine. And, unwrapping a bar to discover any kind of chocolate inside is really a wonderful prize in itself. I usually manage to get a single square of any chocolate bar that appears in our house before the rest magically disappears. Well, there’s no real magic involved as it’s more just about having a husband who considers chocolate part of a balanced diet.

It’s fun to unwrap things, whether it’s a piece of candy or a present. There’s just something cool about the reveal, even when the contents are exactly what you might have expected. The very act of concealing something with wrapping paper makes it feel special. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my wrapping skills are horrendous when it comes to presents, but I do enjoy concealing little gifts for people. It’s fun to watch people open gifts and see the delight on their face. Well, that is if you know them very well. Otherwise, the situation is a bit tense and full of hoping that they’ll find whatever you thought was just perfect for them equally perfect, or at least very nice. I’m not remotely picky when it comes to receiving gifts as if it’s something brand new that I don’t currently have, I think it’s totally awesome. My Inner Child giggles with glee each time I reveal whatever it was that I was given.

I remember the time Philippe gave me a pack of white gel pens for one of my Christmas gifts a few years back and I actually squealed. It just doesn’t take that much to amuse me. That’s probably why I’m generally always optimistic about things, when the world around me seems to be turning into some weird dystopian science fiction novel. Those things that matter and those little bits of life that truly make me happy are always there. I’ll probably never win that multi-million dollar lottery, most likely because I’m rather sure it involves buying a ticket that I always fail to purchase. And though I might never be rich, I don’t think that should ever mean that I’m without riches. I’ll always have those little surprises in life that didn’t cost any money at all, and just took a bit of time spent paying closer attention. Though I’ll always have huge dreams of things I’d like to do next, I already have all of the bits that make a life delightful. Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed or sad, it never lasts for very long. Soon, I’m able to look past all of that and see a beautiful and hopeful thought glimmering in the distance. It might be something only I would find special, but it’s always a spectacular feeling to find the prize inside!

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Chocolate Bar With Gold Foil Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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23 thoughts on “The Prize Inside!

  1. ooo Charlie that is so excellent (and yummy looking). You know what your words remind me of? When I was little my Mom used to bake cakes with money wrapped up in wax paper inside. You never knew if you were going to get one of those or how much the money would be. It was so exciting for everyone 🙂

  2. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time this week remembering my sister-in-law, who was one of the most positive people in all the world. She would have agreed whole-heartedly with your post. In fact, she’d probably give the chocolate away, and keep the gold foil as a treasure!

  3. Charlie, no wonder I love you. I get excited about stuff like gel pens, too. I want the giant box of crayons with every color. I think I would be so excited to get it!
    As for chocolate, wow. Not too many things beat out chocolate. I recently found out that my love, Johnny Depp, is allergic to chocolate. My mother immediately responded, “It’s okay. You can eat enough for the both of you.” Wow. But so true. 😂😂😂
    You’re right. It’s the little things, the little details that make life grand. Sending you hugs, mi amigo. Te quiero mucho!

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Our family colors with crayons whenever we get together and once when I was out with my mom shopping (just within the last couple years… hehe), she said we needed more crayons so I got to get the giant box! It WAS exciting! lol And oh wow… that’s funny what you mom said… I could say the same about my husband. 😉 Hugs to you!! ❤️

  4. Hello hello Charlie,

    The timing of this post is magical. These past few days have brought some unexpected presents and when I found bubble-wrap inside one of the wrapping papers, I got more excited about that than the present itself. And the gold foil around chocolates is truly precious. As a kid I hoarded it till one day I came home from school to find that my Mom had been on an extra deep cleaning spree and found my drawer all sticky. 🙁 You can imagine where it all went. Anyway I’m finally back home and being surrounded by my family has been the best gift of all. Keep an eye out for some pics in your inbox over the next couple of days. Wishing you a week of golden moments my dear friend,


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I love that the bubble wrap was the best part… hehe… I agree, it’s so much fun to pop! And I’m sure your mother had a different reaction when she found your “treasures”… too fun! So, happy you’re back home with family now. Can’t wait to see the pics! Have a fabulous week, my friend. Much love! ❤️

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