Today’s celebration is punch day, meaning the drink that’s in a bowl, not the violent kind that involves hitting. It’s referred to as punch day by most, but it’s also national rum punch day here in the States. And yeah, by most, I mean just the people who have actually ever even heard of any version of this day in the first place, of course. I hadn’t heard of it before this month, but I’m pleased to know it exists and punch bowls bring back some fun memories of parties with friends and family. For me, not so much the larger parties filled with strangers, as those still make me uncomfortable. But with a little rum, who knows what could happen? Traditional punch originally consisted of only five ingredients including alcohol, citrus fruits, water, sugar and spice. Of course, when I was young there wasn’t any booze in the punch. It was usually just an impossibly sweet and red concoction of Hawaiian Punch doused with some Sprite or ginger ale. I only learned later that this was served because it’s literally the easiest than to make for a yard full of thirsty kids. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of it, but did appreciate the bubbles and sticking my tongue out for friends to get them to tell me how red it had become.

The one thing I remember about my 20’s was that occasional party with the “spiked” punch that didn’t taste like alcohol at all. This is punch in it’s most sinister form with side effects that sort of sneak up on you. I won’t bore you with the stories as I was far too drunk to remember them, but suffice it say, my penchant for punch didn’t last into my 30’s. At that point, my suspicion was on high alert so I switched to beer where I could open the bottle myself and ensure the contents hadn’t been tampered with. And my 40’s lead me to a civilized glass of wine instead. These days I’ll get my “drunk” from life itself and the sheer thrill and enjoyment of living it. I just like feeling like me at every given moment, so I can’t stand anything that alters my senses for any length of time at all. This is also why I turn down every pharmaceutical the doctor offers. When I feel like I want to alter my state of mind, I need only grab a pen and brush and make a little something. To me, that’s the best punch I could ever experience!

By the way, the name “punch” comes from the Persian panj, meaning “five” in honor of those original five ingredients. Which is not particularly useful to know, but could be something to impress someone next time you find yourself standing by a punch bowl and wondering what to say next. Or, like me in this moment, when you’re rambling through a blog post and realize there’s not really much more to say about punch. If any of you happen to have particularly memorable and awesome stories involving punch, please do share them in the comments below! I love hearing your stories as they remind me of things I forgot to write about in this post. But, I do have little flashbacks coming to me now of that early punch with kids running around screaming with glee. Yeah, it was way too much sugar, so they were hopped up in a crazy way, but there was just so much joy there. Anything in life that delivers a bit of joy is wonderful to me. So, though I may no longer find myself in situations that involve a bowl of this elixir, I love knowing that somewhere at this moment, young and old alike are running around screaming gleefully and enjoying a rather memorable punch day.

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19 thoughts on “Punch Day

  1. Most of my adult working life was spent running libraries. Many of the programs I have been involved with over the years involved a speaker, or book group etc, and then a reception, snack time. Punch was a regular part of these gatherings. So much so that the library punch recipe was taped inside one of the kitchen cupboard doors. Our punch had an ice ring made from fruit juice if someone remembered to make it the day before😁 and…wait for it…scoops of sherbet! It was foamy and bubbly and the first cup was delicious. After that, it was too sweet, but the kids loved it, and since they weren’t my kids on a sugar rush, I was happy to serve it to them.😁

  2. Nice painting of the metal bowl and the spoon…Your spoon and bowl reminds me of the “panchamrit” served in the temples of India. It also has five ingredients. Panch means five in hindi (hindi is the national language of India ) and amrit means elixir / nectar…The five ingredients are in different proportions and people get only a spoon ful…

  3. Love the fresh colours of the fruits and the contrasts they make to the bowl! ☺ A couple of years ago I developed the same skepticism towards everything that alters my senses, like you describe. I just don’t like the feeling anymore. I guess a glass or two of red wine would be manageable though ☺

  4. Charlie said, ” When I feel like I want to alter my state of mind, I need only grab a pen and brush and make a little something. To me, that’s the best punch I could ever experience!”

    The only way to go. That statement, all by itself might give someone a healthier point of view. You never preach, but you always make a difference. About that punch, even now, every party (grown-up or kid, summer or winter) at my place has a punch bowl, filled with a half-gallon of pineapple sherbet and 2 two-litter bottles of ginger ale. (no spiking allowed)…It is not quite so insanely sweet and oh so refreshing.

    1. Aww thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 So happy you feel that way about my lack of preaching. That’s why I talk about myself all the time. I figure people can make the links to their own life’s themselves without me having to point it out all the time. 😉 Then it would get preachy! hehe And yum, that punch recipe sounds delicious!!

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