For our prompt of “Bluebell” today, I wasn’t sure what to make, so I just let my inner child quickly doodle whatever first came to mind. Apparently, Little Charlie had snails on the brain so this was the purely imagined scene that appeared in my sketchbook. This is always a fun exercise, especially when I’m not feeling super motivated or creative. That child inside just sort of goes for it, without thinking too much or worrying about the end result. Since I’ve been in a nostalgic mood, the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory also popped into my head along with the song Pure Imagination. I love the empowering line that applies well to sketching like a kid again: “If you want to view paradise. Simply look around and view it.” Indeed, in these troubled times, it certainly applies to looking at life as well. So, that’s what I did for today.

Indeed, I also only had time for a quick little doodle as I was determined to relax and play games today, since I had the day off work. Though, the game I’m currently playing on my Switch is a puzzle game, so it still takes a lot of mental attention. It’s the kind with lots of amazing and impossible contraptions that you have to unlock to work your way through a room. Since the game is set in late 15th and early 16th century, every contraption is mechanical and most are perfectly impossible. They wouldn’t work in real life, but the game makes you feel like they should work and it’s fun to imagine that they really would. Equally, it was fun to escape into a different world for part of the afternoon and enjoy something a little different. Philippe was playing a game called Planet Coaster where you build your own theme park. That was super cool, so I snuck in to watch was he was creating as well.

Tonight, we’re having a little indoor picnic. We’d be outside, but there’s a thunderstorm heading our way next. I told Philippe we should be having burgers, but we don’t have any ground beef or buns in the house. This didn’t stop Philippe, of course, and he made his our slider buns from scratch and is creating his rather legendary veggie burger which tastes amazing. Our dog Phineas doesn’t approve of such business and thinks all burgers should be made from meat. Actually, we do have some ground turkey, but this is only for Phineas since it’s what Philippe uses to make his food. But with a little ingenuity, literally anything is possible and so we’re going to have a fabulous little picnic with all of the fixings. Life is generally always wonderful when you choose to look at it that way, but it can be made truly magical with just a little dash of pure imagination.

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30 thoughts on “Pure Imagination

  1. Your sliders sound absolutely fantastic! Hubby went out and got us a huge decadent breakfast, so I’m not even sure I’ll have dinner. Sheltering in place or not, there are still pleasures to enjoy and home can be a paradise indeed.

  2. I love the whimsiness of this Charlie! I hope your indoor picnic is fun. It was leftover Thai this evening for us after what turned out to be a quiet day. The sun didn’t come out from behind the clouds until I was warming up the leftovers so no outdoor work for us. Too buggy without the sun. I’m back to being home alone this week so my intention is to get caught up on chores. Any hopefully some painting. Stay safe!

  3. Our neighbors went fishing this morning and invited us up for beer battered bluegills for dinner. Good thing too because Joe went to pick up the groceries I ordered online and the salmon I was planning on fixing for dinner was one of the things that was not available. I did score some rum raisin ice cream though, so I’m pretty happy with that.

    I like snails. I have a glass one with a light in it that used to sit in my kitchen as a night light. Now that I think about it, I don’t know what happened to it. I wonder if Joe broke it and tossed it away so I would not see the evidence. I’m going to have to talk to him about it.

  4. Now that’s a cute little sketch. Especially you since you weren’t feeling it. Bluebells are the death of me. I havve tried to get rid of them for 30 years. Hahah….not. :<

  5. What a pyscadellic take on Bluebells, it looks like something the Beatles would have thought up in their experimental phase. I could just see the Girl with Collidescope Eyes and Tangerine Trees in this painting. Also very good reflection on the snails shell.

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